Boku no hero academia

Eri is cute.

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Yui is cuter and also more autistic
That makes her twice as good

Both are cute, add Eri to the colrs and we'll get a cute quartet. Also afternoon everyone, how're you all doing today? Having a good day so far, any interesting developments or events?

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Eri is incredibly cute, but she ain't cuter than my sunshine

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Based Sunshine poster. Here's a gift.

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>closeted pedo thread

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I really dont give a fuck about her. The series already has tons of characters its sidelining all the time and now tries to make me give a shit about some plot device loli.

That's not even cucking come on

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Is she a poney?

I give you 100% negative wishing power. May Mei continue to show up rarely in the manga and completely fail to win the Dekubowl.

>Deku's numale face

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i want tsuyu to kiss bakugou on the cheek

Newfags don't know about the filter?

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Take it. TAKE IT ALL!!!!!

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I want you to stop fucking posting, anonymous.

I second this

>May Mei continue to show up rarely in the manga
Hori has indicated otherwise. It does make sense that she'd become his support partner later on.

So when will the delusional meifags leave?

I need meme magic to make them kiss

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Remember to get out the vote!

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can you make me?

Mei will die when one of her babies backfires, and Deku will have to figure out how to rely on his own body

She will never get meaningful time though. She's a one note character- there will be zero development for her.

Disgusting. Why do you ship them?

hori likes homestuck.


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Just like the actual love interest

So does Okawa Bkub
Must be a sign of good taste

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>She's a one note character
Ochunko too.

they're made for each other

bakugou is basically karkat with vriska's ego, mina looks like a homestuck troll with miscolored hair and horns.

A cursed image if I've ever seen one

hair skin and horns*

Accurate because of Hori's shit writing, but Ochako is still forced into the plot more than Mei, and Hori has blatantly stated that Ochako is the heroine in two interviews that I know of.

Have fun memeing, but try not to be actually delusional.

Deku in the latest chapter was sad that she didnt pay attention to him while they met.
Thats more interest he ever showed to any girl in the series so far.
So yeah, DekuxMei is pretty much guaranteed.

eri is almost like his sister

>Thats more interest he ever showed to any girl in the series so far.

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>Hori has blatantly stated that Ochako is the heroine
the manga itself comes first

That was a jaiminism actually. He was relieved that she didn't care what they were doing out there.

You don't take your sisters on dates or joke about going to a honeymoon outing with them unless you're a full fledged siscon.
They're gonna become a thing I can tell.

you know nothing about the purest form of love

There's nothing wrong with hoping he changes his mind. He has changed his mind on other characters' roles and importance in the story before. It's unlikely he'll switch love interest unless Ochako is made to die tragically, but still possible.

> No argument
As i thought from a DekuOchaka shipper.

are there any other translations?

Or it was because he wanted her to pay attention to him.

nigger stream and viz on monday

Using my own wishing energy, I summon a curse upon you and your dream. May Deku be responsible for Mei's death and may he forever blame himself for it.

I know everything about it

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>shipping war

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Sell me on dekumei.

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He's never changed his mind about anything that we know of since the story began, though he is working to give more personality to the side characters lately.
I don't ship it because it's written really shitty, but I'm not slow and actually have reading comprehension.

That’s what happens when you don’t tell shitposters to fuck off

>can't waste time on taking a bath
> would waste time on a romantic relationship

Pick one

Post more Aizawa

She just want to be touched again, by those gentle hands.

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not him but deku and mei have a pretty fun straight main/weirdo dynamic

that's about it but it's unfortunately still better than deku and his supposed future love interest

I used to like DekuMei but these shitposters are pushing it so hard that I feel like hating it out of spite.

Good morning

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You think these shojo effects and blush while he says "I'll be your hero!" are meaningless? they're cute, user. Cute!

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Now that's what I call KEIKAKU.

That was pretty close, but Mei isn't going to die

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>taking shitposting seriously
Don't do that, unless you want to have everything you like ruined for you.

I could see Mei being a candidate for character that dies and the memory haunts Deku. She doesn't have much of a nip following so it wouldn't make anyone that mad, but it would have some impact.

Take it all I just want to see the shitshow from the resulats.

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Morning to tou as well, nice job even though the keikaku makes absolutely no sense at all

Kendoufag here, in the past few days someone have posted the sketch of this pic i made long ago, so it was kind of bothering me because it looks messy and stuff, so i decided to redraw it. I hope you like it.
Also now taking requests, feel free to ask for anything, dubs will be a mandatory draw.

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This. Even though I am a Meifag, I don't think it's happening. But if, by any fucking chance, it SOMEHOW does happen, I will get so smug watching the shitshow unfold, it won't be pretty.

Deku literally being torn apart by girls

Sorry that was a weird mix of the word results in english and my native language.

Momo eating pizza and spilling melted cheese on herself.

You didn't have to apologize, it looks like a simple typo.

You stop that

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Mei holding hands with Deku and Ochako crying in the background.

Just how delusional can you be. It's fine that you like the ship, but don't try to make stuff up to make it canon.

Come on, he has been worried for many girls since forever, he just cares about people in general. If I searched for a while I would probably find a scene of Deku screaming her name in worry in more than one occasion.

Also, don't you even forget pic related.

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It's just Dekutards being Dekutards.

>blue hair
You're a man after my own heart Kendoufriend. Requesting wholesome moment between Ochako and Deku

Too bad he mixed up deku's hands.

a cute Eri-chan


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>the keikaku makes absolutely no sense at all
I think that's the point

Is there REALLY people who believe Deku won't end up with Ochako? I mean come on now, you might not like the ship, but it's undeniable they're endgame.
Ochako always appears in official art as the "main girl" so obviously she will end up with the main character.

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I really hope Mei dies.

Where is Vigilantes chapter 25? It was released a few days ago but it's not on Viz.

>thos digits
Mei is gone


You son of a bitch.

who the fuck are these people?

Geez, I don't know like half of the girls in this picture.
Also, about 5 of them have the same haircut (black and short).

It's amazing how much of a character's identifiability comes from the art style, isn't it? I'm pretty sure I recognize Sarada and Nami.

I hope something terrible happens to you today.

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I miss world trigger
Jump heroines

Shippers ruin everything.

Chill out shounenfag, not everyone knows every character from WSJ like you do.

Eri was cute but she was also such an asspull. I wish she had been used better in the story.

this are broken kids

Awesome Nejire! Please draw her on an EVA suit alongside a boy and a girl of your choice.