ITT: Female MC's done correctly

ITT: Female MC's done correctly.

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She's just too sexy

Yona, we need more protagonists who know love

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yandere queen

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I've been seeing a lot of Cross Ange lately.

It's just 1 poster who's watching it and making a lot of threads.

we need more for s2

Nothing about this show was done correctly

The fanservice wasn't bad.

Ange was a garbage Mary sue. Please end your life.

Lina Inverse!

The best.

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>Mary sue.
Don't care she's hot.


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since most women are dumb retards

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Just one dedicated poster like the faggot who makes all the Shinka threads

Yuno is yandere done right.

>normas on my board

A reminder that you will never be a sexy JK who pleases cake scientists for money

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Ange is good, but Momoka is god-tier

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I'm surprised nobody posted her yet.

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Kamiyu is a guy

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You sure about that?

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>Female Isekai MC's done correctly.

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>batshit insane mecha show with Nana singing
Dude Im trying to forget Cross Ange, it's not healthy to want more of things like that.

We did not deserve Valvrave & Cross Ange.

Don't. Embrace it. It's good for your health.
I've been pining over that show for the past four years and my life has never been better.

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On episode 27. When does this show get bad?


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Can't think of any.

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Shit MC shit series

The Major obviously. She should have been the first reply.

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Still waiting for a better female MC.

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3 gainax girls in a row

also don't care because she has good development and characterization. and she's hot.

muh black dragon

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Someone explain that second cap to me.

Long story short, shit is going down and that's an angry mob threatening the lady. Lady tells them to get the fuck out before they get killed. The guy at the left refuses to listen and points a gun to her. She shoots him in the head.

So why'd he ask if she cares if they die?

This. Plus if there was a Red River anime but that ship is long gone.

They're both blaming her for the disaster and demanding her to save them. When she refuses they angrily ask if she won't care if they die.

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underrated, bitch female MCs are the fucken greatest

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My wife Balsa.

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Ain't got time to worry about that romance bullshit when you're too busy doing your best Vlad the Impaler impression.

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I don't know how the OP would define "correct", so I'll assume he/she means "subjectively good".

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Obligatory Doggo post.

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*Debiru post.
Actual Doggo post.

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>isekai will never be good again and will forever be cancerous juvenile videogaem shit
This is the worst timeline.

I always thought she was well written and developed.

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off by 3

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>gets her shit tossed constantly and entire livelihood taken from her, gets mindbroken and raped by the villain in the last arc
>but uh she kill dragon good n wins in the end so she murry sue
The one thing I love about dumb shows like CA is that they bring out even stupider contrarians

i agree
pic related would be a much better mc

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Shoujo fantasy was always a separate genre, often including isekai. I heard Korean dramas still practice something like this.

Get that monster out of this thread, she doesn't belong.

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OP said female MCs done correctly, not female MCs with one good line.

Fuck off

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The ones who takes their duty seriously.

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hookergarden is the worst female character ever

Nobody posted either Lain or Kino.

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>hfw Shoe put it in the wrong hole

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Lain came out 20 years ago.

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This. Noa is the cutest.

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Kino is great

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