Hiyoko realizes she's the daughter of a shadow goddess with hidden powers right before the Red Horde kills her and...

>Hiyoko realizes she's the daughter of a shadow goddess with hidden powers right before the Red Horde kills her and swallows humanity
Remind me how this bullshit isn't deus ex machina?

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Because the minor goddesses make it a harem. I mean, the jokes are pretty lame and punny but overall the fan service saves it from itself.

I mean, a yuri harem I can get behind.

Not as bad as O MY SILVER AXE

>loses his eye
>gets his brother in jail
>tortured for a year
>sees his friends die
>loses his business
>has to give up the girl he loves for her to be safe
Being Goro is suffering.

>not bear panties
fucking DROPPED

Bunny panties are cuter anyway

Punished Goro going postal on the entire demon realm for all the shit they have done to him is going to be a sick arc.

No panties is best

Don't mind me, just posting best girl

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*best washboard

>Saefags exist still
Didn't you guys get BTFO when Hiyoko won the shipwar?

Shit taste
I'm posting the real best girl (boy)

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Come on, she's fucking ugly

What are you, a speed watcher?

Harry Mendez died in the latest issue
Why does LoFaChi hurt me so much?

>You will become worse than the God Machine if you kill him
>Fuck off, he isn't even human
>*Kills him*
>*Becomes cyborg*
>Protagonist is next God Machine
>A new season is announced

The ending to New World-God Machine was so fucking cliche, holy shit

Second season when?

Your waifu is shit

do you think that ending shot in the last episode was cyberia reference?

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Definitely. It's obviously intentional, there's no reason for them to arrange things like they did if they aren't referencing cyberia

Why do boys make the best girls?

Yeah sure the action scenes were cool but can anyone explain what the rabbit at the bar was all about?

Is Takada a hack?

Fucking Ruifags. What the fuck do you expect to happen when your o so righteous werewolf pisses off the yazuka?

He knows how to make good characters but his plots are all over the place

It was meant to show Sae sinking into a more insane mentality. The rabbit wasn't actually at the bar, Sae just saw it there and accepted it as reality for no reason.

>pisses off the yakuza
Rui did nothing wrong in killing that yakuza's stupid foreign whore. Josephine had it coming

A character's main power is plot armor. Let the stupidity commence

Gaijin-kun going back to America is the perfect ending, I think.

4koma is still better though.

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Trips confirm!

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Just caught up to the show. Should I follow up with the light novel or the manga?

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The manga doesn't really add anything, though the LN has a lot of additional character development as well as 3 volumes not covered by the anime yet. Or you could just wait for season 2

I still can't believe she fucking died



>implying takada won't find some way to bring her back
Sae x Goro is endgame

He was a shit character anyways. Glad he's finally dead