Parallel Paradise
So Yukarin is Roomi?

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I don't understand why her hair is so dark, when in the manga it looks either blonde or white.

I like the voice by the way.

It was my guess too, since the voice is similar to Remon senpai from Ano Natsu de Matteru, but I have shitty ears, so who knows.

They made both Roomi and Lilia on tankoubons too dark. New "damage control" posters are trying to make clear what their actual hair colors are.

By the way is funny how hardly Young Magazine is trying to advertise this series. At this rate anime announcement is just question of time.

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jeez calm down

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Imagine Tamura, who never had single eroge role before, performing all this:

Fuck off gook.

Fuck yeah.

invisible friend

Actually, now I understand why Okamoto has decided that Tia's time has come at a point like this. If she lose her virginity, she will be able to se Noah. Well, no doubt about next chapter now.

>Tia's time
>Tankoubon release
Next week will be truly juicy!