Flying Witch

Isn't her outfit fits too well?

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What are you trying to say?

I think he's trying to enquire that her clothes are skin thight
and because of it, he's pee pee hurts

That makes sense.

He draw her naked in this chapter then added some outfit later but left the details.

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How can one so innocent be so lewd at the same time?

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she sure likes that pose

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It's already translated.


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Miss this show.

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It's a summer dress you tool.

Man this manga makes me want to have children. I should babysit my brother's kids again, best birth control ever.


don't do it

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Just get some. Children get easier on your time as they get older and more self-sufficient.

If you get enough children they can care for each other too.


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That's kinda how drawing works.

>artists draw naked kids and then dress them up

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I want to show senpai the wonders of anal.

Its the easy way tho

No genitals or detailed curves though. They just have to get aproximate proportions and anatomy right.

little girls don't have much in the way of genitals though


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I'm wondering if I should pick this series up again...

Absolutely, do it.

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Does he stream?

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I want to be part of Chinatsu's harem

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Why double spread?

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Good countryside breeding stock.

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Does this look like the face of mercy?

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>next chapter in may

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My wife Chinatsu-chan is so cute

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>marrying a merciless witch
you're a brave one

She's wet

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that's what happens when you fall into a bathtub full of water

I don't even know what this manga is, but it's pretty mischievous.

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Because I'd double-spread that loli

>Kei in the background

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How tight is it?

Why is something so good so slow? This two months a chapter shit is killing me!

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season 2 announcement any day now

that's literally how you draw character. Are you retarded?

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Author probably draws over 3D models, which is ridiculous given how slow his pace of release is.


You know something called magazine release schedule exists, right?

You've never seen a naked little girl, have you?

Because good things come to those who wait.

別冊少年マガジン is a monthly magazine, but we only get a new chapter every two months.
It's not like the author's taking time to refine his art or thinking of some grandeur story arc or anything, he just works on this whenever he feels like it.

Except we've been having monthly chapters since a while ago.

Does she not have a status like Yotsuba on this board?

Cute witch.

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best girl?

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best girl.

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Pls leave Pedo-kun

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No, Yotsuba isn't a slut

Did you just call Chinatsu a slut?

She's a little monster, not a slut.


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So, if there is a 2nd season, these mini mandrake will become their mascot.

I want to rape Nao and rob her liquor shop

I like how varied the chapters are despite using familiar concepts.

One of the guys that draws the poke girls does it.

What do you mean user?

Fuck off Digibro.


I don't.

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Can't stop these illegal feelings.

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I guess the author really likes small breastless females.

Cute witch in training

Only if dog form.

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i want to rape this dog