The best girl was her all along

The best girl was her all along.

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Shinji knew it too

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She was wallpaper bro.

>Gave Lunch to the fourth pilot every day
>Was cute
>Wasn't Crazy
>Owned a Sega Saturn

She truly was best girl.

I don't remember this, is it from a game or something?

Probably Girlfriend of Steel

Hikari a cute. No image because all the Hikaris in my Sup Forums folder are nsfw.

Is this from that old as fuck hentai from 90's?

>tfw the only doujin with decent art she's ever been in has ger getting raped by the gym teacher as an aside in an asuka centric series
It's not fair

>It's from the so called "Evangelion First Impression", actually it was called just "Neon Genesis Evangelion", game for Sega Saturn which got re-released as "interactive" DVD-Video in 2004 (I own the later).

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This is from EVAGeeks. I don't actually own the game

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I see, thanks user

>Owning a Sega Saturn in 2015

my niggas


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>not owning a Sega Saturn in 2015

Also, it's probably the most modern console if production didn't continue after the Second Impact, and other shit occurred that destroyed Japan.

This is the real best girl

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aka the Splinter of the Mind's Eye of the Evangelion franchise

Nice personality but also boring and uninteresting.
Better choice.


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