Where the hell do I start with Gundam

Where the hell do I start with Gundam

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The original.

Why would you want to?



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I had a guide but it's on an older hard drive.

Mobile Suit Gundam.

If you don't want to watch that, then watch the 3 part movie that "replaces it" Then go chronologically.

Seasons like 00, G, Build fighters, etc. are all "standalone" so you can watch them whenever. 00 is a personal favorite.

The designs are cool

00 is also my personal favorite, but starting with the original should do no wrong, it's still surprisingly good and might as well watch it while its fresh 'cause a lot of the other series mimics the crap out of it



as a fellow user who already went through this same shit the best you can do is: Either watch Gundamn 0079 or at least the compilation movies. Gundam 0079 is indeed a grind without nostalgia goggles but it is essential to understand Gundam as a series in general. Almost every Gundam anime will in one way or the other make reference the original because it all started there.

After you're done with 0079 you go straight to Zeta Gundam, possibly the most influential mecha anime ever made and the reason Evangelion is even a thing. Then you watch the Char's Counterattack movie and then jump straight to Gundam Unicorn. And this is really all you need since all the other Gundam series are either trash or just spin-off taking place in completely different time-lines. But after watching these you can watch SeeD, Wing, G and the rest of the trash in any order you want. It really doesn't matter.

1. Gundam 0079
2. Zeta Gundam
3. Char's Counterattack movie
4. Gundam Unicorn

first you gotta watch Seed

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I think you’re skipping something here between Zeta and CCA

There's no other anime between Zeta and CCA

Wing and G are the ones that all the 90's kids watched.

I’m almost positive there’s 47 episodes of something in between those two that should also be watched.

Start anywhere and go anywhere

My thoughts exactly. I just saw thunderbolt and it was good. It was also my first Gundam. Im gonna watch 00 next.


But Judau is probably the best UC protag.

The original, not only is it necessary it's one of the best in the franchise. If the original TV series is too much of an time investment for you or seems too QUALITY then the 3 compilation movies are a perfectly acceptable (some would argue superior) substitute.

Use this for aid.

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People still perpetuate this bait version?

The only real outstanding Gundam are 0079, 0080, and Turn A, and you need the former to provide the context for the latter two.

Everything else ranges from decent to mediocre, to just straight up bad, but a lot of them are still fun nonetheless.

Surprise surprise, start from the first.

Reverse production order from the middle to the start and then back to the middle and work your way to the end.

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>the 3 compilation movies are a perfectly acceptable substitute
No they aren't.

Disgraceful. Pay closer attention to his wording.

Yes they are. None of the "plot important" bits they leave out are actually important.

That is not bait.
This, however, is bait.

MSG is essentially the one time compilation movies are viable, though - mostly as a result of both the original production issues of MSG and Tomino's close involvement with the movies.

I will never understand the hatred Grecofags have for Turn A.

the original series
origins, not finished yet tho
any of the out of UC universe ones like 00
alot of people recommend 08th MS team aswell

I was playing along, I didn’t call it an anime

I don't care for G-Reco, but both smart fans and Asian gundam fans can realize "this shit almost killed the franchise". There is a reason SEED and Destiny are still loved in the far east to this day while Turn A was considered the sour one until Age.

0080 was mediocre contrary to what the snobs and Anime Abandon tout. 0083 did everything it tried to do and succeeded a thousand fold.

I'd say that's what OP should start with. There's are some good gundam show outside of those three, but they are the best Gundam has to offer.

What almost killed the franchise was a long string of AUs each less popular than their predecessor culminating with Gundam losing it's timeslot during X. The cancellation of X is truly the lowest point of the franchise from a commercial standpoint, Turn A was actually a mild success considering the state Gundam was in at the time. Your superficial reading of charts posted on /m/ and your obsession with what Asian fans think based on a handful of Amazon reviews or whatever doesn't mean shit.

>Turn A was actually a mild success considering the state Gundam was in at the time
Only when you ignore the fact X was given an extremely early timeslot, Turn A did much worse in sales and ratings on average. The idea of it being a quality gundam entry is mostly a North American meme because that is where most of that borefest was.

Can you explain how Zeta is supposed to be possibly the most influential mecha anime ever made? Because from my point of view it doesn't even come close to how important 0079 was.
And how is it the reason Evangelion is even a thing? Ideon has inspired plenty of elements in Evangelion, but Zeta? What am I missing here?

You know that Zeta has no end. ZZ is a direct continuation of Zeta. If he sees only Zeta will ficatr an incomplete story, with no end to some characters and villains. ZZ is not so bad, since episode 17 the series already improves. The ZZ Earth arc for me is one of the best of all Gundam series

I will never figure out how Judau got that tape in episode 19.

I don't understand people who say ZZ gets better in the second half.
At the beginning it was at least funny and doing new stuff. Then it just became a shittier version of Zeta. Were people actually invested by the time they reached the final episode?
The stuff involving Camille was good though.

I know I was

Yeah sure but those first 17 episodes are downright unbearable and it's not like the rest is that great either.

Somewhat out of date, but this should keep you pretty busy for awhile

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It was a mess imo. Stuff like the kids taking charge of the Argama and pic related turning into a madman sound cool and funny on paper but ZZ played it so straight that it felt odd.
Throughout the entire show people thought Judau was a newtype. At the beginning it was clearly a joke but then they became serious about it. It was terrible writing.

>trips with his mobile suit
>attack misses him
>"Damn he's a veteran!"
Early ZZ was FUN

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The one thing I liked about ZZ is how people at that point were downright eager to put any kid on a Gundam on hopes that he'll be a Newtype.


00 is shit. That second season ruined everything the first set up. And I don't mean the aliens, that was implied in the beginning. But the need to shoe horn the 'brother' and shitty mask guy. Then went full retard with obsession of improving mechs. Incredible wasted potential. So are other UC series. Fuck how haman died and the largerly off screen zeon coup, there was not enough in series/universe justification for fucking anyone to support the upstart, yet alone die for him, ruining the huge advantages haman had won them. I fucking love the setting, but so much bullshit makes it an overall 5/10 franchise instead of 8/10 or higher.

Turn A is the only good Gundam

Hopefully the OP has a sound enough mind to ignore these it's shit/it's not shit posts.

ZZ may be hated on, but holy fuck do you need to watch it. I hate the first 20~ episodes, but it totally comes back to how it should be. There are some things that are stupid (as there are in all gundam series, haman's death/coup, just how the fuck rasala died (a really, really shit episode), incompetence of zeon using cybers as frontline AND command troops) but there's events and technology you need to be aware of for CCA and on.

The idea that you can go from Zeta to CCA doesn't work, where/what happened to haman (the same goes for Char in CCA, just what the fuck did he do for 7 years to stay hidden).

ZZ starts rough, a really bad rough, but the core idea is sound, it's the presentation that is too stupid/on the nose. The audio is clearly using a far more comedic tone to set this up, but I feel it shouldn't have been done. This arc could have largely had the same beats (ship is fucked, hide in a neutral colony, zeon wants their ass, they run, some kids try to steal shit and sort of succeed but are bought out by bright because the ship is understaffed (additional staff could be weeks away) and the kids can get paid more than their current jobs).

The original 1979 show is the way to go. Yes, it has dated animation but the rest still holds up damn well today.

>SEED Destiny
>considered the best
Nice try.

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G-Reco is the only good anime ever made ever

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>dated animation
But that's the best part

Not OP, but I attempted to start the original. Does it take awhile to get good? I'm a few episodes in and its pretty dull, none of the characters seems very interesting

It is though

I watched ZZ last year after having already watched all of UC long before and I didn't miss ZZ back then and even after watching it my understanding of all UC after it barely changed. You absolutely can go from Zeta to CCA, all you need to know is that Haman dies in the meantime, that's it, literally nothing else of importance happens in the entirety of ZZ.

Actually yes. It only really starts getting unequivocally good to the point where pretty much everybody would like it like 30 episodes in.
The god like status only comes with the sequels and OVA side stories that build up the lore and characters across series

What I hate about the franchise is that no one starts to use genetics for anything until unicorn. Newtypes are a human subspecies, some genetic marker sets them apart. Wouldn't both sides just fucking test everyone? Or at least every newborn? They've been around for at least 40 years (that old guy in 0079 in one of the later episodes who joins kryilla, who dies that same episode), so there's got to be some way to identify them.

Sure DNA testing may not have been available in the 80s when much of the series was written, but it sure as hell should have been there in zeta/zz.

Wait for Ramba Ral.

I have actually watched the 100 episodes of that shitfest and its predecessor, I want my time back.

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Did you completely miss all the shit about Cyber Newtypes or something?

Anyman worth their salt watchs the entire thing

Watch only the original

The Dublin colony drop is huge and one of the setups for Char in CCA.

It also sets up why the Feds. act like they do in Unicorn and F91.

Sort of my point. If they can engineer/do something to a normal to fuck with their DNA, (to make them a flawed newtype) then they should be able to fucking screen the population/their own military. Instead of relying on experimental/willing test subjects. There shouldn't have been any fucking doubt about if they exist, both sides know they do (and create them). Simple fucking blood test should tell you who is and then put them through training to 'awaken'. Cybers are bad because unstable, locate the genuine ones.

ZZ was more enjoyable than Zeta from start to finish. Jewdough is fantastic.

>Newtypes are a human subspecies, some genetic marker sets them apart
Literally wrong. It's heavily implied across the franchise that "true" newtypes were a nigh spiritual thing. Also, you're ignoring that cyber newtype's DNA were heavily fucked with.

The M'quve death scene was very nice in the show

Is gundam X UC people? They talk about newtypes and shit, but doesn't explicitly call itself post UC, but does feel like the natural conclusion and bridge to turn A.

>this is the average Gundam fan

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>It also sets up why the Feds. act like they do in Unicorn and F91
How? I haven't seen Unicorn yet but it was only when I read some posts on /m/ that I understood what was going on in that regard in F91 and Victory. All the Feds do during the Dublin drop is chuckle to themselves because there will be less mouthes to feed which is presumably the result of those autistic zeek remnants dropping the colony on their bread basket in North America.

The original MSG is your answer OP. The 3 compliation movies if you have to blow thru. However, i would highly recommend the series.

Also, consider The Origin mangs. It's a damn fine retelling of the 0079 story. (With 3 volumes of backgrond info)

>There shouldn't have been any fucking doubt about if they exist, both sides know they do
True newtypes as defined by Zeon Deikun are very different than the killing machines the EF and people like Gihren were looking for.
Also newtypes aren't genetic

Unicorn would say otherwise.

>as defined by Zeon Deikun
If he was so smart how come he's fucking dead?
Newtypes are autistic space niggers and need to be gassed

ZZ is not mandatory but it is a fun watch.

If you don't watch it you also miss out on the significance(?) of my personal favorite series callback in Unicorn that Marida is a Puru clone

It directly stimulates the general populations apathy towards the Federation. (As they just stand by and let millions die)

Unicorn undermines it further, explaning why the Feds. don't give a shit in F91 when the Ronan family takes over Side 4.

Seconding The Origin.

The Char/Sayla backgrond flashbacks are freaking great.

>I will never understand the hatred Grecofags have for Turn A.
What? I'm a massive Grecofag and I fucking love Turn A.

Except the part where they completely ruined Char forever

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To what?

He really wasn't ruined. Char was always a little off his rocker after being coraised by Jimba Ral in exile.

All spacenoids do. Here we have the spaceniggers of Sweatwater, a home for refugees of the previous conflicts spontaneously cheering and singing for Char as he attempts to genocide all life on Earth much of which is destitute. Despite leading better lives than most on Earth and having personally experienced the suffering caused by the previous spacenoid chimpouts they still rally to the cause of murdering billions because of the retarded martyr complex endemic in nearly every single spacenoid.
Really, the only thing the Titans did wrong was not gas enough colonies.

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They changed him from a troubled man with a sad past into an autistic psychopath

It's just to lampshade how corrupt feddy leadership has become. How it ever got to that point we'll never really know. But you see glimpses of it during Zeta anyway (the fact feds let titans do their thing with no repercussions, and some more during ZZ). This aspect of the federation needed more attention but the fact the main series follow 'ace, friends and main ship' means they don't interact with this 'leadership' often. Earth federation never made sense to me: What are their policies! What are/is being taxed! What sanctions were actually in place 20 years prior to piss off the spacenoids (some colonies look like generic suburbia/city scape, really lacking that visual to show space being shit). What exactly is the process of election, how does their government function. What services other than military do they now provide. They're sort of the UN, but they do a fucking shit job of showing how they govern, even a handful of colonies get a better lay of the land.

Is it really that far out there?

He outright backstabbed Garma and attempted to end all life on earth. That's easily autism of a special blend.


Turn A and G-Reco are the best two gundam series

We know a little bit. Like the colonies were heavily taxed and the money went straight to earth. (Along with all surplus food)

look up the infographic dumb fuck

it was my understanding that the unicorn itself is the proof.
>genetically locked to burger
>only a true newtype (who doesn't want zeon) can unlock it's haxxx and secrets
So there has to be a way for this system to determine a true newtype from a cyber. And not want zeon.

Origin does a horrible job with Char, there's literally no reason to make him be related to every single event in the timeline so that the universe feels smaller and less developed.

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Production order or bust.
I recently just finished Wing myself. Next is Endless Waltz.

>I have actually watched the 100 episodes of that shitfest and its predecessor, I want my time back.
user I...

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It wasn't every event. The only moment that really went to far was him lettiing Revil go and you can even argue that was in character.

All it did was help establish he was easily Zeon's top ace and earned a lot of attention from the higher ups. (Which is why he is able to get so close to influence so many Zabi family deaths)

>genetically locked to burger
The personal locking was never stated to be strictly genetics (There is much more to your traits than your base genetic template, user)
>only a true newtype (who doesn't want zeon) can unlock it's haxxx and secrets
Only a true newtype because only a true newtype can extend his consciousness outward in such a way to truly unlock its secrets
>who doesn't want zeon
That's because focusing on zeon is a mark of a close minded individual as clearly stated in episode 1 by Cardeas Vist
>there has to be a way for this system to determine a true newtype from a cyber
Matilda quite literally states that NT-D can't tell the difference between a fake and a real newtype when it enters eradicate mode after she's hospitalized.

Watching SEED and Destiny was worth it so I could angrily shitpost about it on /m/ for years.