Have Ashfags recovered yet?

Have Ashfags recovered yet?

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God, I hope not.


A reminder that Paul was the best ash rival.

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Thank you, my first time reading this. Gonna be a joy!

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>he wasn't there
Literally the most fun on Sup Forums in the past few years

I can't believe people are still using my screencap. I'm so proud.

>Ash lost
That was an awful week.

You mean this one?

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>People actually thought he will win
After 19 fucking years, you would think they will get the idea.

He is a shit character and anime team probably make him lost to laugh at his dumb fans.
I wish Sun and Moon anime would use You and Misuki. I felt disgust at them trying to turn the alolan characters I actually like into yet another Ash's pseudo-harem bitch who will be forgotten in next season.

Pity Dragon Ball Super's ToP ending was spoiled.

It could have topped the Kalos League finals.

There are Ashfags? I thought Red was our guy?

How did people think he was gonna win? I remember someone setting up a stream of all the previous episodes right before the final battle

I'm still mad.

Being technical, it was a Charizard that had already took a STAB electrical move tanking 6-7 STAB water moves + a water Z move VS. a Water-type pokemon that took 4-5 not very effective fire moves.

This was gen 6 though. Z moves weren't in the games much less the anime

Yes and no

Sun & Moon is so fun that I don't care about what have been in the past!

Ash was clearly the best trainer in the region aside from Alain, he had his own unique deus ex Gekkouga, he completely stomped the entire league up to the semis and had never been to a final match before, and the episode title was "Kalos League Victory! Ash's Ultimate Match!". The match itself was heavily in Ash's favor, having defeated two of Alain's psuedo-legendaries with only Pikachu, and being ahead in Pokémon count until Charizard showed up to clean house. And the way it ended was quite rage inducing as well. Both Pokémon were completely even during the fight and then simultaneously launched their ace moves, but Greninja used some kind of super powered version of it. But Greninja's attack didn't seem to have any effect, but it lost to Charizard's attack which was at a type disadvantage.

I will never get tired of this

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Because they had actually watched the show and knew how he had been portrayed so far. He was going to the finals for the first time. The result of the league had not been spoiled ahead for the first time ever. The guy he was facing was a major rival, not some guy introduced 5 episodes earlier and obviously set up as the character that would defeat him.

The entire "I knew he'd lose because he always does" attitude just came from people that hadn't watched the show and just tuned in for the league, but there WERE legitimate reasons to think he'd win.

I was already numb from the Tobias fight, and the loss against the idiot who only brought 5 pokemon to a 6 vs 6 fight.

I felt nothing when Ash lost against Alain.

Yeah, it didn't affect me for very long. SM being great helps.

Same fanbase

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They'll recover and Ash will win a league before Anti-Stellafags on Sup Forums stop hating her or Sup Forums realizes tsunderes suck and are just plot devices to artificially extend manga and anime beyond their natural lifespan.

You're forgetting the most crucial thing that damns this thing even more.
Winning the League ISN'T the end. Ash wins, he then fights the Elite Four and the Champion.
But no.
So even if they want to try and bullshit us with 'Ash winning a League would end the series for SOME REASON' that is undercut by the fact the Elite Four and Champions exist for a reason.

>Ash will win a league before

>I thought Red was our guy?

No, he's a faggot.
And if you go by his US/UM appearance, he's a genwunner and a manchild.

There is no end for being a Pokemon Master, it's always trying to reach new heights beyond what is humanely possible.
Children get shafted in the anime. It isn't just Ash. Look at Gary, who washed out after a Top 16 finish in Johto. Or Iris, who hasn't even won a single Gym Badge. Both were champions in the games.

You know I still have no idea why they couldn't have just let him win. Whatever. I'm not bitching about it.

Fuck the Tobias fight.

My statement still stands.
X will happen before Y or Z happens.

Red is whatever. I adore Satoshi.

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>20th anniversary
>he still didn’t win
>Started a new life in obscurity and went back to school
Being Ash is suffering

It's not suffering if you're having the time of your life.

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Who has better taste, /vp/ or Sup Forums?

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>hate standing around doing nothing
>spends the show stuck in a school instead of traveling around having adventures
>this screencap is from one of the very few episodes that had an actual adventure feel to it
I don't follow.

It was the 20th anniversary of the series, the first time he got to the finals, against his rival who he never had beaten before and Greninja was shown using a super version of a move in the preview.
You bet I was expecting him to win, whether he was going to be replaced by a new protag or just continue on his journey.
Never ever again will I believe he will beat a league in my lifetime unless Pokemon as a franchise is ending for some fucking reason.

/vp/ because Bel scored higher. Didn't even look at the rest of the list.

He's a simple boy. Every time he meets a pokémon is an adventure.

Everything and anything will happen before Ash wins a league.

Hex Maniac not even showing up on /vp/‘s is Linda unforgivable.

15 votes.

But user, the context of that line is that Mao praised him for being a dependable leader for taking charge and saying "we're going this way", and him admitting he just didn't want to sit around talking that shit over, he wanted some fucking action.

Ash is Goku if he was a human.

Ash won the only tournament that matters

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You're a delusional idiot?

>Ash got kissed before Gocuck
You simply can’t make this shit up.

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Sup Forums, solely due to Cynthia's placement.

The best girl was in plain sight all along, you just never noticed because she suppressed her power level.

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He's been goofy this entire season, like BW but less intentionally stupid. He's a lot more open than XY too.
I believe he's enjoying himself.

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>cynthia, lusamine and hex maniac being so much higher in the Sup Forums one

Here are the true rankings.

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>I can't believe the writers let me win.

My god, that was the SAME WEEK?!?!

>Zinnia ranked at all
Zinnia only gets high ratings if you look at her official art or fanart, and don't play the game at all. She is so retarded, psychotic and out of control in game it's a boner killer.
I can't name a single other anime or game character I was so turned off by after the initial introduction. Monkey bitch can fug off.


It was on the same fucking day.

Alain was a criminal who worked for a criminal organization that was trying to destroy the world. He should have been striped of his title and then hanged. He also cheated due to all the special energy that was stored inside his charizard. fuck him.

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>roxie on top
Shit taste.

To be fair, a lot of ashfags got fooled by "oh my ash greninja"

>Good tier is literally my god tier.
Who made this list?

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Didn't one of the writes from the show twitted that Ash was supposed to won this league but there was meddling from the executives? Or did I dream this?

Yes you dreamt crap

>on the cheek

No, but several writers and animation directors voiced their disappointment about the loss on social media.

That's a delusion thought up by butthurt anons.

At least you see it.

No, I can assure Sup Forums will NEVER stop hatting Stella or realize how trash tsunderes are.
Ash will in fact win a league before it happens. I 100% guarantee it.

Ash is for Latias.

Probably. I left that general shortly after SM began.
For all the development and buildup Ash made only for it to be dropped at the end of the series made me realize nothing Ash does will amount to anything in the long run.

The general attitude seems to be that while the league loss was shitty, the XY series as a whole was still really solid.

>ichirukicuck and ashfag
This is peak shit taste.

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See what?

The loss to Alan didn't even make me mad. It was unsatisfying but more than that it was baffling to me. The final bout between Charizard and Greninja was way too short. When the final Blast Burn and the golden Water Shuriken were launched I remember thinking "Wait, this is it? That's all there is?" It was practically an anticlimax because of how weak it was.

You cannot dispute this.

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That's also part of why I got mad at this shit when it aired. XY would've been the perfect time to have him win, because the show had been so good that it deserved to be topped with it. It felt like if he ever won in the next 20 years it wouldn't really matter that much because they squandered the opportunity to make it matter in XY. Like, there's no way they will ever make a series that trumps XY, so it feels kinda pointless now.

>Suiren F
You bet your ass I can dispute that.

Is that even a thing?

dunno if you know or not but they're all underage

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Surprisingly accurate. Good job user.

I was the streamfag.
I thought for some reason it would be great to witness the history in making with my fellow /vp/oreons.
I even announced it to my parents and friends that finally ash is going to win.
And that faggot fucking loses again.

They didn't outright say that, just that they'd have liked to see him win (suggesting that it wasn't their decision to go in that direction, but they didn't say it directly).

This isn't true. Coming from someone who liked BW because it was different, XY was a return to a lot of the boring, formulaic shit that plagued AG (pre Battle Frontier) and DP. it felt even shallower at times because everyone was a caricature and we repeated the same character arcs from prior seasons (like how Serena became a coordinator in everything but name). What made it a little special was Serena's crush and Greninja's transformation.
After it became XY&Z, the battles improved in quality, both tactically and technically. But overall, XY is no better than AG, and it was significantly shorter because no BF due to Pokemon Z getting cancelled.
Anyone who says otherwise started watching the show when Greninja became a meme.

>blonde hair on top
>brown skin on bottom

Seems legit

Not having the best character in the series, you massive fags.

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>Coming from someone who liked BW

I was mad for a different reason, to make him lose there was a lot of forced bullshit in the episode that was highly improbable and unrealistic . The league rushed to get itself to this fight, so I expected better. I would have been happier if Alain pulled Kyurem out of his ass to manhandle Goodra, Pikachu and Greninja, that would have felt more fair than stupid shit like infinite HP, Guillotine OHKO and crits on every attack.

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>Blonde Elesa not in A+ at least
Yes! I can!

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Here are the official guidelines (see below).

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>a board dedicated solely to Pokemon has 35 million posts
Literally how the fuck

Godamnit grandma go back to taking pills for you alzheimers

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