Why is this allowed?

Why is this allowed?

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Girls grow up too

"what are boob physics?"

They don't have to.


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She became Raikou mama

She's not as big.

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How did her boobs gain a lot of mass when the rest of her body is still a skellington?

They're magical girls, don't think about it.

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Raita's giant banana tits are so much better than the weird little nubs he gives his flatter girls.

Must be opposite day where you live.

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theyre not permanent r-right?

No, they're detachable.

Of course not since it happened in Asai's inception-dream thing.

Detachables boobs would be great, you could switch sizes at will too.

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I want to impregnate Yui.

Sauce on the artist?

>cantaloupes on stick figures

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Hello newfriend i must ask you to lurk more.

I want to impregnate Erika.

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Japanese Shadman

Raita did nothing wrong.

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I'd appreciate the opportunity to seed both, if possible.

Raita has been building up mom for a long time. I hope he doesn't disappoint.

$100% says he never gets around to her, or those other two recent girls, or tanned idols, or any of the other things he should've done by now.

Are the cat ears fucking knife holsters?

No you can clearly see where the knife goes

Somehow I completely spaced out and didn't notice the whole bottom half of the image

did you just post this on Sup Forums you piece of shit?

your idea would be great too

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>going on Sup Forums

>Why is this allowed?
What's the problem. I don't get it.

>not going on Sup Forums

Because, censorship reasons.

Back off from my wife.


>Why is this allowed
It's not

*starts beat*

Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.

A young nigga got it bad 'cause I'm brown

I want Kai to sit on my face.

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>he likes raita

Because people can age and not everyone likes loli characters.

>Not everyone likes loli characters
Haha now quit baiting people. How could someone be this gay?

Damn, Raita made Yui not shit. Now if only he'd do this to the rest of the chestlets, and make the Indian white or something.

>camo poncho specifically designed to show the butt
raita is a man of great ideas

I am so fucking triggered by this you don't even fucking know

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jap shadman is fatalpulse

Raita loli are the best.

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based Raita

The sheer concentration of shit taste on display here is shocking.

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ShindoL would be an even more apt comparison, but he's actually American.

No, Raita is a great character and clothe designer, as evidence by any fanart his designs get.

He just doesn't give one fuck about anatomy.

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What allowed?

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Misa a shit.
Erika is best girl.

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Erika loves bieng fucked in the anus.

Yeah, by me.



He certainly does everything right when he has someone around to keep his madness in check.

Is it bad that I didnt even need to reverse image search to know this is Raita?

That's him with Sega keeping an eye on his ass.

>Good artist falls into the stylization trap
>Artworks gets objectively wonkier and less appealing overall as a result
>Artist got worse with time

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i really like the way raita draws xray shots and ejaculations


No he can do more than the one thing.

impregnation is wonderful

At least ShindoL I can fap to. I've fapped more times than I can count to his Rule 63 Link manga

Yes, it’s bad that someone this shit at drawing breasts didn’t remain penniless and in obscurity. The fact that anyone has the misfortune to know who Raita is saddens me.

But Altera is from Huke.

This, but also Kirara.