ITT: abandoned waifus

ITT: abandoned waifus
Why'd you forget about her, Sup Forums?

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because her

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I hope this thread gets forgotten as well

Gabriel Vigne Tap and Raphi were all superior to that slut

unbelievably rude

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I want to bully satania.

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I never did.

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She's a delinquent. I only date good girls.

>more than one
You don't even know what a "waifu" is you fuck

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Go away
Gordon Ramsey is a treasure

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Whateva happened to mai waifu being any female character you happened to like? When did it turn into a cult

>Go away

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pic related. this happens to every meme

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Season two

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But user, I didn't.

How can she stay chuuni despite clearly being bullied before entering that school?
>Eats alone in a secluded area
>Tries to protect her food from incoming classmates.

>Doesn't have multiple waifus

It's a coping mechanism, user. She just wants to be accepted.
That's how all chuunis are born.

omg resting her pantsu on the concrete .

>limiting yourself to ONE waifu
you're a beta even in your fantasies.


Seasonal waifus are meant to be discarded after the season is over

he meant waifus as in the collective ones we possess as a group

The concept of loving a fictional girl was adopted from Japan. Waifu is just a word used to describe it.


Yome, Waifu, same thing. And I've never heard the 1 waifu thing form Nips ever. Your 2D waifus are happy as long as you don't abandon them for 3D pigs

Seasonal waifufags are the absolute worst.

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>not having multiple seasonal waifus
Get with the times, faggots.

>Whateva happened to mai waifu being any female character you happened to like?

It was never a thing. "Waifu" meant "Wife", if you have multiple or swap to a new one every season it means you're unfaithful swine.

>gaijin ruining the concept of waifus with his autism


Thanks for outing yourself as a newfag

>seasonal meme girl
>gets forgotten immediately afterwards
Seems about right to me.

Not really We've had this argument even back in 2011. With autismos insisting you can only have 1 waifu

not like human life is worth much to begin with

Daily reminder that she isn't crying.

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>remembering seasonal trash.
I can't wait for Franxx threads to die too.

>exhausted all content
>even pixiv images have dried up now
>finally got my career on track as a teacher
>would make my own drawings but I have the Michael J. Fox disease and can barley write legibly as it is
How can I stay loyal and in love like this? some nights I don't even go to bed thinking about her anymore.

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>Michael J. Fox disease

That sucks, I've actually been learning to draw for my waifu. I want to draw tons of cute pictures of her in different scenarios.

Buy her wifu pillow

Tsugumi was so best girl

Does Brunette Sexy Jutsu count?

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I'll never abandon her

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We had a thread like this just this morning...

I wish people used waifu to mean wife instead of it being a buzzword to just mean any anime girl.

Normalfags are just too stupid to grasp such a thing user.

Nadia should get more love.

how to become teacher? preferably, a high school english one. it's my dream job, but i'm dumb as rocks when it comes to math and science

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College education. I went to a university myself but as long as you can get a degree in whatever you want to teach and a teaching certificate, which pretty much any community college offers, then search for a school you'd like to teach at, luckily for me I kept in contact with my old principal and got a spot lined up almost as soon as I finished my education.

As for math and science, the requirements are minimal, in my program I was only required to pass one basic math class and science for my History major, I imagine it's much the same for English, wherever you go.

you just need some college qualifications. While you can technically become a teacher without those qualifications, good fucking luck finding a school that'll take you. You'd have super fuckin' lucky. With qualifications though, it's just a matter of finding a school.

I didn't

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Create a tulpa of her.

Up to four is halal.

because we all know who the better girl is

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My waifu harem
Is as vast as the sea
And nothing you do
Will ever stop me

I grew too old for her. Unlike the rest Sup Forums I'm not a degenerate fuck.

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>t. makoto itou

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>what is commissioned art?

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i am with you brother, Tsugumi is best

She really was

>you're waifu will never kiss you on the cheek
Time to kill myself

Id say hold on vr and stuff is on its way but seeing how society is right now i dont know for sure

>be 11 years ago
>waifu Minami from lucky star as a joke because I thought it was a meme/joke
>years later find my actual waifu
>always feel bad for "betraying" my first one
Feels really shitty bros

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being a working class stiff, that's kinda out of the question, will most likely go the community college route, though. so nice to see that there are sad sack weeb shits that regular this place that are out there making it in society, really gives a useless faggot like me hope

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No, we're still together.

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Sorry, I don't speak Sup Forumsietnamese. Can you repeat that question in English?

Those four years really go by quickly you faggot. Only if it's on credit it's not worth it.