Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 7 omake

Omake is out, TL soon.

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Suffering from self-inflicted cringe. I sadly can relate.

Done. Point out mistakes and I'll fix them when I update the zip.

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Looks good, thanks for the translation.

Nice. Hope we get a long chapter next time.

What could even happen next? Where could they go from here?

Onsen trip, beach episode, visiting love hotel on some stupid reason, shinkansen trip, pool, all kinds of slightly lewd stuff couples do. Come on, think a little.

What those siblings need is chex.

Parents find out and get Ritsu arrested.

I wonder if both touched themselves that night.

Does uta knows how to touch herself ?

More gyaru.

Bathing togather?


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Look at her touch herself after her onii-chan confesses

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Their parents would not allowed. Besides arent they suppose to do couple stuffs only outside the house.

Nobody said they had to that at their house.

Bathing together is shit

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It's normal for bothers and sisters to bathe together.

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Reatrded children

>Reatrded children
Are your parents siblings, user?

They stop pretending and start being honest with each other about their romantic feelings for each other. That's the only place it can go.

Cute siblings

Pretend divorce and custody battle when?

I hope the pretend children don't pretend to blame themselves.

What if that actually happens?

It will happen.

Holy shit, how is Mikan's butt so big? She's a child.

lol, that is the name of this one