Boku No Hero Academia

Will these two kids ever meet in person? And no, I don't mean ship wise.

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second post for best birb

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only way kouta will ever be relevant again

Maybe, but it might just become a running theme that Deku saves young children.

How big is Eri's penis?

She’s a girl


>Aizawa adopts Eri
>Then marries Mandalay


>Likes futa

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What was her quirk? I wonder if we'll ever know.

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*ms. Jokes

... One for All.

Jokes a shit

>What was her quirk?

There wouldn't be any narrative purpose or utility to it, so I doubt it. Bry p.annf ,rpyd yd. .uurpyw cu frg aot m.

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Deku is my (future) husband.

I wonder how big his sunshine is

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Who will win the Aizawabowl? Or will he continue his life as a bitter cat-raping wizard?

But he's finally started talking and everything. He's gonna be relevant now, I can feel it

I want Toga to win for just long enough to give Izuku PTSD for the rest of his life before she gets put in an institution, is that so unreasonable?

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He said Kouta, not Kouda

I don't think Aizawa is winnable. It's inefficient use of sleeping bag space for one thing.

>gentle will be captured
>La brava probably become the the LoV new hacker just so she can break gentle out of prison
>toga will no longer be the only girl in the group
Do you think these 2 can become good friends

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>BOTH female villains have a man as their main reason for continuing
Kinda lame, where are the bitter hag villains

Well toga's main reason for being a villain isn't deku, he's just a crush

What would Deku do if Bakugou apologized to him? Would he want to hang out with him again?

>”Eh, okay? I have bigger things on my mind right now though”

All Might said that unlike him and Midoriya, she had a quirk before she got One For All, dipshit

>bitter hag villains
Fuck off with that shit cliche

Last time I'm going to be posting this Strawpoll. Remember to vote NO so that meme magic saves All Might's life! Don't make Deku cry.

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No one cares about All Might anymore.



Calm your collective autism Anons, I just want to get a feel for where we all think things are heading in the future

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What, it's not like Yandere the Yandere and obsessed villain fangirl aren't tired-ass cliches. There's nothing wrong with that, this is a manga all about cliches.

I'm not as triggered as the other guy but how dare you.

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Isn't most women in prison because of a man that got then in crime?

deku is a very nice boy

Let's settle this

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Are you retarded?
What, speak english.

You can fuckoff too

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let's rip this piece of shit apart.

>Character's are cliche
>Plot is boring
>MC is a mary sue
>Powers are given at bare minimum at best
>blatant waifubait that even highschool DXD would be impressed with
>Plot armor

It's really fucking shit how can anyone like this.

toga crazy she fall in love, Murder the person, drink the person's blood,become that person and then repeat

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Not liking the poll results huh ochunkofag

if you go by that logic you can say that about a lot of series there's no such thing as original idea anymore

I'm going to ship them.

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Don't take the bait newfag

Well yeah this is true to a point but what you can do is build on them and atleast get something unique out of it. Boku no hero basically doesn't even try to be original.

>no Bakugo

He wouldn't want him to, it'd be like how Japan doesn't want America to formally apologize for the nuking.

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More like he doesn’t really care about that

I really, REALLY hate this meme

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I love the series but I hate idiot fan's who called this is series a deconstruction that's why I hate Hunter x Hunter fans and sometimes Jojo fan's

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I think he'd be happy and he'd probably cry, but I don't think their relationship would change much to how is now.

Not if you keep cucking yourself Ochako.

a pairing that is not shit?

Anyone who wears crocs needs to be shot on sight.

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You forgot your image

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This one

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Who wants to be that fucking Yui is in possession of the missing "rare Might"?


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But that's not just shit, it's complete and utter shit.

What would Deku do to obtain that "rare Might" from her?

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Do you think there's an american equivalent to All Might who's an absolute turbo weeaboo

The word deconstruction doesn’t mean anything anymore

Take it back you rat bastard.

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Get a better ship and I might not have to tell you how shit your ship is.

How would you react if it turned out that the real Hero Academia was the friends Deku made along the way
Pic related

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According to the LN’s, Pony is a big All Might, so maybe she knows
>Ignoring them, Izuku looks up at Tsunotori with starstruck eyes. “This… this is the XXXX All Might figurine, not produced in Japan!”
>“Oh, indeed it is,” Tsunotori verifies. “Of course I also like All Might!”
>“Uwaa, amazing! Even though it’s available, it’d be terribly difficult to get it imported. Um… that is… next time, could you take some close-ups of it…!”
>“Of course!”
>“A-a-a-ah!” Izuku thanks Tsunotori profusely.

Sexual favors? Does Yui even know what sex is?

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What fantastic taste

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You just have no taste sir

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Toga truly is the best girl. Deku is a lucky guy.

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I bet the shitposting wouldn't be as bad and repetitive is something cool happened in the manga

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Even autists masturbate. I'm sure she would give it to him if he just gave her some head.

I blame one punch man people used that word to death when the anime came out

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Coming from the resident shitposter

But shitposting was worse than this during the Yakuza arc? Did you for get that this was spammed for weeks?

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>one punch trash
>deconstruction of anything

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But what level of autism is she on?
Did she just rub her pussy by accident once and now she does it regularly because it feels good without fully understanding what it means?
Or does she understand that other people can make her feel even better and she can use something they want as leverage to make them do that?

Where do you think we are? Also good shit is happening.

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What about this one.

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What am I then if I don't masturbate?

Neither of them will leave this arc with their smiles intact. I'm putting all my wishing energy to ensure that.
I'm sure she looked up porn at some point. Also don't they have sex ed? She should have at least some concept of people pleasing each other.

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top tier indeed

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