Which Flip would you Flap?

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I would not Flap either Flip because their show was a Flop


Neither, they are not for lewding.

The one with the highest sales.


Stop making shit threads.

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>Flip Flappers Flip Fuckin Flopped

Sad but true


This one.

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Best girl


the underrated legal one

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Papika is older than her though.

Seeing all those yayacuckfags among nips just made me realize there's no difference whether the show was popular or not. That's what shit taste really means.
Love triangle shit should be removed.

>Stop making shit threads/ posts
>durr Cockona teehee

you first

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So why/how exactly did Papika(na) age regress and lose only some memories?

>Womanchild in child body
Given her Labrat background she probably doesn't even have papers to proove anything

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Stop shitposting and stop giving salesfags more threads to be retarded in. You are everything wrong with Flip Flappers threads.

I miss when this was airing. Mostly because some user kept posting flappers futa in the threads and now I can’t find it, but the show was nice too I guess

Good choice.

There will always be people who root for loser.

This one no doubt

Flip flappers are very popular in japan.
Please believe me!

Pure Buredo!

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>Papika NTR'd by Salt
>Cocona NTR'd by her own mother
>Yayaka NTR'd by Papika
>Sayuri NTR'd by Mimi's phantom
>Saltdad NTR'd by evil Mimi

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>implying I can lewd any of these girls

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Papika literally lewds Cocona all day long

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their outfits are so perfect.

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all the girls in the show

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Depends on which of them has a penis.

bothlack a penis

Mimi wanted her daughter to have a friend, so deaged her.
Papika never lost any memories, they just became muddled and repressed. She eventually got them back when she and Cocona visited the remains of the laboratory.

Papika's age fluctuated in the womb tree until it matched Cockona's when she was dreaming.

Ah yes, you're right. I always forget Papika aged-up at times as well since we never saw it.


i can see her pussy


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Plants don't have pussies.

Does Cocona really taste that sweet?

And cold!

can you explain me the poster in the real world ben hur and the other one.

Mimi is awful.

Mimi knew she friendzoned Papika so wanted to give her some apology puss.


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What does Yayaka armpits smell like

cockona saliva

I want an OVA about Papikana eating the placenta.

Yayaka was there to show the difference between how Cocona treats a close friend and a lover. She accomplished that perfectly.


The artist's tumblr is called madohomufisting or whatever. They have a tag for their FF stuff and have made more since.

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