OPM: Murata is streaming


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When's the new chapter drop?

More Tats is nice, but why is he only streaming volume extra content? I want to see more of the chapter damnit.

I think it will be this Thursday. He's done already many pages off stream.

Angry gamer Saitama.

King's posture though, Jesus Christ.

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no fucking way. It's 100 pages, he's far from the count.

Cute chibi Garou and Tareo.

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Chapter is supposed to also cover that Tats/Child Emperor moment when she calls him a retard.

>last thread only got 25 replies
What killed the hype?

That cuck ONE didn't update the webcomic in a fucking year.

Damn I love Tatsumaki

Thank's to Garou-sensei being his role model Tareo will grow to be this guy (pic related).
Also, guaranteed to get plenty of puss.

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Murata redrew Garou's pose a bit. This might be the back cover actually.

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Yeah but that wasn't really the problem. I'm saying Murata seems to not show much of the chapter he's also drawing, last time he streamed like 4 days ago it was the volume content too, even though he's clearly progressing on the 100p chapter.

>Don't talk to me or my son ever again

I wonder, is all the volume content planned by ONE or does Murata do it by himself?

There is also that slight chance we might get the first S2 preview in the upcoming weeks and he had to help the anime staff and make sure they dont fuck up like Tatsumaki summoning a meteor..

It looks more like the character page.

Yeah after he inked in the space for text, it seems to be the Story & Characters page.

what hyped the kill?

The absolute MADMAN


Does anyone remember the "what if saitama was black" thread that was made in 2015?

A lot of talk about supporting Murata legally going on in chat.

I wonder if that has something to do with him not streaming chapter content these days.

More of a filler? Get hyped dbz fags.


>I wonder if that has something to do with him not streaming chapter content these days.
I really doubt that, he wouldn't even be streaming if that was the case

Acquire higher IQ.

Higher IQ aquired*
Now what

Oh god! Murata is about to shoot himself! The workload was too much in the end!!!

>using a model revolver to draw a revolver

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Thought this was real

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Tareo peeking from under that roof is too cute.

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The backcover, and now this page being focused on Gatling's team is making me sad the cover wasn't them. Bomb would've fit even better for v17, and he isn't really so important that he needs a cover.

Colored back cover is better than nothing I guess. I agree though. But I do think Bomb deserves a cover (he's getting more screentime in the manga after all).

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Oh, I agree he deserves one. What I mean is he doesn't need one, there's no need to rush one for him. Besides there's many characters that deserve covers. At least the parallel with v4 makes me glad that Murata went for him.

Murata finished the drawing.

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>no Genos, Bomb or Bang
I guess it's a spoiler, but with Bomb being on the cover it's kind of weird.

it's not the first time a cover doesn't fit its content.

I know, but this volume does cover Genos vs Garou and the beginning of Bang vs Garou. I don't think there's been any volume where the cover character isn't on the character page until now.

Yeah usually all remotely prominent characters are featured in the story and characters page.

Maybe Murata just forgot.

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God I hate Viz. Garo? Tornado? Blizzard? Super S? But Ganriki stays in Japanese? They really fuck up most of the names.

I really love huge spreads like that one, it'd have been great if he went with something like that for this one,but I can understand why he went chibi, it'd look awkward with realistic proportions, or it'd look too similar to the backcover. And Bang, Bomb and Genos can still be added in the back, there's enough space left.

Could King pressure Fubuki into becoming his gf using the king engine?

dead series dead thread

you're dead

Why hasn't Murata shown most of his work on this chapter? All he does on stream is working on the new volume, but we know from twitter he's been working on a new 100p chapter, has he said when it's coming out? Or shown his chapter status grid?

4-5 days ago he showed the grid, the 11-12 first pages were done.

I saw that, hasn't he shown more? That grid said the chapter was 69p, but then on twitter he said there would be 100p.

I don't think so, only saw him doing the vol 16 content since then. He hasn't streamed much.

Finally even the plebs realized what garbage this has become.

Admittedly, Viz does have its faults, especially since they don't know whether to stay as English or Japanese. Glasses is Megane in the Viz release, and Royal Ripper is King the Ripper.

That said, I believe that Viz is just following the Japanese version's Romanizations. I mean, the anime website shows Mumen Rider, Tornado, and Amai Mask as the character's Romanized names, so I'd assume they're taking it from there.

Patreon when

>King the Ripper
I'd forgotten, god that's awful. Even King Ripper would've been fine and show the reference, the "the" is completely unnatural and unnecessary. And basing the names on Japanese romanizations is always retarded, they don't know English and barely know what they are doing. There's a reason the manga says "Draw by Murata".

I think they were trying to play on "Jack the Ripper". Still, it could've been done a bit better.

They are, but that comes out the same with just the word Ripper, and it doesn't sound like some weird nickname.

Why are official translations always so awkward with the names?

Does anyone know if Murta has said anything about Suiryu recently?

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He didn't.

Will we ever see Saitama surpassing Yamcha's feats and strength?

I must have missed the moment a character named Yamcha appeared in OPM.
Care to fill me in?

dead series dead thread
inb4 some faggot below bumps it



goldensmurf I know you're lurking. Tell me what program you use for your 3d

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>that tats
Wish he'd stop inflating the girls tits and ass with saline and stay on model. Look how gorgeous Fubuki is, and then her sister.
No need to fix what's not broken.

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