Iie, Senpai. This is our season 3

Iie, Senpai. This is our season 3.

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Do we get more Cain? I want more Cain. Also, can we get better OPs and EDs?

Should I finish this? I stopped watching after episode 8.

I don't like Sayaka. She's too big. Not her boobs, but her frame is large, she just looks like she has a big skeleton.

There's nothing of value there, but knock yourself out.

Will Asagi and Natsuki finally get fanged?
Also Avrora when?

they really where waiting for taneda to recover

Asagi best girl.

This show is impossible to not drop.

Big girls are sexy, please get some taste.


Where did their skirts go?

god mc is so lucky

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Why does she sleep like that?

Maybe her butt hurts.

From what?

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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.

S3 happening?
Kinda lost interest with the low quality OVAs

Now a serious question!
Who bred better?
Left or Right?

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Neither; La Folia is best breeding partner!

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But where is her baby? Did she even had any?

She will user, SHE WILL.

Better question. Are there any doujins with either or both sets of mothers and daughters?

I'll just spoil you on the events of S1+2

Shit happens, he kisses a new girl, he steamrolls the enemy
Repeat for every arc


You're missing the part where his daughter from the future shows up and bullies her own mother.

is the new best girl going to be in s3?

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Although, I do want to say that Aiba is great too. Breeding with a cute gyaru must feel nice too.

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Wrong. Loved it.

Hold a sec. Asagi is a gyaru?!


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This hurts.


Mai battle waifu. S3 cannot come out fast enough.

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>where is her baby?
In Sayaka's womb

Oh shit, I completely forgot the S2 OVAs were out already. Are they worth watching? How do they compare do S1?

A 3p with sayaka and la folia would be heaven. Besto grills

Best girl

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She would be, if she was a darkskined gyaru with pierced belly

>that hairband
>those clothes
Gosh, this is so early 90's

While Asagi is the better mother, Reina is the better daughter.

It's awful, and it's coming from someone who liked the first season.

>Iie, Senpai

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Bait. Kojou loves it.

Should've worked harder to sell the previous season. It's too late for them to whore themselves out now.

Almost zero Sayaka and La Folia; it's a chore to sit though.

Why is yukina so fucking hot.

Exceptional taste.

Can't say I am too fond of time traveling in my Chinese cartoons.

I had no idea.

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Why no Nagisa?