Not a lolicon but this show is doing things to my dick

Not a lolicon but this show is doing things to my dick.

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>Not a lolicon

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Is getting seduced by lolis a common occurrence in Ueno?


Not a lolicon, but Red is very sexy.

little girls are cute not sexy you damn pedo

Akko is a JK, user...

>not a lolicon

>not a lolicon
If that iffy quality cut of a stickman looking kid showing her leg made you hard you may want to re-examine yourself.

Fuck off Saitou

Not a lolicon, but Red is very hot

I'm holding off on watching CCS out of fear of going full lolicon

>Not a lolicon

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Not a lolicon but I want to lick yellows ear

>not a lolicon
Too late friend

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something about kids trying to act sexy just makes me lol

>not a lolicon but....
ok bro got it

Imagine the Colors still harassing this guy even when they're JKs.

If you watch Mitsuboshi Colors and get erections from it you are definitely a lolicon and you need to just accept it. It's honestly one of the most wholesome anime I've ever seen if you're not viewing it through a pedo lens.


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>Not gay but men make my peepee go wroom wroom

What was the animator thinking when he did this scene?

Not a lolicon but impressed by the storyboardist's artistic execution enough to get a boner

>Not a lolicon
>getting a boner from Saito ass
suit yourself, faggotron

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How can one not view it through pedo lens when that's the default filter the show was conceived on?

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