Why do people here say Made In Abyss is Reddit? I found it pretty good

Why do people here say Made In Abyss is Reddit? I found it pretty good

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It's pretty good.
But it's gotten really popular so people are getting sick of seeing it constantly.
And people who are just now watching it and realizing it are surely casual viewers who watch it cause it got recommended to them.

it's gotten more popular than we predicted

Because when things become popular, there are retarded people that stop enjoying things because a lot of people like it because they are hermits and think that everything society likes is cancer, because he thinks of himself is "better" than the rest.

It's more of the people it attracts.

Because it got popular, therefore it is entry level, therefore reddit

>Why do people here say X?

As someone who has browsed this site for well over a decade now, I can confidently say that Sup Forums is, or at least has become a terrible place to discuss anime and you should never believe what anyone says about anything, ever.

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First episode is a pretty good hook, I'm glad I missed it and can watch it all in one go now.

When a manga is adapted into an anime, and that anime becomes popular enough that the threads about it are flooded with people who obviously have never posted on this website before, that's when it's typically considered reddit.

Anyone who uses Reddit/normalfags in place of an argument should never be given (you)s

Oh, that makes sense. Jojo is the biggest example of this


Anyone who uses Reddit/normalfags in place of an argument should always be given (you)s

I think there is something wrong with Sup Forums, I keep seeing duplicate posts.

Of course Sup Forums loves it,it's even translated here and we have MiA threads almost everyday,but nowadays it also loved and known everywhere else which means MiA no longer some cool underground series which only Sup Forums discusses,now it's decently popular anime/manga,so obviously things like "Reddit tier anime" would occur more,where do you think we are user?

Anything shilled by ironic weebs on youtube gets popular

Exactly like Jojo. Before the anime, Made in Abyss was an obscure manga, something that no person within the growing contingent of "mainstream" anime watchers would've ever heard of, even if they're avid manga connoisseurs. Then all of the sudden, an anime adaptation of high quality appears, and a ton of people suddenly pop out of the woodwork asking stupid questions because they just finished speedreading the manga.

Same thing with Devilman. Casual entertainment hipster crowd had never heard of it before Netflix picked up Crybaby. Manga was barely discussed, even on Sup Forums. Now you go on any anime forum and there are fuckheads circljerking about how they're "oh so happy it finally got adapted properly" and that they're, "long time fans."

It's the fate of all genuinely good intellectual properties really. Back in the early 2000s, before Sup Forums, I remember people freaking out when Naruto started airing on Toonami because for the western anime fans of the time you were considered a genuine hobbyist if you knew about it. Now it's considered entry level.

All I know is hate and whiskey.

It's popular and Sup Forums likes it. Kind of a rare case but that's really it.

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>oh so happy it finally got adapted properly
I liked Crybaby but it was not a good adaptation of the manga. The OVA's are as close to perfection as we're ever going to get.

>Now you go on any anime forum and there are fuckheads circljerking about how they're "oh so happy it finally got adapted properly" and that they're, "long time fans."
I hate people who say that stuff. It's like a famous person dying "and suddenly everyone was a huge fan". Well of course if nothing regarding Devilman happends not a lot of people are gonna talk about it. The fact that long time fans of the manga suddenly showed up out of nowhere doesn't mean people pretend to be long time fans. Long time fans finally get new Devilman content and shit to talk about.

The OVAs are far from perfection. Aside from the Silen fight, that was absolutely amazing.

Judging by the threads I'd say it's /trash/ with all the nanachi/faputa fuckers

Because of
>It’s so dark lmao XD

It's a good show but they really didn't need the sexual overtones. The characters are like 8 years old and the punishment for acting out in school is naked bondage? And they show Riko with no clothes on several times for no reason. 99% chance the author is an actual pedophile. Good thing he can create a highly compelling world and very likable characters because the weird aspects of the show definitely stuck out for me and would've actually just ruined the whole thing if the core plot wasn't so good. And no I'm not a female who was offended, I'm an adult male who doesn't find 8 year olds attractive and has trouble understanding why an author would try so goddamn hard to sexualize the children in his show. It definitely did not feel ironic. It was actually just the author was trying to shove his pedo agenda down our throat for no reason.

I don't think we are in the era for a proper Devilman adaptation anymore. The hard 90's style of anime was perfect for it and now it's gone.

It's good and that means normies have clamped onto it and are unbelievably annoying about it. Just like JoJo and every other popular thing it's run into the ground by normies.
I still like it though, not going to let them ruin it for me.

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why do you even care about what normies and youtubers think?
Fuck, why do you know about them liking Made in Abyss in the first place.

Did you actually copypaste this from reddit?

No I didn't you pedophile apologist. I'm used to seeing bizarre sexual stuff in anime and I'm used to it, but I've gotten tired of when they try to do it to kids. Just, naked bondage? How can you defend that? It's a retarded plot device, literally only exists so the pedo author can show you naked kids. If you enjoy that, your as sick as any mentally deranged person you abhor.

Then how can I believe this post?

got too popular, now we have to shit talk it
franxx is going the same way
honestly just stick to loli anime, the lewder the better, those will never get mainstream appeal which is death to your Sup Forumsnime cred

How American are you if a naked cartoon child surprises you this much? Never read any comics from France, you'll have a heart attack.

>you can’t tolerate nudity without enjoying it
want to know how i know you’re american

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Hold it!
I'm an American and I enjoyed it

It’s been shilled by Youtubers a lot but it’s still far from Reddit tier for popularity.

but made in abyss is full of loli and /d/ level fetishes, it almost amazes me how it got so popular

since when was Sup Forums so afraid of loli?

That’s what keeps it from being entry level, so hopefully it will remain far from MHA or JoJo popularity

La creatura

Neo-Sup Forums. Also all the redditors, youtubers, and normalfags that come here to discuss the show, or complain about the "pedophilia".

Since not mentally ill people began to enjoy anime

>casual viewers

I don't know about that, I met a lot of normies who were turned off by like the two instances of nudity in the show.

then stop watching anime made by mentally ill people

Only normalfags say normies, because they're too sensitive to say the fag half.

Ignoring the problem won't solve it

there isn't a problem, not everything needs to be made for you

Why not?
There is a place made exclusively for people like you it's called jail



You will be right at home in a true sanitized hugfest.

you need to go back

>Sends me to reddit
>Users reddit spacing
I don't want to visit your hometown, you hypocrite fuck

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Yes and then lets have no standards for post quality here. Let's welcome all of these offended faggots redditards like europe welcomes immigrants and accept them as our own.

The anime adaptation's popularity really. Talk about anything that happened in the manga after the point where the anime ended and anime-only redditors will out themselves.

What toy do you guys think Nanachi got in her Burger King meal?

Honest question, is there anything that isn't reddit these days?

I want Riko to use me as a toilet

>Amerimutt complaining about europe immigration
La creatura

It looked kind of shit, but I may skim through it for the loli lewds after reading this thread.

You are the reason why anime community have bad reputation

why give a shit about the reputation


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>Why is Sup Forums hate [popular anime on Sup Forums] ?
>Why do people here say [popular anime on Sup Forums] is Reddit?

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This is why anime nowadays is so shit and mundane
People like you only care about muh moeshit, muh lolis and muh lewds
Fucking subhuman apes

Do you even know where you are? This is an anonymous forum, why would anyone want to care about reputation? This is why people come here, to express themselves freely without sensitive fucks like you smearing their shit all over. Go and stay go.

Its Sup Forums and Reddit, 2 sides of the same Autism

I find it to be pretty good, maybe it's time to find a new hobby user

This. As someone else who has browsed this website for a decade+ as well, Sup Forums and various other boards have become truly awful places to discuss things following the reddit scare. People hating things because they're popular has been a thing since forever, but now it's just powerfully easy to dismiss anything that gains traction outside of Sup Forums despite having popularity on Sup Forums previously as "reddit". There's always that one fag who says "hurrrr it was just as bad back in the day" but it really wasn't.

Made in Abyss is fine. To get specific, when people say "[x] is reddit," it's because although the source material itself is still enjoyable, the community/fanbase around it has swelled to the point where Sup Forums receives visitors from other and usually less-desirable (even in comparison to modern Sup Forums) internet communities who don't actually lurk before fucking posting and instead expect Sup Forums to behave exactly like their community. There are also bad apples/depressives around here who just want to see it all burn, as well, and just make the situation worse. There's a lot behind this topic, but if you like the show, you shouldn't let a bunch of cock-gobblers tell you that it's bad because of "reddit."

Bad taste as expected from a degenerated brainlet like you
Animation is an art and have to be seen as such
You see animation as plain and vulgar porn instead


>This is why people come here, to express themselves freely without sensitive fucks like you smearing his shit all over.
You are doing exactly what you are complaining of
I expresed myself and you are smering you shit all over me

If the show isn’t a CGDCT or an all-girl show, don’t browse the threads. You have now avoided 95% of shitposting and low quality posters on Sup Forums.

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This what watching that shit do to you
Become an effeminate queer that's scared from some trifling shitposting boogeyman

This. No matter how normie it is going to become I will always value it for its lewdness.

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Because Reddit is biased towards it, even unironically voting it as one of the best anime ever made, which is just ridiculous. I like this anime, but it's far from a masterpiece.

>enjoying the studio and waifu wars, repetitive and forced memes, salesfaggotry, and other assine behaviours in FranXX of other shouen threads
This isn’t Sup Forums. I actually enjoy talking about anime that I like, and prefer if most of the thread isn’t shitposting.

Ok, tell me what you consider a masterpiece
Go ahead I'm not going to criticize you shit tate too much
>Inb4 kemono friends

girls last tour

Don't reply to me ever again

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salty Kemonofags and general contrarian Sup Forums

Boy knows whats good. That was AOTY for me (Not counting Rakugo s2)

Shitposting is what gives this place it's flavor, that's why I like this page so much
For autism and condescending over politeness you got reddit

It's a good show and a good manga who gives a shit if it's popular in other anime communities. Reddit fucking loves steins;gate and everyone here rubs themselves raw over it too. Woopty do.
Anyway not to be overly rude or judgemental. Some people put too much stock in others' opinions. At least you can put it on your 3x3 and not get laughed at like Fate fans.

It's a masterpiece in it's own right.

Surely, we can both agree that Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion (the original, not the new trash version), Ghost in the Shell (both the series and the Standalone Complex) are masterpieces. And yet they are all very different frome ach other in why they are masterpieces.

MiA is a masterpiece because it is the first mainstream accepted shota/loli anime. That alone is sufficient.

But that's not all: It has one of the best soundtracks of all anime ever.
It has original characters (not just your standard anime gurl with a toast in her mouth in school uniform, etc).
It has a *drive* behind the story (the mystery of the Abyss) that is not just a Deus Ex Machina item like the "One Piece" or "Dragonballs". The Abyss is more complex than just an item, it is alive and literally shapes and continuously influences the whole story. The One Piece doesn't. It's just a goal. And the Dragonballs only do for a short time (and are the literal definition of a Deus Ex Machina).
Then there's the fucked up factor you only get from materpieces: NGE has it, DN has it, GITS has it. You can't have a masterpiece without some mindfuck.
Then most importantly there's the mystery. Everyone loves mystery. You have it with NGE and the whole Seele/Rei/Second Impact/Lilith and the angels. Though if you are versed in Judaism/Christianity it's not so much a mystery.
Then in DN the whole anime is a mystery thriller thing.
In GITS you literally have a detective story.
In MiA you want to know who and what are the white whistles. What's up with the village, who is Reg, why doesn't he have his memories, is he a dog? Is Nanachi a boy or girl (though that's pretty obvious isn't it?). etc.

Go back.

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I had four French roomates 5 years. They acted like complete brainlets almost every day. At least the girl was a straight 9/10 and gave me huge titty hugs all the time. But she was the most mentally retarded out of all them unfortunately. Too stupid for my tastes. After that experience it's not a culture I respect.

Not him but I'd say something like Kaiba or Perfect Blue.

Didn't suggest they were smart. They sure as shit aren't smart.

>Is Nanachi a boy or girl (though that's pretty obvious isn't it?)
You missed the point


Which is ?

you mean shoujo shuumatsu ryokou, but you're right

is this a pasta?

It is intended to be ambiguous. If you write an essay about why it must be a boy or why it must be a girl, you are wasting your time because it's meant to be unknown, the uncertainty is a factor.

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Wrote it just now.

>MiA is a masterpiece because it is the first mainstream accepted shota/loli anime. That alone is sufficient.
are you saying that Sup Forums was right, and pedophilia is now being normalized and spread to the masses? because that is kind of what it sounds like

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Just autism

Why do so many people call Nanachi a girl? He uses male pronouns. He has a completely flat chest. He goes around topless, like Reg. He has obvious parallels to Reg, which he explicitly talked about. Every other girl in the series has been shown to have A) breasts and B) be referred to as a female. He uses masculine dialog (which the delusional waifufags who translate this have made no attempt to portray).
And really - the smoking gun is that Tsukushi was all coy about it in the first place. There are many girls already in the story - if attention is drawn to a girly characters gender and nothing is done to show that it's wrong, then it's pretty obvious what the implication is - See Maruruk, another girly boy character who shows Tsukushi's precedent for them.

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So this is how a pasta is born.

MiA is an anime. Pedophilia is the attraction to children, not drawings.