Dragon Ball Super

Super made every girl more sexy.

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>tfw Launch has been completely forgotten


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Implying 18 isnt Launch.

f-frieza-sama...I know this is your wish, but please...do it for me...wish for me that gohan...isn't an irrelevant jobber...grant my selfish request kudasai...frieza-sama...

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Feels bad. She was my 1st ever waifu. Blonde version only, though.

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Stop raping Jiren? It's not his fault he's gay and weak.


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P-Please, Frieza-Sama, just wish back U6... M-muh promise, Frieza-Sama...

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> Not believing Manga Vegito Blue > Beerus

SSB Goku and Vegeta are both GoD candidate level

Yet idiots don't think Vegito Blue could take on Beerus

Manga of course

>Blonde version only
>Not wishing for both of her personalities to have their own body and then fucking them at the same time
Apply yourself.

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How long until Toriyama digitally adds Beerus and Whis as background characters to the ending of DBZ for Dragon Ball Z: Remasteredâ„¢?

>Dragonball waifu thread.
Come on Sup Forums. Where are my Caulifla posts?

Vegito > Jiren > Goku >beerus

lets keep the thread trash free okay?

V-Vegita..y-you lost..!?

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Sorry. Even when I was a kid, I loved the wild girls more. Cute moe girls never attracted me and still doesn't. If they had their own body, I'd still only fuck and cum inside the blonde one.

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>liking little boys
Nah, I prefer Broly with tits

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>Dark haired character undergoes a personality change upon gaining blonde hair and becomes more aggressive/stronger
I wonder if Toriyama really forgot her or if he just wanted the audience to forget that Super Saiyan was just him playing her gimmick straight.

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I'd ravage her.

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>fearsome foe
>turns out to be this qt

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>DB used to have good fanservice with great looking cute girls that still managed to be sexy
>Bulma aside (who has ben ruined with short haircut even if she hasn't aged that well) DBS only gives screentime to fugly girls at best, literal mexican trannies at worst
What went wrong? Why did Toriyama turn into such a prude?


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>a-ane-san not in front of everyone!!

I ALMOST bought this figure but I didn't like the fact they gave her balloon tits for no reason.

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Damn, I fucked up. Was gonna say that Bulma hasn't aged that bad, haircut aside. Also, the why tier balloon girls in this tournament are bottom of the barrel tier together with the u6 trannies.

fun fact - Toriyama forgot and remembered her within two weeks of real time, but thought it's been too much time since the readers saw her
he's a huge fucking ditz

left sot is not from super.

>Already getting fat face of an Asian woman approaching menopause
Gohan ruined her.

>jobber family

>Nah, I prefer Broly with tits
>She's literally genderbend Broly
Didn't know some people on Sup Forums like futanari.

nah. They made all the girls look super skinny to the point is actually kinda gross like they're anorexic or something.

that song is not about Kefla. It showcased a long time ago on Toei Youtube Channel. It was about the Saiyans u6/u7.

I just find it amusing that her character gag would go on to become such a massive staple of the series.
I wonder if Launch gets blue hair upon orgasm?

digits checks out
launch doesn't need cowtits

Still similar

Yeah ik I just like it the most with her

I mean, I wouldn't mind if they were big in the manga. I love big titties but not when it's unjustified.

you are serious?

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Freeza will be the one that says "farewell Goku, until the day we meet again" on 131. Cap this.

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la doctrina egoista stronger then bills yes?

>Come on gang! Without those Blackstar Dragonballs we won't be able to wish back the other universes!

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Looks kinda bland. 18 had a little more unique flair in Z.

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>that terrible face
>that terrible pose and body
at least post her good art faggot.


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>Not liking skeletons
Okay fattie lover

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Pic related is the true goddess of love.

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>implying they weren't always like that

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That's just the official explanation. The actual reason is that Toriyama chose to get rid of her as soon as he decided he would make Goku blonde some time in the future, sinceLunch going blonde too would confuse the readers into thinking she is a saiyan.

>kale face looks like its caving in

It's time for the Caulifla-Kale party.
Other waifus are only shit that doesn't deserve to post here.

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your rapist

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>Goku didn't give a crap about her erasure, or anyone's from u6 or any other universes so far
Feels good.

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>youth x greasy old man

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lol nah

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Geekdom shows the best way to watch Dragon Ball


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Based geekdom.

was this traced?

Toyotracer strikes again.

Freeza isnt winning you fucking idiots this is gokus show there is zero chance he is not winning

>lava goku

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>that gay lizard or retarded monkey winning

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So what Mexican cholo movie was Toei watching for Kale/Caulifla inspo?

I see nothing wrong here.

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Not even a teamup of Lava Goku and El Hermano can defeat DARK TRUNKS.

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are you talking about the new movie

Kefla seems to be better breeding material.

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>cholo movie
> inspo
I don't follow on whatever those are supposed to mean, explain please.

link for this?


silly child...you may be able to defeat kakarotto...el hermano...kurieza...but you'll never be able to defeat my PRIDE

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What is up with the left's head?

Best boy.

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bitch are you incapable of finding this by yourself.jpg

See you in 3 days

not from crop

eat a cock