I love her so much

I love her so much

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Why do you love about her OP?

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We know Roy.

Roy, you're drunk. Go to sleep

Don't ESL post with Tomoyo.

I love how she has a tough personality yet she's actually nice and soft. I love how she always helps best boy because she wants a better country and how she supports him even after he loses his sight. I love the conflict she has with herself and the way she likes cute things like dogs even after all the terrible things she experienced.

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Congratulations user. I hope you have happiness with her.

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Fuck off Roy.

Who is this Saber clone then?

it's Sabers daughter from her time on the farm

>love a murder

whats wrong with you?

I feel bad that she got cucked by Roy. She's too good to suffer like that


That never happened user

Didn't the ending kinda imply that?

I wish there were more women like Riza, strong willed yet compassionate.

I think they didn't get together by the end for military reasons or something like that, but I don't remember Mustang having another girl at all

Theyre both too professional to violate regulations. After one of them leaves the military, they will fuck like rabbits

Yeah by cucked I meant shut her down


Planning to watch the two FMA (animated) movies, are they good?

Riza existed before Saber.

No. They are both abominations for different reasons.

Literally WHAT? I know that they didn't get some big confession like Ed/Winry, but it was so easy to tell that they were in love with each other. He literally calls her his queen.

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Do you think Riza has a deep rooted fire fetish that she's ashamed of because of pic related?

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>they didn't get together by the end for military reasons
That's part of the reason Roy is trying to become Fuhrer, so he can get rid of that rule and make Hawkeye his wife.

Thanks for putting this idea into my head, now it'll never leave

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I keep telling that about Koe no Katachi yet they don't want to listen, people just want an obvious kiss scene

Didn't Arakawa even say they end up together? I mean I know death of the author and all but it did seem fairly obvious.

>death of the author
Wait, what

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To be fair, who doesn't have a fire fetish? It's so entrancing to just watch a flame writhing about, and fire's been such an integral part of human development for so long that I wouldn't be surprised if we were genetically programmed to find fire attractive in this fashion.

Some like it hot

It's just a literary term, she's not actually dead.

I probably don't understand it that well but my point is that it doesn't really matter what the author says happens to the characters since the work is itself complete and somewhat vague about how they end up.

This, it just needs to happen

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It's a figure of speech, man. It just means that you are only allowed to accept what's in the text, no word of god or fan canon allowed.

aka post-modern bullshit theory that was invented whenever a work wasn't able to be interpreted by "critical theory" and broken down as racist/bigoted/unprogressive if you paid any attention to the background of it

I figured out it was referring to that but I was worried for a second
user stop

wat. It's literally the literary equivalent of "pics or it didn't happen." It's very existence is to cut down on bullshit.

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Fuck off envy


>Arakawa said Risa never ends up dating Mustang because it would mean one of them would have to not be in the rmy anymore
I guess Mustang will keep dating som randos while Risa will marry an other Rando.
It makes me sad.

I've always loved this pic

Where'd she say this?

Uh, dude? I think you've got things mixed up.

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She didn't.

>After the conclusion of the series, we got many questions from fans that were asking "aren't the Colonel and the Lieutenant going to get married?"
>[I couldn't get them married because..] because of the Military regulations, if they get married they can no longer stay as the superior officer and [his] aid...."

They are in love, but won't get married due to their job. Not because they don't want to be together, or because Roy isn't into her.

>just finished FMA:B
>last 14-ish episodes take place over one fucking day
It really dragged in places. Was it really necessary?

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Still better than HxH

I want to see her in a image with Seras

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With rough lesbian sex

Fuck off.

Stop trying so hard, nobody is gonna change the file name of a google image just to stop triggering you