Was she gay for Miki?

Was she gay for Miki?

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Everyone's gay for Miki.


No. Just because TV Tropes says it doesn't make it true. Those idiots also think the scene were Wam and his gang have a cop pull a gun on them is supposed to be referencing American cop killings for fucks sake

She's a bi.
Reminder that she masturbated to Akira.

About as gay for Miki as Ryo is for Akira. So no, don't listen to tumblrfags.

Holy shit, you're not lying. Who the fuck wrote that?

Not sure why you'd think she isn't when she literally told Miki she loves her.

Are people actually surprised that a jew propaganda piece has gays and #blacklivesmatter content?

>be top female runner
>exercise increases testosterone
>testosterone increases chances of being attracted to females
>become better with demon magic
>body grows bigger and stronger
>sign of more testosterone
>become lesbian genius runner

She was straight with a girlcrush before but demons made her lesbian.

In this adaptation demons are code for lgbt people, Miki, being half white and then kind of from the west accepts them, like the West accepts gay people more than the East.
So, yes, she's at least Bi.

>Crybaby was about romantic love

ya fools

They got paired together officially for Valentine's Day on Science Saru's Twitter account. I'll let you decide what that means.

Are you sure that's it? The Akira/Ryo thing is from the manga and in the anime the cop pulls the gun when he sees they have tattoos, which in Japan are associated with the yakuza

>The Akira/Ryo thing is from the manga
he's not talking about that, you moron. That wasn't even technically gay since Ryo is a hermaphrodite. I'm sure he was talking about the actual gay butt-fuck scene that takes place in episode 6 or 7, can't remember.

Does that count as agenda pushing then?

Probably. But landwhales who latched on this this show seem to think that her and Miki were a canon gay couple for some retarded reason. Even though it's shown in the fucking show itself that Miki loved Akira and vice versa.

Do landwhales even like anime? You'd think that anime ticks to many boxes in the "problematic" category

Its called pandering

>Science Saru's Twitter account.
Doesn't mean shit, Miki was never gay. In the original Devilman manga and it's adaptions she wasn't, in Violence Jack she's fucking Ryo and in Devilman Saga she's married to Akira. Not once in Nagai's works is she shown as a dyke. Even in Crybaby she isn't one. Retards seem to beleive the Miko's one sided affection for her makes them a canon couple.

They usually don't, but they latched on to Crybaby because of "muh canon LGBT ships".

Paying too much attention to someone of the same sex always makes you gay.

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Then I'm gay for Ryo.