How unlucky you have to be to get throat cancer and be a voice actress

How unlucky you have to be to get throat cancer and be a voice actress.

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Rie Takahashi > Risa Taneda

>throat cancer

That's a funny name for a baby.

is that how VA's and idols get around the no dating/no sex/no babies bullshit? Feign illness and stay out of the camera until you look normal again?



It's that or announce that they're married with a child when the child is like 5.

kobayashi yuu got away with getting married though

Reminder that oral sex can cause oral and throat cancers due to HPV.

Wait, for real?

Sluts getting what they deserve.

>be jap
>get a job
>can't get married anymore
Two nukes weren't enough.
>79m Americans are infected

who cares why she's been absent for so long, she's finally back as Xenovia for DXD Season 4.

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>barely gets role anymore
>getting away with anything

you just have to get nuked thrice.

>That's a funny name for a baby.
considering her "throat cancer" lasted for 11 months before being "cured" I'd say you're onto something.

why not both?

if she cancer and a baby, wouldn't the baby be killed or severely damaged by chemo?

Its funny how hanakawa stopped being popular and in most big roles in anime once she married.

is was indeed a tragedy

She isn't married, though. And meme voice actresses generally operate on a 3-5 year cycle or so. First it was Mamiko Noto, then it was HanaKana, then it was Saori Hayami, now it's Minori Inase.

While VA can also be idols, they aren't forced to be both, they can choose. Refusing would probably get them less roles, though, unless they are really well-known already.
Normal VA fans don't raise hell about such things, but koebuta and idolfags do.

So did Saito Chiwa, Asumi Kana, Sawashiro Miyuki and many more, but the point is that they weren't sold as idols.
Idols get events and concerts that normal VA usually don't, so if they want that extra money, they know the rules they have to follow.

You take that back, Inori Minase's skill as seiyuu isn't a meme.

It's japan, the baby would be born with superpowers.

On the topic of VAs, is Sora Amamiya the cutest VA or what?

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>still gets severarl lead roles every season
>not popular

didn't everyone hate her being shilled until she did Aqua?

I mean I like her as Aqua a lot, she makes that character.

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There should be an anime about this.

yeah i barely see her in much now.

shec was good but got over-exposed too fast, doesn't surprise me people got burnt out too quickly.

she'll probably still get roles in the near future.

Why would anyone hate someone this cute?

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Was Risa going the idol route?

>throat cancer
could've just been nodules or somesuch. These things are more common.

ice yrself

sore ga seiyuu?

>yeah i barely see her in much now.
Try using your ears instead.

Yoko Hikasa > Miyuki Sawashiro
fite me


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Hitomi suit her better

I like Hikasa's voice more too, but Sawashiro has the better range, or at least had more chances to show it off.

Why would anyone get mad over a person getting married?

It's not that easy, besides being fucked by their producers, the company actually would be better to make it's idos celibate than hide their bfs/husbandos from otakus.
It's not like idols bring millions of dollars.
So forcing idols into celibacy is actually cheaper and make the revenue projections more stable.

Delusion and cognitive dissonance.

Will we ever see Amaki Sally voicing an anime character?

In a perfect world asami imai would have gotten more anime roles.

That's incredibly sad. I feel sympathy for these VAs whose social lives are dictated by mentally ill degenerates.

in a perfect world the older female seiyuu's would still be getting leads like Kotono Mitsuishi and well the entirety of the Sailor Moon cast.

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Hikasa's voice isn't as well suited for serious or more dramatic roles. Plus dat lisp.

Why is this phenomenon exclusive to Japan, anyway? The world has no shortage of delusional degenerates.

When's Yukarin getting married?

When she can find a convenient gap.

Again, not VA as a whole, only those who choose to sell an image to be idolized and get more money, they are separate markets but a person can choose to do both.
They take advantage of retarded and delusional idolfags, so they know there's a catch.

Isn't it more like an Asian thing?
The gooks also have their k-pop sluts.

Being that the seiyuus are worshipped as idols in Japan, that's a given.

Sup Forumsutists get angry when a character even appears in the same show with a male. Is this really so hard to imagine?

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Pretty sure throat cancer is always unlucky.

Michael Douglas

No worries, Aketagawa Jin has a new fucktoy called Haruka Shiraishi.

Celibacy misses the entire point user. Part of the appeal is that they're single.

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This, not every single female Japanese singer just as not every female VA is an idol.
Being an idol means following a very specific gimmick, and you know exactly what this gimmick involves by the time you start.

If you fail at keep up with said gimmick, you just fail as an idol - this doesn't mean you can no longer keep being a singer or a VA. If you're good enough, you'll keep being successful.
However, if you're not that talented and being a cute idol is all you've got, then failing at following the gimmick means your career is over.

They literally stopped the "shake your hand to idols" after they find out otakus were jerking off and washing their hands on semen before going to the events.

Asami Imai has one, no range voice. It's a lovely voice though.

>How unlucky you have to be to get throat cancer

It ain't like the VA business is clean anyway since it pretty much deals with the same sort of shit the entertainment business deals with. People trying to screw powerful people within the business in order try to get good roles which isn't really a guarantee on them being a successful or them actually getting a good role, along with hoping to try get one of them to married them or at least be their mistress so they can be taken care of. Sexual and Power harassment behind the scenes in which people deal with because they wouldn't want to risk damaging their career so everyone tries to keep hush about it.

Hiding the fact you have your own lovers,pregnant, or that you are married so that you can try to get delusional fans to believe they can have you so you can get more money out of that crowd.

How could anyone hate best girl?

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Why even hide it? I'm sure her fans would be thrilled to see her producer's baby.

That would really be funny.

fucking whore
i hope 2ch turns her life to hell after she lied to her fans

what the fuck with these 3dpd normalfaggotry that took over Sup Forums? what the fuck is this /jp/?

Risa Taneda falls in love with a KENN.

Unable to confess, she is gifted by a deus ex machina with the boy's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls him, and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on her as well.

But, the next day, when she recounts the previous day's confessions to the boy, he only looks at her with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, she finds out that the boy she called is not the same boy she fell in love with. In fact, he doesn't exist in this universe at all. He is the alternate universe counterpart of her crush, who has fallen in love with her AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

Hijinks ensue as they strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip each other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of VOICE ACTING.

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Already a thing.


>start out hating the keit-ai meme
>eventually become lukewarm to it
>begin to take pleasure in the sheer amount of rage and distress it causes other posters
>begin keit-ai posting myself for the (you)s
>slow start to warm up to keit-ai posting
>now find keit-ai posts funny all on their own
help me

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>Koe no Katachi announcement = sticky
>Code Geass announcement = sticky
>Panty & Stocking announcement = sticky
>Full Metal Panic announcement = sticky
>Keit-ai becomes highest grossing anime film OF ALL TIME = no sticky

wtf mods?

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Roastie detected


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you filthy incels.

someone hit a nerve
3dpd roastie detected

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You don't look like a gaunt, low energy skellington after a baby, user

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youre not a parent are you

>due to HPV.
so theyre caused by HPV


So is she going to be the VA for Erina again?

Fuck off with your normalfaggotry.

>Lost weight
>Become a lot cuter
I hope regain her weight back thought. I love see her fat legs.


All I know is that she’s back as Xenovia.

She better fucking be back as Erina in Shoukugeki S4 because I can't take another season of that bitch Kanemoto.

>keit-ai meme

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She doesn't look bad at all

not even the cutest in her own show

Glad to hear Taneda is back and better. Cannot wait to hear her beautiful voice once again as Erina and Xenovia.

>Pushing the unfunny HPV=slut meme this hard.
If injuries tend to cause cancer, and a particular disease causes injuries of some sort, does that really mean that the disease causes cancer? By that logic being born causes cancer.

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It technically does because eventually everyone gets cancer, however some die of other causes before the cancer gets them.

Current Gardasil-9 vaccine works quite well against HPV, but quite a few kids never get it. What's funny is usually when I can't get parents to agree, it's usually the mom.

You need to learn what proximate cause is user. It would be more correct to say everyone eventually gets an injury that causes a cell to have malformed DNA.

You actually do, sometimes it takes a lot of time to gain weight after giving birth, not all women get fat during pregnancy.


Go hang yourself so you can do the world one good thing.

The most notorious persona ever involved in this sort of shit is Aya Hirano. Part of the whole issue (far larger a part than people want to believe) is that she could have done whatever, banged whoever she wanted. But she didn't hide it at all, didn't play any of the jerkass publicity management games, didn't pretend it was her voice or all that crap that somehow, otaku buy into in their delusional minds. She fucking selfied it and didn't care who saw it. When confronted, she was straight-up confrontational and put the usual crowd on their back foot. Got kicked by her label (chickenshits) and immediately got picked up by a smarter label, and went back to work almost immediately and will be playing whatever she wants, forever, and has already played Haruhi repeatedly and will do so for life. I am inerested to see what her next long-term show contract will be now that the 250+ episode Fairy Tail is on its final season this year.

The funny part that's also pertinent here is that she does still obsess over health care concerning her voice (she uses a ton of air filters at home and wears a mask around the house sometimes). She also has some kind of issue with her nasal cavity she has had since childhood but won't fix because it will change her voice. The health thing is real...people with nothing to lose who literally don't care one fuck about what people think do still know it's a big problem.

Personally I suspect that it's simply a viable excuse (she isn't knocked up, she is a pure virgin waiting JUST for you! But throat cancer!) but it happens enough that it's hard to conclude that it's a lie even though it usually is, even if you are predisposed towards facts vs. comforting otaku delusionality. Also obviously when your throat etc. are your living and you have a team of people scrutinizing it, more throat problems will be found even if they're not more common than in the general population.

Meanwhile bullshitting gets you maybe an extra year of work.

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No offence but the whole controversy with her is dumb.

She’s a staple in Studio Madhouse’s works, hopefully in the near future.

She made Aqua and she and Kazuma made the show. All the VAs were 10/10 but they were just a cut above. The best of the best of the best. Sir.

None of them are Sugita-tier though VA ultimate bro and best boy

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