Why is she so beautiful, is she the prime example of natural beauty among magic gods?

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>you will never see NT9 animated and you will die long before the manga reaches there

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I wonder how animeonlys would react to NT9

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Onthi-tan a cute and deserves the Touma bowl

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Touma is gonna get BLACKED

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I'm too hypnotized by her beauty to comprehend.

I bet she smells godly.


Why are dragonball shitters allowed to wojak but we arent?

Because mods don’t bother with shit

Of course she does. Touma was being tortured and admitted it

Wojak is lame - that's why

It is exactly that reason its a shithole and no one cares about it.

Othi-chan a beauty, A BEAUTY!

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Do one with her bikini

Mugino a shitbanana

Mugino is wonderful!

Mugino a shitbanana

At smelling like shit

Mugino a perfect wife

Mugino is sociopathicshit!

Silvia is ____

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Stop projecting, Mikoto.


How good is Othinus at oral?

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Let's guess the ip count at 500 posts. 48 here.

Mikoto doesn't give two shits about Mugino. Not enough to even give her a second thought.

Hime.. uh, Him.. H-Himegi? Damnit, forgot!


The same number of shits Touma gives to Mikoto.

Nobody does, honestly. Just waiting for Hamazura to finish the job and end her existence.

nt16 especially

Mugino dies by the end of NT. I guarantee it.

Gib mega for novels please

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What is a Raildex with the greatest character development?

Can someone loan me their Birdway for a second? I promise I won't do anything bad to it.

Othinus is shit, ans she blows old hanged men for magic. OHOHOHO.

I wonder who could be behind this post?

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I liked when she got nervous when Touma said he was about to google her.

Just because you posted that frog, I'll say nein.

But Mugino is a banana, of course Mikoto cares about her. She can barely manage to restrain her urge to gobble Muguano whole every time they're close to each other.


>she blows old hanged men for magic
So, Touma?

Chimera is the most beautiful

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And this, faggots and gentlemen, is how memes are born! Say bravo to the user!


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Touma is drowned, not hanged. Get your symbolism straight.

>Some clearly cornered Kamijou Touma and attempted to crush him. Strange false accusations were forced onto him and a noose was put around his neck. He was stranded on a mountain with some acquaintances and he was forced to distribute his flesh to the others so they could survive until rescue arrived. He was lying unable to move on a hospital bed and was simply stuck like that all the way to his funeral. He was buried in humus and began to decompose while still alive, starting with the ends of the arms and legs. Earth was rendered unlivable and he was thrown into outer space to wander aimlessly in a capsule-like spaceship. As a puny human, he was destroyed by a giant robot or an asteroid.
>Strange false accusations were forced onto him and a noose was put around his neck.

no shit girls allowed

Reminder that no other Raildex girl can compete with best girl Mugino!

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That's all this thread has so far.

>Girl a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Girl a best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>this non canon character is #6
>Kamachi a hack
>I want Mugino and Accelerator to die
>argument about Touma
>argument spun off from "girl a shit/best" or "Mugino and Accelerator must die"
>hurr boogeyman
>hurr absolute state of railmonkeys

There. Shitposting out of the way


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It's a well known fact that Raildex girls, even boys (except Kakine) and not limited to the universe's dog shit are better than Mugino.

I want Accel and Mugino to start a family together!

Is it possible to reach comfy levels like that?
Or should I just kill myself


Mugino is too crazy for Accelerator

Accelerator is too crazy for Mugino

Mikoto a shit

Crazy x Crazy is cute!

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Reminder that Accelerator will get that family he always wanted and a happy ending

A major friendly reminder that Othinus saw Touma dick, Misaka didn't.

>pitting your puny text against the might of GO quads
Aleister is disappoint.


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I'm not pitting against anything, just some text to back up my post.


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So you finally got that ha-

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Friendly reminder that Mugino is best girl and Kamachi knows it, which is why she'll get a happy ending!

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fuck you


Is Kanzaki thirsting some Itsuwa pussy?

>get is a crossboard meme

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Holy shit what a waste.

>Double Satan

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>devil laughing about dead accel with his dead last order
Whats wrong here?


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There's your Accel end, faggots.


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Jesus christ, this is unironically the worst thread in Sup Forums right now. Even DBS spics have a more respectable thread than this. How does this make you feel?

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Better than having a dead anime, KFags.

Ugly and shit.

Holy Saten sextuplets, what's going on with all the gets on this thread? Also, I can't believe Accel and Didikong are dead!

Does this mean we're getting an accel end soon?

>double Satan
Well at least you should be countered by Double Jesus because Jesus > Satan

We're harnessing meme magick, furryfag

Should we expect other unexpected character like 5.1 in the mobage?
I'd like Gunha but he doesnt has a fanbase as huge as Mikoto

No it means someone posted a fanart on Sup Forums.

Literally the perfect get.
Cant be meme magic if satan is talking about happy things

>Coronzon kills LO and Accel

and that Accel is going to die a horrible death soon

No, it does not. What WILL mean Accelerator dies a horrible death soon is novel spoilers revealing it

The absolute state of Sup Forums right now.

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Thor if he gets a Misaka costume when it releases