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Anyway, let's try this again. isekai shoujos right? I been reading more 'reincarnated into an otome game and messing up the plot' stories. I want one with like Magic Otaku, but with less romance/misunderstandings and more magic.

Give me more shoujo isekais.
At least give me a fully translated shoujo isekai

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It may have been deleted because
>I want one with like Magic Otaku but with less romance/misunderstandings and more magic.
>Give me more shoujo isekais.
sounds like looking for recommendations.

Is that why... Well, I don't really mind then. Although, I want to talk about shoujo isekai so I hope this one doesn't get deleted.

The valentines of the shield hero chapter 3 is up guys

Can someone give me a lay out of all the Shield hero stories? Is valentine like an after story or something?

Yep, those are after stories for the WN. There's a christmas chapter done. This valentines chapter ties in with a few events in the spear hero gaiden though.

You know how people like to ask for Isekai games?

Playing Dragon's Dogma is actually reasonably Isekai if you pretend your character is a reincarnation. Using a wiki is your 'cheat' ability, you have slaves Pawns you can use to fight with, and you get crazy powerful compared to anyone and everyone else in the world.

The valentines sidestory i mean, not this chapter in particular.

>Valentine story

let me guess, there's also a chirstmas story, an onsen story, an umi da story, a summer festival story, a new year's day story, a sport festival story, a culture festival story, a Japanese cold story and a working for exams at home story?

Done twice in-story before, not gaiden
>umi da
Calmira island
>new years
Have to check, but i think there isn't
ehhh, i think not
>japanese colds
Rifana died to it, remember?
>working for exams at home
now you're just being silly.

>thinking how beautiful she is
Isn't mentioned often, and he also remarks the other witches are beautiful
> looking at her all the time
is mentioned a grand total of one


So for the prospective authors in this thread: What's the endgame of your story? Is it going to lead somewhere and reach a planned ending or are you just having your characters fuck around till you decide to end it?

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Yes its 12 beast
Why would you announce that?

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I see you're new to this internet thing.

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Have a sort of semi-isekai (Earth becoming a magical world after an apocalypse count?) and at this point I'm thinking of a number of stories that I could use for world building. Only one of them really has a sort of endgame in the story.

I have 17 endings outlined for my VN, im going to have to make an event flowchart soon enough.

Reminder that your mortal enemy might live in the same building and on the same floor as you without your knowledge.

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What uh, what's going on in that full panel?

Alright, I had to admit, I thought this was going to be shit but it turned out to be pretty decent and had okay grammar. Too bad the chapters are released at a rate of more than once a month though. Any other stories set in a MGE-esque universe that aren't complete shit like the totally not official JP ones?

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Write your own isekai shoujo/josei
Hardmode: polyandry ending

I have a josei
>christmas cake office lady get's isekai'd
>having almost overworked herself to death, she decides she hates people, and that she'll be a cat lady in the middle of a shack in the woods
>except instead of cats, it's magical beasts
>things go peacefully for a couple of years, until she tames a little dragon.
>she has fun with little dragon until papa dragon shows up.
>papa dragon, although mad at first, accepts the predicament. But he tells her that she'll take responsibility and raise little dragon along with him.
>he and little dragon proceed to take human form.
>The two desperately try and raise a baby dragon and awkwardly get to know eachother along the way

Do people actually ask for isekai games?
Is that in the storyline sense, or are they looking for the kind of game mechanics that stories with game mechanics have?

I suppose from the plot side, the Disagea games are isekai for several of the characters. Even a bit grimdark, if you're a prinny in the netherworld. And definitely grindy.

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Although I know it's an image made up of three different pictures, whenever I stop focusing on it it looks like it blends together seamlessly and that makes me uncomfortable.

>Isekai buts its man vs wild, no harems no demon lords
>just the MC trying to survive innawoods, at the end he finds a town and dies of old age.

In brief.

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Lax demon is a good one for that I suppose.
There's most definitely magic flying around everywhere.

If you can speak Japanese then is probably a really safe bet and i'd reccomend it so that i can beg you to translate it for me.

One shots that i'd just recommend to read in general include:

Wolves attack in packs Arisen

The Demon King's Daughter is a NEET is something similar.

Except not isekai, and instead is dragon girl and her mom

Man, I really liked Disgaea 2's cast now that I think of it.

Read it, but don't remember if it was isekkai.

Guys what if, we isekai GOD

I remember one Isekai who has a very similar plot that death flag

It was some fag who reincarnated in a fantasy date game, his char was a bad ending when he marry the villain and become a poorfag, so he dedicate all of his time to prevent it to happen

Anyone remember the name?

In context of isekai, there almost *shouldn't* be an obvious endgame in mind from the start, just one the author has for how the character's goals will evolve over time.

I mean, they're usually dumped into another world without warning, so they don't have enough information or experience to know at the start, unless the story is going full cliche and it's the free bingo square "defeat demon lord and return home" one.


he would be a useless braninchallenged drunkard barfing rainbows

thats every otome isekai ever.

I superimposed the meme team, real meat, and tanakafag images on top of eachother in order to promote efficiency in our threads.

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Based Fuuka poster

D5 is really boring

Sometimes the MC develops some kind of goal and even then the story has to end one way or another.

Do you mean the one where he becomes a smith or the one where he becomes the butler of the villainess?

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Blacksmith something. I remember the guy being really retarded and thinking his marriage with that woman was inevitable even though there was nothing stopping him from changing that.

I have a pretty basic overarching plot in mind with two plausible endgames.
Fuckaround times can probably happen at any point in the middle, I guess.

It's not the expectation that she gets dicked
it's how the author makes her into a mary sue

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Gerald is easily the biggest villain in this series

>I can only imagine the most stereotypical evil laugh coming from him in the middle panel

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This isnt NTR right?

Speaking of, is there any actually good isekais, where the MC becomes a divine entity in their next life?
I've read a couple, and they tend to be pretty "meh", or not get very far.

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He is just kind of yandere, everyone is.

Which Story is better/would sell more?
>be freshly wed
>lovely dovey
>you and your wife get trucked
>reborn as hero with no memories
>get stronger to avenge your parents that died because of the demon king
>face the demon king
>its a women
>memories of your former life come back
>demon queens too
>conflicted thoughts
>but both of you forgive each other
>make out with your demon queen wife
>hero party and demon commanders dont know whats going on
>hero and demon queen get killed by their team mates for betrayal

>cheating fiancee kills you to cover her affair
>get isekaid
>find childhoodfriend
>promise to marry
>get 14 years old
>knight order takes gf because she has hero job
>2 years later she comes back
>tells you she is going to marry the other hero and she is sorry
>start from zero
>go on adventure to relax
>tell all potential harem women to fuck off
>You even find your fiancee that killed you
>her affair killed her too
>she works as a now harlot
>she ask for forgiveness and marriage but you tell her to fuck off
>5 years later
>go back to hometown
>childhoodfriend is there and crying
>hero died during the fight with the dk
>asks you to date her
>tell her you dont care and fuck off
>live on as bachelor till you die

No. Atelier Tanaka is not NTR.

he isnt letting go of the one thing he has over the rest of the harem.

It's evolution. By combining the three images, I have created a stronger, more versatile image than anyone else could have imagined. It's only a matter of time before my superior image grows further, to become the perfect isekai protagonist.

>even the demons are handsome in tsuki ga

senpai, the goddess has the worst sense of aesthetics possible.

Thanks thats the one

>Last update Dec 2017
Well fuck

Io is a lovable bastard as is Reft even if they're not the most handsome guys.
The brief look we got at the goddess in the manga had her be gaudy as fuck so I agree, the woman has zero taste.

No but this one

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What is the full name of the potionloli isekai? I fucked up and didnt save it when i first learned of the theme..

I shall survive using potions!

True that, speaking of which, where do i pick up in the WN? don't wanna re read the whole thing.

You're the one that's retarded, he doesn't wanna change it to begin with. He likes how the girl looks to begin with, so he was aiming for her the whole time just not very assertively because he's still afraid of fucking things up and was more focused on building up his domain. As the story progresses he naturally finds more and more things he likes about the girl, and vice versa, so of course nothing changes.

Fucking where, 295 chapters and the only idiot dumb enough to try got beaten so hard he got PTSD.

>I been reading more 'reincarnated into an otome game and messing up the plot' stories
They actually tend to be amazing. I'd buy this in an instant if it were localized.

Have you worshiped your bloodthirsty war goddess today, Sup Forums?

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>get isekaid
>defeat everyone that needs to double die
>become a god
>go on many adventures but it's not the sme cause you're a fucking god now
>isekai people for your amusement
>in time becoe a horrid, amoral monster
Is that how we're all gonna end up?

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If I remember right, there's also that the whole "villainess marries the fatso and they both end up poor" basically comes out of nowhere, there's no ingame 'justification' for it, so he doesn't know how it actually happens and what he would need to do to prevent it.

I did same thing between manga / WN, I think it's around chapter 42 is to pick up in WN.

Duh, haven't you play eien no arselia?
you even can have their h scene.

Not sure where you're looking, but it was just updated today.
The current translators are kind of shady though.

start at chapter 42, somewhere around there at least. But, go back and reread the chapters 30-31. Those are gossip chapters that don't follow Makoto, but they are important to the plot so read them.

Thanks lads.

>there's also that the whole "villainess marries the fatso and they both end up poor" basically comes out of nowhere, there's no ingame 'justification' for it
No the MC just doesn't know, he didn't clear all the game. Unless I'm mixing it up with another series, the game doesn't even belong to him but his little sister or some shit.

Humans werent meant to live forever....

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Going from killing dragons with no remorse to being a pussy that watches his steps in front bastard rapey humans is awful.
Why does this shit always happen?

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Read the side stories, the reason why he is isekaid is because his mom is a whore and his dad a cuck

>bloodthirsty war goddess
Eliza is a respectable and well adjusted young lady

Female Vlad Dracula is great.

Pfft, I'd take a break every few millenia or just mind rape myself to deal.

Humans weren't meant to cross oceans or fly through the skies either, but here we are.

is that a boy

There's that one where the guy becomes a god and fuses with a star. Then at the moments before he transcends divinity or something he wants to relive life as a human and creates an autonomous clone to live life vicariously through.

>he doesnt take the hero with him to rain her
Also what happend to the other reincarnated guy?

Don't spoil her. She'd hate that.

Says who?

doll is a great one nigga

Where do you read it? I only find up to Ch.10

I'm kind of astounded that Eliza hasn't yet figured out that Alb is the former crown prince, given how sharp she is normally. It's quite out of character.

Huh, a man can learn a lot about himself reading smut.

Capabilities of the human brain are limited. At one point in your eternal life, even discounting all the silly ways biology could kill you, your brain would just be up to its capacity to remember and recall.

she's not that much sharp you know. you can tell by the most recent chapters

I'd love spoiling Eliza though

Where did you find the manga chapters till 10? I only found them to 7

Not really, sharp people tend to miss out on some very obvious things due to how their brain is wired. Basically they tend to over think. It's no different than how a pro baseball pitcher can fail against an amateur simply because he tried using a breaking ball and the amateur hit it through sheer luck cause his swing was too shit.

Wait, what is the butler of a vilainess one?

I bet you're real fun at parties. Real observant too.

>Kill a bunch of people for no reason other than they're shitty people
>Simply go about your day

NAh. I just worry about immortality.