Isekai: FPS

Manuke FPS is a decent isekai, actually.

The art feels computer-y, too.

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>reincarnated as hidden love interest
>reincarnated and mistaken as a genius
>stranger's handbook
>mochiron isharyouseikyuu
>laid-back life ex-hero candidate

your definition of decent is very generous

I thought so too, you would think having fire arns would make him OP, but he pretty gimped since he can't use magic.

How's that isekai of yours going, user?

Working on chapter 4, I wish I had more time to write.

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Fran's new outfit is pretty lewd.

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Shouldn't it be chapter 3, since the first one was a prologue?

Still as an idea inside my head, on of these days I'll do something about it

when stuff like Death March, Isekai Mahou, Tanaka, Re:Monster or Botsuraku Nanode exist, Manuke FPS is certainly very decent-tier

don't forget we're talking about isekai here, you have to judge according to the isekai-scale

Link it so we can criticize you, and by that I mean shit on you.

does she have human ears on top of nekomimi?

Oh, finally an isekai thread I didn't miss!

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it's all in my head, I have a starting idea that would make a nice 1st chapter
but there's nothing after it

though just having that is making me the equal of most Japanese LN writers

No. Fran seems to be one of those disgusting 2 eared freaks, not a glorious 4 eared master race kemonomimi.
I mean, two ears? What a freak show you have to be.

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The ending is one of the most satisfying ones I've seen in a long time.

I don't think so.

That's correct, fair point. I also need to get around to fixing the prologue at some juncture.

After you.
Just kidding. I already posted it in the previous threads, but here:

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Not the other user but:
>Tarea was basically the most useless girl in her village,
Tarea was a weapons and armorsmith that fucked anyone with power and respect along with befriending the women by showing them her sex techniques. She kept the men outfitted with decent gear so they could hunt and had the women please their men the best they could which increased her standing within the female hierarchy. In turn they began to respect the things she did for them and made her leader.

Basdia on the other hand

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Write your story
>cheating fiancee kills you to cover her affair
>get isekaid
>find childhoodfriend
>promise to marry
>get 14 years old
>knight order takes gf because she has hero job
>2 years later she comes back
>tells you she is going to marry the other hero and she is sorry
>start from zero
>go on adventure to relax
>tell all potential harem women to fuck off
>5 years later
>go back to hometown
>childhoodfriend is there and crying
>hero died during the fight with the dk
>asks you to date her
>tell her you dont care and fuck off
>live on as bachelor till you die

Title doesn't summarize the plot, how is this going to get an anime?

That last scene with the flag and the undead comrades army is pure kino.

Some anons were right. I didn't heed the warnings but they were right.
>best girl gets cucked while MC enjoys mary sue pussy upstairs
>MC continues to work best girl harder for literally shit in return
>MC got sloppier after he graduated from virginity after 40+ years, don't know if this is a good or bad thing because people do act like idiots after that
>author got sloppier after victory day, doesn't remember MC introduced the metric system a year before but suddenly people who have never interacted with him are using it
>author still hasn't made MC spread the bike for some reason
Now I've heard some anons say it gets worse around 650, do I still continue reading it? Author forgot about the other witches he introduced.
Big respect to people like Oda who can keep track of all this bullshit after awhile, RTW author bit off more than he can chew and is really inconsistent now.

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>The God Slaying Machine wants to live in a peaceful town.

Would you read it?

That's the working western title. The working Japanese title would be 「俺がフランス姫様になってどうすんだよ?!」, or "What the hell am I supposed to do as French princess?!".
Probably needs to be longer and more detailed, though.

She gets cucked because of the authors wife

I want to see what it looks like under the hair, then. Because everytime nekomimi are involved, the place where human ears would be is always hidden.

>author still hasn't made MC spread the bike for some reason
There better be fucking bike races from border town to longsong fort.

I forgot to mention, he seems to have lost his sense of danger and urgency and takes assassinations in stride despite knowing he's the emotional pillar for all the witches, some more than others.


Already at chapter 27 uploading 2 times a day. I can't believe I've fallen so far. Though the people who read it seem to like it

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>After you.
I'm still trying to figure out a motivation for MC traveling around instead of just sitting in one place.

If it makes you feel any better. Nightingale is probably going to get some action very soon due to some recent developments. Anna a shit though

Writer lost the plot because his Chinese wife found out and had him cuck best grill.

This is some next lvl cucking desu

Wow that's horrible. Don't get discourage though, it's just like 99% of isekai out there.

Royal Road?


>Even if the ground splits! Even if the sky crumbles, I will continue to pat you!
Cloudy eyes is a slow burn, but then you get little gems like these.

The Zero Dreamworld chapters are absolute garbage

>Nightingale is probably going to get some action very soon due to some recent developments.
By recent you mean in the raws? By action you mean kissing? No senpai I mean hardcore dicking she needs it. Not being chauvinistic here either.
>Anna a shit though
Yeah I respect Anna for the shit she's done but goddamn if she's the blandest piece of shit ever. She only ever does 3 things: studying, welding, and fucking.

Whats this about?

Royal Road is just a content platform. It's basically the Narou of the West.

Don't tease us user, post it. I'll rate you.

Well if you don't mind spoilers. Anna and Nightingale had a deal with regards to Roland's dick and it seems to hinge on Roland and Anna getting married. They are married now and Nightingale upped the seduction game to 11 and something almost happened between Roland and NIghtingale until fucking Wendy came in bursting into the office

>Prince from all the way from the waitress arc is still chasing after Potionloli
One True Husbando

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Is it okay to post the link here?

10/10 would read again

just give the title.

>Nightingale is probably going to get some action very soon
Some intense watching-roland-fuck-anna-all-night-long action

Ambassadors to another world. Be gentle when critiquing my grammar though, I'm a dirty ESL

Stop being ironic

Such a mean thing to say but nice at the same time.
I'm conflicted on how I feel .

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>Sci-fi isekai

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wow, that was bad, like really bad.

>o wow its fucking nothing.jpg

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Just finished what we have of jewloli.

Damn anons were not kidding. It was entertaining still though.

>tfw will never get isekai and experience witch pussy
I don't know man, only Roland knows how good witch pussy is.

Isekai idea
>a new VRMMO (b4 you say it`s not isekai, read till the end) marketed as the dark souls of vrmmos released
>ultra realistic combat with gore
>the tweeest: The vr gear used by the game is actually a magical item that creates a strengthened copy of the players body in a fantasy world, created by an evil archmage using the quest system to destabilize the fantasy world by filling it with OP isekai protags

I'm already pissed at how much spotlight she gets now, I'll be really mad in the future if you're right.
I can't believe I got hyped for Gundam Roland only to get treated to pseudo-scientific garbage each time it's a Zero chapter.

How often does the author write new chapters anyway

Tell us more details user.

Not often enough.

Don't forget the nobles and the priests, they know too


Who hurt you?

>Writer lost the plot because his Chinese wife found out and had him cuck best grill.
>his Chinese wife found out
Is this true or made up?

>sloppier post wizardhood
I don't understand what you mean.

Bro, men leave their family and friends and countries behind for pussy.

I will make a low effort isekai adventure sooner or later, and it will be drawn!

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>Astarte’s Knight is discontinued at 90 chapters and translations are stuck at 12.
>Din no Monshou hasn't been updated in 8 months
>Himekishi to Camping Car 1 year

God dammit I want someone to finish these

don't ever forget troy

People always say that RtW author isn't allowed to write any harem because of his wife, I don't know if that's true or not.

Another thing I've heard is that Charm of Soul Pets ending was rewritten/given an extra chapter for a better end because the author's friend broke into his computer after reading the last chapter, and threatened to hack his author account and wreck everything if he didn't fix the story's ending.

Learn moon

whoever made that, I cherish you.

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Too meta.

Are there a spy isekai? Are there good spy isekai?

why not just change password?

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To be strictly accurate, she had him cuck all the other girls besides Anna, because she didn't approve of the MC having more than one interest.

I guess you're right
I like the idea of the VR gear being literally magic tho
because there's just no way it's possible in reality


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I made that, that's why I posted it because someone didn't make a goblin bread

I mean we have things to send brainwaves to machines like fake arms and stuff, so maybe in like 100 years VR will be possible.

Get some sex first for you to understand bro
More often than not people act like the happiest people on earth after getting laid for the first time with someone they love.
MC has gotten a little too carefree though when in the past he would've been harsher.

It was a rhetorical question bros

Basically a slow life isekai concerned around the adventure of the MC and his wife in isekai world.

The one who broke the news was a chinese commenter who said they'd been looking at the english fanbase of the story and other commenters vouched for him.
They say that they've been continually trying to persuade the wife to let up too because she also posts in their forums.

Changing your PC's password wouldn't help.

Ok, that makes me feel a little bit bad for her.


Potionloli hides around in other countries but routinely ends up breaking her cover by performing "miracles"
Rumors fly around about goddess and miracles and every time the Prince gets wind of them he immediately travels to that country to go after her, which he's been doing for 4 years now after basically getting turned down twice already

Was she blind or something?

>women ruining everything

She got gobbed.
youre awesome.
She can finally sleep now without the nightmares, now she gets pissed cause after waking up from a nice refreshing dream she is frustrated.
Shes thirsting for it so bad, that she sent a love letter disguised as a mission request to Gob slayer, who probably read it like this.

>Dear Goblin Slayer
>blah blah blah blah
>blah blah blah
>blah blah blah
>please explore my cave.
>signed Sword Maiden.

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sword saint got her eyes burned out while being gobbed

Oh that? Not always. I thought you were saying sex made you weaker/lazier somehow.

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>Moon-led Journey Across Another World WN
>merchant's family is cursed and MC has to solve it for sweet connections
>no details on why they got cursed, just a bad business transaction or something, who knows
>manga adaptation
Jesus fucking Christ. Was this part of the LN?

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God damn it I will commission it, not this month, not next, but possibly May.

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>on course to getting together with the love of her life
>gets literally cuntblocked by reality

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I hope they deal with his mana problem soon, I'm sick of him magic writing everything.