Touken Ranbu Hanamaru S2

New episode today.

The Miike brothers will finally get the screentime they deserve.

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Same for Houchou.

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can't wait for the ED!!!

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Let's have a comfy thread today too.

It'll start in 10min

All this Katsugeki advertising always makes me feel like rewatching it, the show is more epic than I remembered.

It would be great if they gave news about the movie once Hanamaru ends.

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Do you think you'll check out the live action movie once it's available?

I'm very curious about it. A live action movie is the last thing I expected so I at least will keep watch of its development and news.

Are they trying to get their Saniwa even fatter?

I know some people ship Ichi-nii with Tsuru, this'll make them happy.

Akita is actually rather mature.

I'm happy they finally showed Akashi being worried for Aizen.

being oodenta is suffering

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Oh? Drama incoming?

Trouble and drama next week, it seems...

I hope subs are faster this time.

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Cute end card.

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Let's hope this thread doesn't die prematurely like last week's despite the episode actually being fun.

Let's hope HS don't forget.

Did Oodenta finally get his time to shine?

He was the main character of the second part and sang the ending with Sohaya.

Raws are available.

You can always make second threads.

It'll basically just be the stageplays with with prettier special effects so no, no I won't.

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We've never had a second thread before, I doubt that'd work now at the end of the show. At least there's /cm/ for further discussion.

Anyone figured out who the next sword in the ending is yet?

Don't really care for the stage plays but I'll check it out anyway.

Isn't this the last ED we are getting? There's only two episodes left, so next one will be the cliffhanger ending like in S1 and for the final episode they'll play the OP

Is it happening?
Are they going to go back in time and coincidentally run into Yasusada?
The last sword in the ED was Sohaya again right? So they're not giving any hints. Happening just like last season, hold me /sword/.

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Of course! But I do hope its available in my country.

Yeah probably. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to be sure.

>So they're not giving any hints.
We did see a shadow though. No idea what the hell it was supposed to be.

Can't tell anything apart, it's too dark.

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There’s no helping the threads dying out, especially because some seem so against discussing anything not related to Hanamaru like the musicals or stageplays.

I mean, I know this thread is specifically for Hanamaru but I don’t think we can really afford to be picky here considering there are almost always only around 20-50 anons at one time and we’re bound to run out of things to talk about.

Just my two cents.

Is it stupid for me to hope that somehow some way they're gonna drop a bombshell announcement at the last minute announcing that the show has been extended another 12 episodes?

Did Dogakobo somehow forgot about Ookurikara/Kasen drama?

>because some seem so against discussing anything not related to Hanamaru like the musicals or stageplays.
Ignore them. I personally think it's fine to discuss them as long as we don't fall into 3DPD talk. If we talk about its plot or the way it depicts the characters then it's perfectly fine.

Your best hope is a new movie that's not a recap or a third season.

There's only one or two faggots who sometimes complain about musicals/stage plays discussion and nobody ever supports them. Just discuss them if you want to.

I for one would love to talk about the stageplays and hopefully get download links to the damn things there's a lot of interesting shit in them like character deviations and shit you didn't expect to happen.

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Yeah, although I wish the lineup consisted of other swords. The stageplays don’t really mix it up as much as the musicals do. Well, it looks like it’s going to be a rather high-budget production so I hope the end product reflects it.

Try the 'tenimyutopia' community on livejournal. You just have to create an account, join the community and you should easily find links. They even have english subs.

I remember an user linking to all of the 2.5D adaptations compiled into one Mega folder linked to an LJ a while back. If anyone remembers that or if the said user is here, maybe they can help you.

>further discussion
That place barely even gets any traffic to support any discussion that's not imagedumps. You're lucky to get one or two new posts in a day.

I'll check it out, but I'm not particularly interested in the sword lineup.

Anime, game, stageplays, porn, etc. Anything sword related is allowed here. I think the reason some anons got annoyed at the stageplay discussion was because of that one thread where there was too much focus on the actors themselves and their drama. 3DPD really isn't something for this thread, other than that it's fine.

Stage play jiii and musical jiji both make the most unsettling faces sometimes.

There's nothing stopping you from discussing the show there, though.

What are your headcanons about the swords?

I like to think that the starters are actually best friends, being the first swords in the citadel, even if some of their characters do clash with each other (Hachisuka and Manba, Kashuu and Mutsu). I’d pay for an anime or a live action thing with just the starters.

I don't know what I would prefer, Yasusada and Kashuu having an exciting reunion during a battle or a comfy one in the citadel.
At least with two episodes for them they should do okay. Don't fuck it up Lightworks.

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Do you think we'll get kiwame'd Yasu or something else?

They're in good company then.

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I find it so uncomfortable when they do that wide-eyed expression. I know Jiji’s character is a mix of cloud cuckoolander and scatterbrained senior but it’s hard imagining any other incarnation of his doing that.

Speaking of character, I’ve always wondered how creating a TKRB character (or other games similar to TKRB) is like. How they hire the artist, how much the artist has a say in / how much DMM dictates the overall appearance of the character, etc.

Actually better brother than Ichi-nii.

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>wide-eyed expression
They probably exaggerate their expressions since they're on stage.

I headcanon that to break the monotony of sword training, the bigger swords engage in hand to hand combat or submissions training to spice things up. Kogi wrecking Jiji's shit with a juji gatame would be a sight to see.Is that gay?

I want to believe we won't get him because of time constraints but I think the anime staff knew about Yasusada's kiwame way before it happened, and they foreshadowing with Atsushi, so I think we're getting it.
I don't want it though, they're just going to butcher him again.

Taking part in such activities is out of grandpa's character, though.


>they're just going to butcher him again.
His Kiwame will make no sense in Hanamaru since they rewrote half of his personality in S1.

They're probably just going to get rid of his unstable part again.

If he was game with doing that totem pole thing the spears did back in season one then he'd be just as down with this out of curiosity.

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Shokitougumi is a miracle of the universe. I love it when they make doggo and Kashuu friends. The five of them together is the cutest group I have ever seen and I'm glad the nips love it too.

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Kashuu truly is the prettiest.

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He was already better than Ichi-nii

I like that the chinese streamer always played that.

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Well anons, how are those muscles going?

Kashuu made it in just one summer, so no excuses this time. You want to be fit and attractive for your husband, right? Surely you don't want to embarrass him in front of the rest of the citadel.

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I would imagine that some swords have stricter design guidelines than others. Certain swords need to be in uniform or follow a certain aesthetic (including design elements from the era of their blade), but for example, Kinako probably got to go nuts with Tomoegata's design.
Pic related is one of the design concepts from Dragon Quest XI given to the character designer to work from, a simplistic sketch and short character description. I've seen other games handle character designing similarly and would imagine Touken Ranbu isn't far off.

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That's pretty interesting.

It's sad that in the book with the character designs, they didn't include the roughs and the first attempts. It would have been interesting.

I'm still a fucking fatass despite being two months unemployed. My swords would be ashamed of me.

Are we on tumblr or something?

Maybe the discord is leaking.

Miwa must be pretty stoked that his babies are finally getting the screentime they deserve.

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Will this show satisfy me as a shotafag? I already see some character designs that are super appealing.

Headcanons are good specula fuel as long as they don't veer into fucking retarded shit like what is this character's kinks or where on the autism spectrum does this character fall under.

Yeah and some of them get decent screentime.
Which ones do you find appealing?

>what is this character's kinks or where on the autism spectrum does this character fall under.
It's funny that both of these things have already been discussed in previous threads.

White haired with green eyes I've seen around before and he's so fucking cute
Pink fluffy haired boy is good too. Same with the fluffy boy in the OP pic

Shotas, baras, athletic guys, manchildren, autists, ojiisans, whatever your flavour is, there's a sword for you.

My husbando is in it so I will probably end up buying the overpriced blurays.

I don't remember any discussion about swords and their kinks. It's a topic I'm admittedly curious about but I've never brought it up to avoid turning the threads into tumblr space.


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Since kikkou has canon kinks, it wouldn't be too surprising if the others had specificpreferences too.

Well, HS didn't forget about Hanamaru this week.

Autism is the best flavour.

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Holy shit, it's heaven. Picked up.

Most of the time when talking about kinks it's just the person projecting theirs onto a sword that they like, and that's terrible.

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Don't most people just project preferences on to their favourite swords? Especially given the lack of canon basis.

No, my swords are pure. Kikkou is the only degenerate creeper.

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Kashuu is definitely not pure.

Having kinks or sexual interests doesn't make you a denegerate, it's very normal and common.

Given the amount of good looking fellas walking around, it's best if they didn't.

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I waited all season for this joke.

Houchou should stop looking for married women, there's already amazing dads and moms(male) in the citadel.


I unironically find in swords the motivation to face daily tasks like having a disciplined workout routine. Might be autistic, but swords are a source of life.

I pretty much can't live without swords now, I'm exposed to it every single day. If it ended tomorrow I would probably commit sudoku.

If you play the game, don't forget to log in. This week's login bonus is pretty great.

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