who would win?

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Kenshiro stomps.

If Star Platinum can catch a bullet point blank between his fingers, I figure he can tear a Kenshiro head off after a quick application of ZA WARDO.

Star Platinum Za Warudo is an auto win for every matchup.


Kind of unfair since Kenshiro has no stand therefore can't see Star Platinum

since when were deathbattles fair?

Kenshiro can copy any ability of his opponent, has touch of death, can literally phase himself out of reality and has a Stand, Kenshiro wins this easily.
Only underage and retards that never read/watched Hokuto will say Jotaro.
sage in every field btw

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>Scewattack as a source

I haven't read Hokuto, does this guy have the strength to withstand a flurry of punches without any way to defend in the frozen time?

>without any way to defend
Jotaro/SP can't even touch him because he doesn't exist on the same plane of reality when using Musou Tensei and even if Jotaro could ORAORA him, that's still nothing to Ken who tanked worse things.

If he can attack while in another plane of reality then yeah he probably wins, if not then Jotaro probably flies away with his asspull powers and fights like a pussy to win.

Ken can hit his enemy's pressure points remotely without even touching. He's the definition of OP bullshit.
To quote the source material:
>Hokuto Shinken is (literally) invincible

Wow and I thought JoJo had OP bullshit. Kenshiro obliterstomps.

Didn't Kenshiro learn that ability to hit with his thoughts?

Hokuto shinken wa muteki da

He's not canon right? It says supervised.

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>m-muh musou tensei

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Kenshiro soloes

the only death battle which wasn't retarded was Guts vs Nightmare, since the truly better guy won

ohh how about just kicking him , that also worked

jojo fans have never seen hokuto ?

Hokuto shinken wa muteki da

Normal martial arts can maximally use 30% of the human bodies strenght , Hokuto Shinken uses 100%


While Jotaro's time stop and speed (which is hundreds of times faster than light) are far higher than Kenshiro. It's hard to say if SP's punches which should scale to Tarkus are enough to finish Kenshiro in a time stop spam or not.

> speed (which is hundreds of times faster than light)
>jojoshitters relying on bad translations again

With the power of Gary Stu, Kenshiro stomps.

Well depends, if your accounting them at there Best possible, or them as characters, jotaros timestop when in range of letting a full Lethal barrage all concentrated on kenshiros head, ken is really ded, but if kenshiro uses his ranged abilities to tire out jotaros timestop assuming kenshiro somehow found out about that ability ahead of time its kens win, and kenshiros rush can probably affect stands due to some other examples of intangibles being affected by his abilities. Also what I mean by them as characters, jotaros timestop triggers ptsd that makes him become more irrational and violent and often becomes yet shorter the less confident he becomes

Realistically speaking, it wouldn't be much of a fight. It's a game of rocket tag; if Jotaro can't kill him within five seconds of stopped time, he's toast.

Kenshiro canonically never loses to the same opponent twice, and he already lost to Jotaro in one minute melee. He's going to wipe the floor this time with manly tears.

both loose to this
"if your suffering did not bring me pleasure i would not bother destroying you" Spongebob Squarepants ep 457 s39

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Is FotNS 2 worth watching or no?

I watched the anime up to Raoh dying and it was kino the whole way through.

Hokuto Shinken is invincible!

Nightmare as in soul calibur nightmare?
post it

Not's full of shit retcons that ruins everything.

There is a couple cool post "HnK2" manga story's.....but everything after roahs death is kinda whack

Two words: Time Stop

Who cares

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Weeklytubeshow will handily defeat Antfish.