I'm still mad

I'm still mad.

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I am too. Fuck you Sup Forums for forcing me to watch this garbage.

Dont even know what that is that generic anime face could be anyone

Me to, only made it through the first episode of this shit.

>he doesn't know the most famous scene in anime history
Lurk more.

>[Rem: Say “I love you”…]
>Rem spilled these words out with a faint, frail voice while looking up at Subaru.
>In her vision which had become blurred by the swell of tears that gushed up, she saw Subaru shake his head. After that, Subaru brought his face close to her and said,
>[Subaru: I love you(suki da)]
>[Subaru: I love you(daisuki da). Isn’t that obvious…If you aren’t with me, I can’t live on…]
>It was his true feelings. If you were to say that this was when he spilled everything out, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration and would be an accurate statement. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t come this far. >If she were to disappear, he would not be able to live on.
>[Rem: Ahhh…I’m happy…]
>Accepting Subaru’s confession, Rem felt a tear alongside her closed eyes. Taking in Subaru’s words happily, her face quickly blushed. Soon after, it now really did seem that all power within her body had departed.
>[Subaru: Wait…]
>[Rem: I love you(aishiteimasu), Subaru-kun]
>[Subaru:Don’t fuck with me, stay by my side. You’re going to leave me with regrets again!?]
>Subaru could not bear to live in a near future where Rem would cease to exist. Along with knowing this fact since long ago, her existence still has become sooo much more important to him, compared to long ago. So,
>[Subaru: In the future where I talk while smiling, I need you…I don’t want this]
>[Rem: In that future, is it okay if I stay by your side?]
>[Subaru: ….Isn’t the answer obvious? I won’t let you go to anyone else’s side.]
>Wiping off her tears that were suspended on her eyelids, Subaru looked straight at Rem and said:
>[Subaru: You are mine. I won’t let anyone have you.]
>[Rem: Proposal accepted!]
>[Subaru: Heh?]
be mad about how the anime cut this scene out even though it was in the LN

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>be mad about how the anime cut this scene out even though it was in the LN
I'd rather be mad about the LN ruining scenes later on, and turning them into hollow shells of their former selves. I don't even believe Subaru anymore when he claims Rem is the only one he's willing to show his weakness to.

The WN gave me reason to believe that was an actual part of his character. In the LN, he says it without anything to truly back it up as far as I'm concerned.

is this anime worth watching? the rem thing has put me off trying it since i dont enjoy tragedies desu

the anime changes make me mad, the LN changes make me enraged

>I don't even believe Subaru anymore when he claims Rem is the only one he's willing to show his weakness to
I've surprised that they even left that bit in.

Its way more worth to read it because the anime adaption is pretty shit tier tbqh but if you don't like suffering, tragedy, or something along those lines getting into it is kind of hard and your time will be better spent else where.

elaborate on the "rem thing", if you are talking about how she gets rejected then literally . In the novels she wasn't supposed to be rejected but they changed it so she was and that's why you shouldn't watch it.

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>i dont enjoy tragedies
Theres a shitload of "bad end" in this anime. There is "good end", but the ratio is like 5/1.

>I've surprised that they even left that bit in.
It doesn't even make sense to me anymore. Lots of scenes don't make sense to me anymore. It's like the editing was done without concern for how the whole story fits together and how it builds up the characterization. For instance, the thing about Betty remembering Rem. In the LN, that fact never comes up naturally. Subaru doesn't ask or prod her about it, which reduces his and Betty's there to some cheap half-assed version, and you'd think they'd just cut the fact that Betty remembers her because it doesn't come up later. And really only exists to heighten the emotional charge of Subaru in that Betty scene.

Yet the fact that she remembers Rem is left in as part of some offhand line, where it really serves no purpose at all.

Then there's the fact that the contract made with Roswaal, the one between him and Subaru, isn't shown when it would be perfect to increase the tension and present the idea that there were real stakes. Instead it just pops up later, when it's necessary to people trusting Roswaal. Even the Chinese were calling that out as kind of bullshit.

There is nothing wrong with re:zero and the only reason Sup Forums hates it is because it got popular

me too, why would he fucking forgive rem? she killed, you bloody bastard, several times

I seriously believe Tappei isn't behind those changes, no writer would suddenly drop character development that was slowly being built up in Arc 3. He particularly wouldn't drop the whole Rem/Subaru romance thing like the LN did because of how simply popular those scenes were, he would be proud of how much impact those scenes were to the audience.

I still can't wrap my mind around the whole Ram/Roswaal/Puck thing.

>If we're going back to the topic of who Subaru's giving his thanks to, there is unmistakably no one who saved Subaru as much as Rem.
>Her intense love and devotion mended Subaru's broken spirit, and restored his will to stand up and challenge fate.
>If she hadn't been there then, Subaru would not be standing here now. Without her presence, he never would have escaped from the hell called surrender. When Subaru was most in suffering, in pain, and hopeless, Rem was the one who stood with him and supported him.
>Was it truly so strange that Subaru felt intense love for this girl?

I'm just surprised by all this shit. I get the feeling that the Puck thing was part of a deliberate effort to completely change Puck's image among the fanbase into something more favorable, so he'd no longer be Puck-shit to them. Though I'm stealing that impression partly from 5ch. Some of the character changes just irk me more. Now only Otto is the victim of incidental Rem-rage, because LN Subaru suddenly becomes a much calmer person than he was in previous volumes. Otto doesn't deserve that shit.

Things that were distinct elements of Subaru's personality were just dropped for "reasons", yet some lines almost pretend that they weren't dropped. I simply can't process him as the same obnoxious buffoon that I came to like.

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>best girl dodged a bullet of getting stuck with Yuji Everylead

Oh no, the tragedy

That Bitch Fukcing Killed Subaru
those are the things you never forget

>After all, he’d undergone wounds to his spirit that could very well have made him unable to look Rem in the eye again.
>Subaru gazed at Rem intently.
>She had short blue hair. Her face was more the “lovely” than “pretty” type. At first, he thought she showed little emotion on her face, but she was coming around on that bit by bit. He wasn’t afraid of her. He wasn’t afraid of her at all.
>There was a Rem who had made Subaru loop more than once, but here was a Rem happy from the bottom of her heart that he had come back alive. It was all by chance.

You and I are not Subaru though.
>those are the things you never forget
pic related

>He tried instantly to call out her name, but his parched tongue wouldn’t immediately form the sounds. His consciousness whirled in the air as the welling emotions weighed upon his chest enough to crush it.
>Biting his tongue in his impatience, Subaru’s lips quivered as he spoke the girl’s name.
>The word was formed so softly within his mouth and was so faint and halting, he didn’t know if it reached her. Concerned she hadn’t heard it, he breathed in to immediately speak her name again.
>“—Yes, I am Rem.”
>And yet, a reply came. A moment before he repeated her name, the girl—Rem—smiled in response to Subaru’s clumsy address.
>He had called out to Rem, and she had answered.
>“Rem, Rem…Rem.”
>Rem raised her eyebrows, looking conflicted at hearing her name so many times.
>Subaru, too, thought it was strange and bizarre. Yet even knowing this, he couldn’t stop the word from pouring out.
>He’d called her name, and Rem had answered, right before his eyes. That was enough to make him happy. After she died so brutally, he was happy just to have her before his eyes again. He had never been that happy in his life.

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Those are good scenes.

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>Elsa's English VA is also Mio's English VA
that's quite something

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I liked it

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She was perfectly justified. She has some weird ability that may have been bestowed upon her by the Lust Archbishop that allows her to smell Witch-cult shit. Subaru had as much fragrance as your average Archbishop, the highest ranking members of the cult. She was completely justified, in fact she would be praised for slaying an individual like that. Barring personal circumstances aside, I'm quite surprised that she tolerated his existence that long in that loop. She clearly didn't judge on his scent but rather his character, and in those 2 loops he was extremely suspicious. But you know, leave it to Emiliafags to parrot this fact over and over even though it was disproven many times.

Is it hot?

English dub comes out this summer

Is there a single bad Rem/Subaru scene?

>Everything, all of it, from start to finish, was Subaru's fault. And so with that final balance sheet of weakness, Subaru needed to scour away his own soul. —Is what he had thought, and still.
>Subaru: “Is there anybody... that I saved?”
>Rem: “Subaru-kun.”
>Subaru: “If worlds continue after I die, then how many times, places, people... did I leave everyone to die?”
>Rem: “Subaru-kun.”
>Subaru: “How many times did I let you die? How many times do I... need to kill you?”
>Rem: “—Subaru-kun.”
>With dread trembling up from the core of his body, Subaru rapidly confesses his sins. Spit them all out, and immediately, hopefully get his pronouncement. Before he could wrack his own mind to nothing, he desired that someone, nearby, sentence him. He desired that someone smack this colossal idiot—who while pledging to no longer make mistakes, had tread down the wrong path on their very first step—and let them know what a hopeless moron they were.
>Rem: “—”
>—But what the punishment-seeking Subaru receives, is a kind, enveloping embrace.
>Subaru: “Re, hm.”
>Rem: “Everything is okay. You're okay, Subaru-kun.”
>Subaru: “But, noth... nothing is, okay...”
>Subaru had accomplished absolutely nothing. There were many people who would go unsaved if Subaru didn't rescue them. There were many people who would meet horrific ends. And Rem too, was someone Subaru needed to save. She was entirely qualified to lambaste the eternally inadequate, insufficient, weak Natsuki Subaru.
>Subaru: “You should... at me...!”
>Rem: “—I love you.”
>She meets her forehead to his, and simply, whispers her love.
>Subaru: “—”
>No words will exit him. There is nothing he can say now.
>So near, as those blue eyes gaze entirely straight at Subaru. He could drown in the depths of the mercy in those eyes.
Every single time I read it I at least tear up.

>Is there a single bad Rem/Subaru scene?
Only in the LN.

those don't exist, don't remind me

You asked the question.

I know right?

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