Why did Maidragon flop?

Why did Maidragon flop?

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Because it was bad.

Because it was bad.

It was bad and KyoAni are greedy jews that put a really expensive price tag in basically all of their BDs.

Because it was bad.

kyoanus yuri bait garbage.

>put a really expensive price tag in basically all of their BDs.

Literally the reason why Nichijou flopped.

Because it was bad.

Flavor of the season that didn't have any lasting popularity because it was actually bad.

Because it was even worse than nichijou if you can believe it.

I enjoyed it. Didn't watch it as it aired though. But was it good enough to put on my shelf? Not really.

Because it was bad the only people who enjoy these kind of shows are yurifags

Wouldn't say it was bad per-se, more like a dull gathering of tropes which just didn't work. Finishing both this and Gabriel felt like a chore, really.

Because it was bald.

It didn't flop during it's initial airing or time shortly afterward, not sure what you're smoking. Last year literally every single girl and/or girl couple cosplay at a convention I went to was Tohru and Kobyashi or Janna. They were as abundant as white on rice.

You not lining a series != it being unpopular.

all style

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no substance

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japs otakus dont like aggressive high-maintenance lesbians with creepy eyes

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The manga and the spin-offs are much better.

Flopping, not flopping, whatever. What matters is that it did the job it was supposed to (bring new readers to the manga).

Still, I would watch a season 2, as long as they included Ilulu. Or even better, an anime based on Kanna's spinoff.

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Because normalfag dragon was terrible

or IRURU I don't know

>creepy eyes
Take that back her eyes are amazing

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Because is shit.

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Iruru = Tooru
Ilulu = Tohru

The former names are adapted from the Japanese ones.
The latter ones are how they're officially called in the American adaptations.

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As for me, I prefer "Ilulu". It sounds cute, and I'm fond of her.

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Chapter 45 was Glorious(SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 45)

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KyoAni wasnt incharge of BD distribution pricing of Nichijou. Even now that they have ownership over their shows, they are just following the current pricing of BD volumes.