Perfect Oni girl

Perfect Oni girl.

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No, Lala is.

>perfect anything

No, 02 is.

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Iif you want to post an UY ripoff, at least try a better one.

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>TRIGGERed Franxxfags
Of course.

Lum a fucking best.

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Seasonal coked out whore isn't even in the same league as Lum.


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Perfect Onigiri.

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that's an uchuujin tho

Just awful taste.

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Eternal best girl.


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Lum is overrated m8

Nope, she's perfect.

Ran is objectively better.

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Ran is a dork.
A cute dork though.

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Ran would be best girl in any show airing right now, but she still isn't Lum-tier.


I want franxxbabbies to leave.


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Lum is an actual slut

Perfectly shit.

You should've been aborted.

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You're right, she's well above Lum-tier.

Lum is a boring character exclusively defined by her mindless love for a one-dimensional character. The gag wears off extremely fast so the show ends up being carried by the better side characters like Ran, Ataru's mom, Cherry, etc.

How many guys has Lum fucked already?
I know she likes showing her breasts in public so she can get gangbanged

>Franxxfags talking shit about UY
The irony.

>being an idiotic spic
I didn't say anything about Urusei Yatsura the show, nor did I mention FranXX.

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>Franxxfags calling others spics
You guys are fucking hilarious.

That made me hungry.

Would you?

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She looks like she'd freeze my dick.

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And Chad gets nothing.

I like Benten better.

Perfect Oni giri

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Is she based on blue or red oni

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>Perfect Oni giri
Came to post this; beat me to it.

not perfect enough to stay relevant without some loser like you constantly making threads about her.

>Another Lum thread
Oh yeah. I love you, Sup Forums. And I love Lum-chan!


>classic characters are relevant only if they're constantly spammed on Sup Forums
Sasuga newfag.

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lel it's true

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I actually like some of the filler with her near the ending of the series and Movie 4, which suggest she's getting more used to living on Earth, actually blends in better than Lum and once even considered going after Ataru for real.

But that's utterly OOC with her manga character, which is all about being attached to the past.

Not his fault that Sup Forums has become Sup Forumseddit.