Is NBR really that bad?

Is NBR really that bad?

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It's disgusting cancer and should be purged

it's not optimal, but I am still ok with it

Her character makes up for it.

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it's just childhood friend which means it must always lose

It doesnt matter to me because i dont care about the incest meme outside of hentai


Not really, just don't bait me with incest only to reveal that it's NBR.

Is the show worth watching?

Doesn't matter. Anastasia was best girl anyway.

I wonder: is there a story of a guy who is in a nearly blossoming relationship with his nbr sister, which then gets brought to an end when he falls deeply in love with another girl who later is revealed, just before they marry, to be his separated sibling?

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This, NBR is for coward authors who likes incest yet don't have enough guts to draw the real incest.

There's a part of the The House in Fata Morgana visual novel that's like that, but it's actually blood-related the whole way down.

Early chapter has an MC with a doting blood-related sister who's obviously in love with him, but he starts to ignore her when he becomes infatuated with the new maid who shows up one day. After their relationship's turned romantic it's revealed she's his half-sister from his mother's affair.

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It's pointless and retarded.

It's not just bad - it's satanically evil. It's the way of the devil to take a pure and beautiful thing that's working as God intended, and defile and pervert it until it becomes a mockery of its original holiness. The inverted cross, the inverted pentagram, the inverted incest, all of these share the characteristically disturbing mark of the beast. Whoever makes NBR trash is one with the demons, whoever likes it has condemned his soul, whoever condones it is worshiping satan.

You know not where you tread, do you.


Here we go again.

I've actually read that VN(or rather, reading since I'm not yet done) thanks to a certain user who posted about it on /qa/.

Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering a nice steak. You expect it to be a nice, juicy cut of beef but instead you get dog.

Is the Steam version any good?

It's not incest.


You think it's going to be NBR Incest but SURPRISE.

It's actually yurishit.

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I was just kidding~
If I get the game, legally that is, I will make sure to post about how I totally supported the author in the event that I, let me reiterate, make a lawful purchase.

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>5 seeds

The Steam version is unchanged, it's a non-lewd, story-based VN so there was nothing for Steam to censor.

Personally speaking, it's one of my favorite VNs of all time.

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What a coincidence, I was just gonna start watching this show tonight

If your gonna use a cop out, don't bother. The way it was done in that show was particularly insulting.

Blame tv regulations.

Top-tier imouto, even if NBR.

>Modified so she is NBR genetically to allow for he to procreate with Onii-sama
Truly the perfect combination

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Is this worth watching? It seems like it.
You almost convinced me.

>Modified so she is NBR geneticall

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Allow me to push you over the edge of indecision.
Main girl's voice actress was 14 years old at the time of recording, has an older brother, and has shown signs of being a brocon.

It's the only way to get around Dengeki's policy of no actual incest.

Ok now I'm convinced
would you say that 2.3gb batch by JacobSwaggedUp is good thing to download for it?

Pretty sure JacobSwaggedUp releases are hard subbed so if you're fine with that go ahead. Tbqh I would rather go finda better encode than a reencode

In the context of the series, it makes sense.
Their mother and aunt literally built them to breed with each other.

It's the only batch I could find on nyaa
What's the difference between encode and reencode btw?

For the love of Satan give me the sauce!!

Most of the time reencodes are mostly releases which compress releases by other groups. Their goal is to make the release viable for everyone and thus causing quality drops.

Cheers for that
"Oniichan dakedo Ai sae" was what I searched for and surprisingly the results came up really bad, so a note for the future is to enter full show names.
I see.

No, BR is for people with no passion. A BR imouto already had the link, so they cannot undergo the ultimate trial of getting a bone marrow transfusion solely for the purpose of becoming BR. How can you say she's a dedicated imouto if she won't even change her own blood to become related to you?

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You realize that BR does not literally mean sharing the same blood, but genes right? Bone marrow transfusions are not gonna change your chromosomes.

NBR in animu or mango is always shit because of censorship (pic related), only VN like Wagamama High-Spec goes all the way up to what truly matter in that fetish.

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How did the novel end?

It's disgusting, perverted, immoral and against the nature. You should instead stick to pure love, like a true BR.

What are some good BR with satisfying ending and a lot of lewd in it ?

Yousuga no Sora

>tfw Akiko's VA is probably like 20 now

I recognize that skirt.

Wasn't her VA like 14 at the time? How is this legal?

If I was isekai'd into a 2D NBR I would be okay with it as long as she won't back-stab.

Wow, that really changes my view of Akiko. For better or for worse I will not say

Again, the problem with NBR is that it's a betrayal to all the followers of a series, almost all authors use it as an endgame to "allow" the "incest" end, NBR is ok if it's stated at the very beginning of a story.

Why is this the only one everyone recommend

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Because it is twincest and you get to actually see them fuck

It's as much pointless than femdom that become maledom, yuri tainted by hetshit or pure vanilla wasted on shitty forced drama and NTR.

Because it's basically a cinemax porn movie.

NBR will always be shit.

But it can't be the only one that does it right ?

It unfortunately is.

It is and that is why it is the greatest incest anime of all time

Is it worth watching if I already read the VN?

Depends how much you liked it. It's a bunch of vignettes covering all the heroines, so it's like a shorter version of the VN.

I want more roles done by her.

>that gue heh heh
Fuck her VA was amazing. Why hasn't she gotten many more roles since then?

>Why hasn't she gotten many more roles since then?
Too busy fucking her real life onii-chan

It doesn't bother me. Same goes for when they list a character's age as 18+ even though they're obviously intended to look younger.

I love it when it gets just ridiculous and you start having 18 year old middle school students.