ReLIFE 222

I don't want this to end.

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Is it the last chapter?
Good run, congratz to the author

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Yeah, last one.

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Old habits die hard

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Thank god for no drama at the end.

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Oh well. Thanks user for the dump.
It was a nice read on average and Christmas Cake Hishiron was a divine blessing.

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OVAs when?

chill user im not done yet.

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bump. Thanks for the dump OP

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Oh well. Thanks user for the dump.
It was a nice read on average and Christmas Cake Hishiron was a divine blessing.

See you next report.

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Wait, you just copied my message?

Hishiro's smile has fully returned

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Really enjoyed this series, gonna truly miss it. While the ending seemed abit abrupt, thank fuck it didn't follow the trend of shitty open endings.

>people enjoy trash like this

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Yeah, needed a little more time to flesh things out but had a good time reading the series regardless.

no need to be here

go back to whatever shithole you came from faggot

>See you next report.

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>people defend trash like this

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no, we just don't like you


Now I want a sequel with kaizaki and the neet brother

Hard to believe it's finally over.

over all, I really enjoyed this series.

Hopefully the OVA's will be decent even though that's unlikely.

Still makes me think there was enough material for another full season.

Yeah, glad it didn't end like the movie.

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>misrepresenting replies
see (you)rself out

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are you brain dead user?

I don't like myself, but that doesn't change the fact you people read terrible series

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is the movie worth watching? Hoshiron looks too young to be a cake.

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>I don't like myself
so you want to make yourself feel better by trashing on other's tastes? here's your last you, if you have any common sense then don't ruin the thread about the last chapter of a series

>a sequel with the neet brother
>he falls in love with one of the student
>it's a gyaru

>we're not married, yet.

>tfw no christmas cake social retard gf

>I'm leaving you



Good ending.

Kaizaki and Hishiro regain their memories and hook up, and Kaizaki's ReLIFE experience comes full circle.

Anything else would've just been fluff.

I must say that ending was quite underwhelming. 221 was alot better.

Silence monkeys

>the last chapter of a series
How lucky I am

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This hurts a bit more than it should.

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There should be an epilogue with kaizaki and hishiro married

I'd ReLIFE college if I could. Blogposting aside, this was a fun story to keep up with and I think this ending was wonderful. Now to deal with the empty feeling that comes after finishing a series

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The movie at least skip some of Ohga/Kariu's drama, but overall it's not worth it.

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I've never had a point in my life I could ReLIFE into. It has been a mess straight from the beginning.

That'd be nice.

that said with Oga's brother now doing Relife, what are the odds down the line, Oga and Kariu eventually remember Kaizaki being in their class?

Kaizaki & Hishiro/Yoake & An double wedding when?

make that a triple wedding with Oga/Kariu.

I doubt they'd ever meet again like that, but they can be friends again after graduation

>would do ReLIFE
>remember I live in the US and it's 2018

I don't know if I could put up with teenagers these days.

>tfw you relate to Hishiro because even if you got the opportunity nothing would change

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It was a fun run anons.

post your rare hishiros

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that reminds me, what the fuck is up with the school uniforms shoes, why are they sandals with black socks worn with?

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the sandals are the uniform's indoor shoes and Hishiro happens to wear black socks.

Yeah after all they wen through they showed too little of their relationship.

Remind me of when the OVA's are coming

>triple wedding with two couples you didn't even know, with one of the guy looks shady as fuck

I mean why sandals though?

a lot of time when watching or reading the series, it just doesn't look safe at all.


>Hishiro finally changed when Kaizaki's involved
Just grab some random girl to do ReLife with you user. I'm sure you'll change somehow.

Man, I missed Rena.

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god i wish i could form a meaningful relationship that turns to genuine love.

I'd so fucking ReLife if I could, even if I bloody hated school.

out problems are different, we are just too self aware

I unironically loved her character.

yeah she was a hassle a lot of the time but in the end, i think she did actually grow.

to make it easier to clean?
since they are indoor
just my guess

Man I enjoyed reading this so much. It hurts to see it end.

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