What do you think about the current state of mecha anime Sup Forums?

What do you think about the current state of mecha anime Sup Forums?

All new franchises fail hard. Gundam anime sell bad and it only survives on Gunpla. Mecha musume destroys it in sales. Tank anime destroy it in sales.

Is mecha a dead genre?

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Series with 7k sales being the biggest mecha hit in a decade kinds proves the point though. Every other genre sold better.

Maybe every "new" mecha series that comes up should stop rehashing the same tired ideas and try something else for once.

Fafner is fucking consistent throughout in Japan while it utterly died outside of Japan.

>Gundam anime sell bad and it only survives on Gunpla
UH, mission accomplished. Gundam disc sales are a nice extra, but the whole point of the successive anime series' is to shill their gunpla. Made even more obvious with each of their Gundam Build series. With Diver they're hoping to make use of the AGE series & 00 kits. Honestly after IBO don't really care for mainline Gundam series from Sunrise, some of their non-Gundam mecha series are ok but they clearly don't know wtf they're doing with anything that includes Gundam in the name since they're trying to be original sometimes while not shitting over their pedigree (what's left of it). Honestly, not really looking forward to any mecha series since it's highly unlikely they'll end up being anything more than whatever gimmick they try to advertise. Unless it's Majestic Prince, only one I feel wouldn't disappoint since I know what I'll be getting.

Needs more cute girls and more super robots

How is it possible that there are no all-girl mecha anime yet?

What is Regalia?

Had dudes.

They're making a new Patlabor series at some point called EZY. I hope it's good.

the geezers who still care about mecha think everything must be a boy-meets-girl with optional fujobait
an all-girl mecha show would probably do quite well right about now

A successful attempt of laundering money from the Chinese, well maybe not for the studio involved but everyone else on the production committee must've been pleased.

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Studio gets paid no matter how show does unless they actually own the ip.

Mecha anime isn't appealing anymore.
The most popular mecha anime are more about the character drama than they are about mecha, which is the secret of their wide appeal.
The problem is that the kinds of stories that could be told with mecha have been told and retold so many times, people aren't impressed anymore.
So mecha is stagnating until it finds the next best thing. If it ever did.

Gundam has a bigger problem because the people who buy the most gunpla are old smelly guys. Bandai hates that and doesn't want the future of their franchise in the hands of some geezers.
Appealing to kids has failed so far with Age and IBO. But they're going to keep trying again and again until they get it right. Otherwise the franchise wouldn't have a future anymore.

Yeah, Gundam fanbase is a bunch of old fags stuck in the past.

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I'm pretty sure the studio did own the ip from what I remember anons saying the last time their was discussion involving Regalia. One of the reasons they were allowed to own the ip was probably because they didn't expect anything from it, which was proven right.

Are the train boys doing badly? I don't really know how to tell.

You talking about Shinkalion? That one's a mecha show for little kids airing in the morning, not for teenagers and young adults airing at night. Shinkalion needs viewing numbers and toy sales.
Late night stuff like Regalia or Darling in the Franxx would (in theory) need good disc sales.

Mecha as a whole I believe Toku stuff are still going strong.

There's nothing to worry about.
Lelouch will save them fabulously.

Okay, but that doesn't really answer the question, because I have no idea how the toy sales or viewing figures are.

>Is mecha a dead genre
And nothing of value was lost

As a little kids show, it ought to get a 50 episodes run, but that is not necessarily assured.
For toy sales, it will depend on reports by TakaraTomi.
Since the show just started 10 weeks ago, one can't say too much about if the show's toy sales are flying off the shelves, or if they're just bench warmers.

Everyone knows there's no point in trying after Valvrave. It can't be topped.

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Valverave was a fucking trainwreck that made absolutely no sense and was full of plotholes.
Did you forget about the fucking Dyson spheres?

It was a complete disaster but my God it was so much fucking fun to watch with Sup Forums. I will never forget it.

Valvrave made perfect sense. Strip away the eccentric twists and lore and the story is linear as fuck.

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VVV is 2ch's most hated anime and one of the worst rated anime on NicoNico, its awfulness reached legendary status at this point.

Why does /m/ hate every mecha anime I like?

Code Geass
Aldnoah Zero

They only discuss anime made 30 years ago.

Because all of those are bad and you should feel bad for having shit taste.

At least you're not me and be the only person in the world who loved Captain Earth

30 years ao was the height of mecha's popularity, so it make sense.

Mecha anime won't be ever saved until they dedicate a whole series to Shu Shirakawa.


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>what is Symphogear

Mecha is an inherently silly and childish genre.

Darling in the Fran is just shit.

aldnoah zero killed mecha anime forever

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Jaded, prickly faggots. That about sums it up.

The only reason it still exists is that Big Robots are an unmistakeable part of Japanese Culture. It's an instant drop for me.

>an entire genre made to sell toys
>fat losers fall for the consumerist shilling and buy overpriced plastic year after year


It needs a Star Wars-like revival. Even if it goes the Star Wars: The Last Jedi route

Make garbage movies that pander hard to feminists and people keep seeing because it has an overpowered female protagonist and STAR WARS slapped on it?

But that's wrong.

Anyway Code Guess is shit, IBO is mostly okay. Didn't see the rest.

When it comes to Gundam, they should probably return to longer runnning series for more chances at developing story and characters. Too much focus on gimmmicks and toys will likely make the "Build" series the only future for Gundam

>Too much focus on gimmmicks and toys will likely make the "Build" series the only future for Gundam
I'd be fine with that 2bh

Wont lie, there are cool mechs coming from the "Build" series, and panders to our desire in all of us to have our own custom Gundam.

Story wise.... well i wont go there.

>IBO is mostly okay

IBO is irredeemably shit and got hated so much the staff started acknowledging the hate for it in interviews which almost never happens.

They still do that, they only failed at it recently with IBO.

Implying AGE wasnt a failure?

AGE was ages ago.
We might get another attempt in 2019. Hopefully they do better.

It's about time we had a female Gundam protagonist and a black male love interest.

Mecha was never really a thing unless you're talking about automatons like the tachikomas from gits

>super robot
Basically giant steel superheroes
>real robot
Basically planes or tanks with legs

Real robot never works outside of science fiction, which struggles to explain why giant superhero shaped machines are more practical over conventional ships and tanks. Super robot became a finalized product in the 1970s and everything else just imitates that to some degree.
The 'state' of mecha today is mecha musumes or tits and ass like Valvrave or Godonnar to get people to pay attention. sad, but true

Sunrise just need to give the next Gundam series to the team behind Cross Ange .

I've got a new genre idea for you:
Loli mecha
Next million dollar idea otaku would be stupid to throw money at.

we got nearly close of that with super robot girls z, and yet that shit's niche as fuck


What if I like mecha but have never bought any merchandise from it?