What was the best and worst episode?

What was the best and worst episode?

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Best is the fist episode. Worst are the last 2. Funny how it goes, sometimes.


i don't remember a fisting episode

Tough to say honestly. It had a lot of good episodes, but few I can point to and say that they sucked. Jet Alone was eh, but it was also important for showing NERV's influence. The last 2 of the original TV run were weird, but I think they fit in a weird way. I still prefer EoE and think it's easily one of the best parts of the series though.

Worst: First.

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Best: tough call, but I really like Kaji's watermelons and REI FUCKING DIES
Worst: none I particularly dislike, but maybe the episode following Leliel where Shinji disappears. That being said, it was still pretty good. I guess the first episode where Shinji ran away was one of the weaker ones, but I can't pick out any episodes that I would rather not have in the show.

>rei dies

best: toji gets fucked up
worst: dumb ass dance episode

Worst: Magma Diver and JetAlone
Best Those Women Longed for the Touch of Other's Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses

mein neger

Fuck, "A Human Work", not JetAlone.

Worst: the clip show episode.

best: the magi
worst: jet alone

>Fist episode
:Thinking emoji:

>liking Rei
She was a literal shell of a character


Best: Asuka Episode
Worst: Kaworu Episode

Best: 24/18
Worst: 9/10

>yrw shinji faps to asuka in a coma

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I don't get it... Did Ritsukos mother kill Rei?

Fuck off to your shithole, redditor.

Do you think Gendo watched him fap through the camera?

That's the movie though

Worst: Episode 5
Best: Episode 8

At Least, Be Human

the last 3 episodes

Only brainlets don't like the last 2 eps. Evangelion would have never been as huge as it is if those last eps where some regular stuff.

They worked in two ways, by being literally 2deep4u and creating a sense of intellectual greatness. It also created a lot of hype for EoE.

>Only brainlets don't like the last 2 eps
>They worked in two ways, by being literally 2deep4u and creating a sense of intellectual greatness

Except that they are not deep in the slightest

The movie is the best episode

Magma Diver

either dance like you want to win or the final episode

all I know is that episode of Shinji and Asuka making out was easily the worst

>that ending to EOE

Best: Final
Worst: Dance

You're on an image board you absolute fucking moron

eva is probably the best anime ever made precisely because nearly every single episode is as good as every other

jetalone is easily most disposable

the spider ep is kind of forgettable

everything else is very nearly perfect

all of it is rather uninteresting
Id rather watch the powerpuff girls to be honest

Agreed. Episode 4 was actually not even originally planned, and was the only episode not written at least in part by Anno.

Yup she killed the "first" Rei. The Rei we saw for 2/3 of the series was the "second" Rei who then sacrificed herself for Shinji. Rest of the series was the "third" Rei.

How did the other Rei come to be?

Maybe I'm just too obsessed with Kaworu, but The Beginning and the End is one of my favorites. It's hard to pick though, I love most of the episodes.
I suppose the worst would probably be A Human Work, I always forget that this episode even exists.

> best
no one
> worst

Rei is a clone of Shinji's mother with the soul of Lilith (the big alien at the bottom of NERV) put in her. When one clone dies, the soul of Lilith returns to NERV (somehow) and is just put inside another clone.

>bad Evangelion episode
>such thing existing

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Worst is a relative term, it doesn't mean any are bad.

You just posted the thing which made all the shit episodes shit, though.

Fourth episode was probably the least enjoyable. But even that was really good.

Off topic, the manga is much better in my opinion. Could be because the ending is actually happy but I enjoyed how they tied the bow on it.

The ending of the manga is easily the worst part of it. And the ending of the anime is also a happy one.

I consider the ending of the anime to EoE but to your point, the ending of the TV series was happy looking back. In a sense all three endings are the same, more just different points. TV series ending is basically during all the "Tang" time of EoE whereas EoE more or less shows what happens immediately after that. Manga just fast forwards however many hundreds/thousands of years from EoE to show everything all worked out.

I think we can all agree though the movies are a whole lotta "wtf is going on". Still makes for good waifu wars though~

What did she mean by this?

She accepts Shinji's flaws (flaws which he himself knows and acknowledges), but will accept him regardless, which is why she doesn't push him away.

>tfw NGE is an anime about self-actualization
wow, so deep

is it bad that i can't remember any of the episodes (except for a few scenes) if i watched it like 6 years ago?

Worst: I can't pick a specific one, the whole run from 8-14 was relatively weak
Best: 23

Worst is Magma Diver. That's for certain.

the last one of the original series
no such thing, it’s wholesome

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I didn't know what I was doing and I watched it with my parents years and years ago. It was very uncomfortable.

Go back to facebook, kid

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Hedgehogs Dilemma

Best: The second to last one
Worst: That retarded shit chapter where an angel hacks into Magi

Best and worst is boring, post your top 3.
>The Choice of Life
>The Phone That Never Rings
I really like Hedgehog's Dilemma, fuck you guys.

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I can't decide between 26 and 24. If you count EoE, then 26' easily.
Episode 10, still a decent episode tho.

the best is the one with the gay kid

Please specify since that covers the entire show

Best for me is 19. Shinji's raw emotion compared to his usual faggotry, the horror of seeing awakened Unit 01 and the whole of the battle with Zeruel makes it my favorite
Worst is difficult, there is no episode that doesn't have merits, but episode 7 feels weakest. Its not like you don't get to see how omnipotent Nerv without this episode, so i feel like most of its purpose is moot

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>Shinji's raw emotion
>tfw Gendo making Shinji maul his best friend gave us the best episode in the whole series

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not that user but I guess episode 24 where the gay kid is at his gayest moment compared to other episode.

She is disgusted when she knows Shinji fapped to her comatose body

Annos' cat Mighty Jack has passed away.


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i would say the recap episode is worst but that's where we first get trippy introspection from Rei so Magma diver would probably be the worst since not that much happens overall and Asuka is just a general bitch throughout it.

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Episode 24
Magma Diver

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End of Manga is certainly interesting, but I feel it relies on End of Eva for context too much. But the actual ending is an interesting reversal of the alt reality sequence from episode 25.

Also, pet peeve of mine from End of Manga is Shinji hopping in to save Asuka with unit 1.

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Anno is so good he knows how to even make a clip show intersting. He frames the clip show proper as our first introduction to Seele (first mention of the council's real name), and the second half is intersting stuff about Rei. Plus introduction to th Lance of Loginus.

Compare that to fucking TNG.

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>Also, pet peeve of mine from End of Manga is Shinji hopping in to save Asuka with unit 1.
What makes that worse than any of the other OOC moments?

Episode 19 is the best one
Magma Diver is the worst one because it's boring

Best is 23'
Worst is Magmadiver

I've been wondering after seeing it brought up so often, is the manga worth reading? From the looks of it I thought it was just another one of those cash-in manga adaptation of anime originals, but I guess I might be wrong.

It's the Gundam: The Origin of Eva, take that as you will.

>Best episodes
Throwing the lance episode
sniper episode
shadow episode

last 2 episodes
magma episode
the episode with the dude who dies on his first mission

>but I guess I might be wrong
You are not.

How could it not be the episode with best girl

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>dude who dies on his first mission

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such an unremarkable character i didnt remember his name

Kaworu didn't even get to go on a mission he jumped gun instantly

>last 2 episodes

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Best: 9, or maybe 20. 9 is more subtle, 20 has more meaning to it (but forced down your throat).

Worst: 7 or 17. Both are just uninteresting.

There's no way that a nigger's brain is that big.

Nah, Toji is the best. His presence is the foundation of Shinji's development and his downfall as well.

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The manga ending is trash, user. Reset button and everything's just fine, for some reason... yeah, nice, inspired ending, Sadamoto...

But what can I expect, the manga is consistently worse than its anime equivalent at every stage imo.

>let's go pee
>they actually do pee besides each other
Worst scene in the entire show

It's just foreshadowing Shinji's homosexuality.

What's the big deal? They needed to discuss their potentially suicidal plan to leave the shelter.

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But jumping the gun was his mission

It has some cool moments, and stays pretty loyal to the series but is ultimatly different under Sadamoto's pen.

Some elements I really like (extended "party chapter" where Shinji has fun with all his friends (tragic in retrospect), Kaji's backstory, Toji actually dying, Kaworu's extended time)

But it's ultimatly surpassed in every regard by the anime IMO. I'd check it out because I think it's worth reading.

He didn't have to do it right then and there

>All these people saying the last two episodes are the worst
Watching Shinji accept himself as a person is a great thing to witness and elevated the show to another level for me. The message at the end is something a lot of people would be better off knowing, especially nowadays.

What Shinji needed was a shot of testosterone so he wouldn't feel depressed and tired all day like Nerv wanted

>Shinji hopping in to save Asuka with unit 1
I appreciate that as a response to all the wishing that Shinji had done exactly that ever since the movie, even depicting it in EU like the games and LNs. It just seems more like what would actually happen and that there was never any way to win that. I don't like it because manga Shinji doesn't have motivation to be initially tempted to Susser Tod it all.

Best: When Toji gets Dummi'd
Worst: Recap episode