Dies Irae

Do you know what FOREKNOWING is?

This kind Man will help you to find happiness.

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Pantheon news when?

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anyone here helped the kickstarter ?

Best Girl in Dies Irae?



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>tfw no nazi rape

Soviet pls go.

Her own VN when?

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>Do you know what FOREKNOWING is?

Didn’t some Americans also enjoy Aryan booty though?

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After Rusalka's. On another note, am I the only one who actually liked the battle scenes in DI?

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I also liked the battles,they were one of best things in DI

I liked the rape scenes

There were a few that dragged too long but most were enjoyable.

No. I also love them

Both are very popular. In every Voting Pool.

I haven't watched/read this. How good is it?
From what I get, the franchise is mostly good for the antagonists? Do they win?

Yes and no

>How good is it?
Depends on how much you like chuuni stuff.
>From what I get, the franchise is mostly good for the antagonists?
Yeah, the MC's side is kinda weak (aside from his best buddy).
>Do they win?
Probably not in the sense you're hoping for, but they do get what they want in the end.

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Me. I still regret it.

What is the recommended route order?



Did you end up not liking DI?

What happened with Reinhard?

What do you mean?

Did he live? Did he die? Did he accomplish anything?

I though it was okay. Some part got a lot longer that I expected and the battle scenes got boring after 30 minutes of pure nothing. That being said, I regret it because of the fucked up moves Light or the one running the KS made with the whole thing. First, the whole +18 thing where they should made clear the difference between Amantes Amentes y Acta Est Fabula being a separate product and not a patch. Then, the timeframe between both releases, locking it with the Steam version and after finishing 1 complete route. After that, is how the approach of the OST being a shit show and now, I'm still waiting for my physical copy after 1 year of the campaing and 2 months since the last update, which was the 4:3 release of AA, being in the same boat as AEF.
The only good thing could be Marie as the front box, but I don't think even that could work.

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>Did he live? Did he die?
He dies at the end of Rea's route, but his soul is still around in Marie's Samsara, so it's possible that he reincarnated somewhere down the line.
>Did he accomplish anything?
He did get the fight he always wanted, and died satisfied. The Throne never really mattered to him.

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At the very least, let me thank you for supporting it, since I loved it and couldn't contribute at the time.

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Rusalka best girl.

And who is best boy?


Not my favorite, but he's still great. Good taste.

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W h e n

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I want to fuck Marie


Think we'll ever get a KKK translation, despite the shitty outcome of the Dies Irae kickstarter?

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Let's be honest. All anyone wants from Pantheon is to see Hadou Gods roast each other on their autistic rules. Also Shirou and the other avatars.

Masada just needs to deliver this and it'll be kino.

I want to believe. Also, why does that resemble Isaak in Gladsheim?

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I just want more G Yuusuke art.

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If I have no interest in the h-scenes is Amantes Amentes fine?

Yes, unless you hate cropped CGs.

Implying there's not going to be any delays
Also I don't read moon runes, so I'm going to have to kidnap someone who can

Did mukei die again?

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I seem to remember they redid a lot of the soundtrack for the anime, are we ever going to get our hands on those tracks?

After the rest of the episodes air, perhaps?

im more interested in the tabs for those tasty licks.

>Wilhelm is voiced by the Vocalist for Granrodeo
This flew way over my head. It took until I heard the opening for Interview with Kazilku Bey, and saw the voice credit that I figured it out.


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>tfw I didn't realize Ren and Merc were voiced by the same person until Kei's route.
God, I love Toriumi

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>That pose
It is time?

When Valkyries ride.

When do I get to ride a Valkyrie?

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When the Valkyries finally cast their Curse on those christed ones.

So what is the story of Pantheon?

Please do not cuck Kai. He's a good boy.

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Best Girl in Dies Irae? 4 Chan Poll:


Why did he take off the mask? He seems to be in extreme pain.

>"Pantheon is a story about chasing after Shirous of every generation (the veteran Fangs will surely understand what I mean). It will be centered around a new protagonist and gods of the seventh Throne, but their supreme commander is the original god."
>"Thanks to her services as the middleman, all the characters you pull from the gacha are ready to support the protag. The original god's name is the Truth, who has a surprisingly deep connection with Shirou. She's also a real beauty and a great woman overall."
>"I'll leave guessing how she can persuade Reinhard, Mercurius and even Hajun up to you. (Yeah, their common enemy is that terrifying). The team led by the Truth and the name of protag's ability is "Pantheon". Lastly, the Kajiri characters serve as the protag's mentors of sorts."

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I improved your cuck

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Best Girl.

You must be Germanic Polytheist. Christians and Atheists can wait forever.

did not Hajun basically one shot Mercurius, Ren, Reinhard? Do we really need them?

>Hajun basically one shot Mercurius, Ren, Reinhard?
That was because he was receiving a shitload of power from the Tumor. But It fucked off and become a Hadou God all on it's own after the events of KKK, so he doesn't have infinite taikyoku.

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Ah okay thanks, but wow in Pantheon how high will the lower level go? I don't think you can do better than Hajun?

>I don't think you can do better than Hajun?
Amaterasu already did. Also you're forgetting that shinza is all about the concepts of power, not the actual powerlevels. Mercurius had a chance against Hajun, despite muryoutaisu having infinitely higher power than anything Mecurius could use. Were Mecurius to spend another eternity on Throne, and he might've been able to win against Hajun, or even reach the depth of Throne and find Naraka (assuming he had any reason to do so).
The way concepts win against the raw power in Masada works was clearly shown in Bansenjin, where three strongest rosei were still caught in Jinron's Bansenjin despite him being the weakest rosei in history.

If you take KKK's elseworld as canon,
he lives in Marie's route. After all, he is Mercurius' cancer, he would eventually come back as long as Mercurius is alive.

What would a Rusalka route even be about anyway?

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