Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Pop Team Epic?

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Pop Team Epic?

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What a boring manga

Only if your sermon has zero coherence and is repeated twice in a row.


i can smell the stench of your shitty manga from here

Fuck off Reddit

Joke's on you, reddit hates PTE.
Maybe you should join them?

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The last episode sucked.
What the fuck is Space Cat even doing?

Best anime every made. By far.

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reddit likes darling in the franxx, VEG, and citrus more than PTE

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>he had to go on reddit to take these shots

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>searching reddit to prove brainlet wrong
>having an account and posting regularly on reddit
>these are the same thing

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Just hacked into your computer and looked through your bookmarks. Yep, you have 10 reddit boards bookmarked and several accounts. Fuck off redditor.

Yeah, my dad works at Reddit and can confirm

Finna pop in Popuko

gonna finna pop

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Wait a minute..

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As the scroll foretold, Pop Team Epic will find a way!

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Already a thing.


>#1 in the Japanese box office for 14 weeks, 13 weekends
>Earns 20 billion yen and counting to surpass Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Japan
>Reached 10 billion yen 9 days faster than Frozen
>Wins LA Film Critics Award
>Has become the no. 1 highest-grossing Japanese movie in China
>Has become the no. 1 movie in Thailand
>The film immediately topped Korea's box office opening on 555 screens all around the country which is a new record for the Japanese film.
>Also dominated China breaking the all-time records for the most advance tickets sold and the fastest film to reach 100 million yuan ($ 14 million or 1.7 billion yen), with the first 100 yuan earned in just the film's opening day.
>The film also dominated the charts of Hong Kong and Taiwan becoming the number 2 and top highest grossing Japanese film on the respective countries
>Inexplicably jumps 41% in the Japanese box office and climbs from 7th place to 3rd place in one week
>Still in the top 10 in the Japanese box office towards the beginning of 2017
>Now grossed US$355 million.
>Surpasses the box office gross of Spirited Away (US$289.1 million), making it the highest grossing anime film of all time.
>Is approved by Shinzo Abe and used by Cool Japan to spur tourism in Japan.
>Turned into a live-action movie by J.J. Abrams

So this is meme magic. Not bad.

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So what the fuck was going on here? This is referencing something that they aren't supposed because of some copyright thing?

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Quit forcing this shit in every single PTE thread, Jesus Christ. Your le ebic meme is not going to catch on.

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Those characters remind me of those Korean comics

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ED2: youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo

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>tfw still don't know where to read those
Do I really have to go to Sup Forums LOL threads to get my fill

Why does Sup Forums hate this meme-tastic masterpiece?

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Those threads are a true treasure

Too many transplants with shit taste around here these days. PTE is unironically AOTY

They are called Asaekkiga by Yang Young-soon
I'm now a spoonfeeder

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It's reference to Megure from Detective Conan. Even got same VA.

Arigatou user

>Just hacked into your computer
Sure thing kid

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>2 chapters left
>No hambaga
>No God of Eurobeat
>No Chimera
>No Popuko and Pipimi brushes
It fucking hurts

>implying there won't be a season 2 and possibly even 3

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Did they get to adapt the "spicy gal" comic?


Sosogu best girl

Once they start seeing just how much money they are getting on merch, they will have no choice but to make more PTE.

It flopped horribly in the West and underperformed in Japan.
For WHOM do you want to make a sequel?

Lots of people outside this board watch and follow this anime. It is a definite cult classic.

ahead of it's time or instantly dated?

who cares its fun.

>"spicy gal" comic
I can't find that anywhere. That's the one with the rape right?

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i watched the first ~20 minutes of the first episode when i was drunk and thought something was wrong with my phone because it was repeating with different voice actors, is that actually how it goes?

was the random subculture spamming a reference of www.subculture.com?


why does Sup Forums not like this show anymore?

It's too smart for them.

didn't it do like 6k? that's great

>bob shit epic ruined my favorite joke in the series

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That's an odd way to say improved.