Why are OL so uncommon in anime, when everyone loves them so much?

Why are OL so uncommon in anime, when everyone loves them so much?

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They're dumb and ugly

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Because they're not popular in Japan

they don't sell merch

Maybe there's a connection, like they haven't been overdone yet.

It's more of a porn archetype.

>Talking shit about MoriMori

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She's dumb and ugly

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It'll grow back out eventually.


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If Nips liked office ladies, they wouldn't have a declining birthrate.
Someone needs to crack the pedo code and make those ugly fuckers want to knock up office women. Then we'll get more OL anime.

They don't. It's the same with VNs. Just compare the ratio of how many VNs have 20yo+ you can romance vs elementary-high schoolers that you can romance.

>Elementary schoolers are more common love interests than adult women
What's wrong with Japan?

>when everyone loves them so much?
Nobody loves them, that's why they're OL in the first place.

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Are you implying OL can't be married?

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>What's wrong with Japan?
Their women are just as entitled as western women so there is a large amount of men with too much time and disposable income on their hands.

Who would watch an anime about an old hag who spends all her time at the office?

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Because the entire anime industry started booming in 80's because Japanese men were too beta to deal with office ladies.


Chisato is cutest ol

I'm still waiting for an anime following Satone's life as a sad OL trying to both succeed in life and overcome her chuuni tendencies.

Me too.

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He's probably mixing up OL and christmas cake because most don't know that the two are mutually independent.

Me three

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>you will never annoy your pretty boss

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I like this guy's work.

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Because they're too sexual.

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There is an office anime next season.

me 4.

>you will never hitch a ride through the streets of Taipei on the back of your OL waifu's scooter

Ah, well.

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Yes. I believe it's a romcom, which is fine. I just want more cartoon abouts cute working adults doing cute things.

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How long until this thread turns into a safe space for normalfaggots to blogpost about 3d like every other christmas cake thread? But it's alright. It has an anime picture in the OP so it's on topic right?

S2 when?

I would prefer an anime with the mother as main character.

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Cry about it you fucking baby

Well that escalated quickly.

Some things were never meant to be.

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Shhhh, we've had a good run so far. Don't jinx it.

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Concept: OL with no bf settles for horny young dicks in her apartment building to get off.

never ;_;

New series: Xtreme OLs

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Sento truly is a waste of tits.

Popular in porn=!popular in anime/manga

Me too user

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not boss, but i do get to annoy my milfy coworkers

Why do older men tend to date young women?
Because older women are less desirable

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I desire a career woman as a provider for my NEET ass, though

Yeah, but you're part of the distribution of pathetic men that won't reproduce


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Will you make a good housewife, though?

What does an OLs room smell like?


Moms belong to their sons..?

That's some ugly design.

Damn right

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>16 year old calling a 20 year old "mommy"

I didn't expect my hidden "knowledge" will be of use on /a. For a second I thought maybe I am on this other board..

Well, at least I vote for more immigration to replace you breeding champions.

It's quite amusing to see people portraying her like some kind of turbo cake.

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Microwave dinners, cat piss and crushing loneliness.

I don't understand why Japanese girls in anime do that weird thing where they tie up their bangs. Why even do that? It doesn't block their eyes, and even if it did they could just cut it.

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I wonder to what extent Shinozaki-san likes women. Or men for that matter. Is she the kind of girl who would consider watching lesbian porn foreplay?

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>tfw just didn't have the drive to watch this after episode 1

old hags mean greater chances of autistic babies; you wouldn't want an autistic kid, would you?

You don't know what you're missing, user. If you don't feel like catching up, you can perhaps binge all 12 episodes once the season is over. It's great, in a trashy way.

I like to compare it to a bag of potato chips. It's shit, you know it's shit, you know you're better off avoiding it but you can't help but endulge yourself.

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>wanna perform lewd acts on that OL announcer

Teachers > OL

Moms > onee-sans > OL > teachers

Why not both?

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>eating cake past the 25th

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Damn she's fertile

>eating cake on the 25th

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