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This is boat territory now

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Is this new ashikaga chachamaru figure up for pre-order yet?


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It's impressive how Max Factory boats look better than Amakuni's, while having half the price.

Why is Ram so pretty?

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Yeah no, so far that's not the case. And the price is similar for full armor ones.

Chewie is prettier.

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She's the superior sister.

Just by judging the most recent ones MF pales in comparison, and the popularity just shows so. Takao was 17.3kY while Kashima was 15.5kY, so not sure where you are getting they cost "half".

Yet Kashima is now hovering at 30kY while Takao is binning.

Does buying merch support the creators of the anime? I recently watched Kimi no Na wa and it was so good I felt bad about pirating it. I'm planning a trip to Japan in August. What do I buy that will directly support the creators?

I'm hoping nabe goes up before Chachamaru does

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Any licensed merchandise supports the creators. Just dont buy second hand nor western releases

Is it easy to tell what is officially licensed and what isn't?

If its for sale in Japan in a real shop it's probably legit. Side note, the Japanese BD of Kimi no Na wa has English subs.

Depends on the kind of product you are looking for. Also, a s a rule of thumb, focus on getting heavy or extremely limited items while in japan, its a waste to go for BDs, DVDs or figures since they can be easily gotten form the internet

Not interested in physical media cause I don't have a bluray player.

It came out two years ago tho. Are they still making limited ed stuff?

It's probably the most successful anime movie ever. They'll be making shit for a long time.

All anime merchandise is limited, and the BD hasnt been out for long, also the good figures were barely released a few days ago.

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Post preorders.
Waiting for the Ai nendo to go up for preorder.

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How do I tell limited edition from regular stuff?

By lurking

That lewd bikini idol is so sexy I almost pre-ordered her even though I don't even know her name.

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Only best-Saber nendo. I'm considering figma Jeanne Alter but I'm not big on figma.

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I was in the same position as you. Her name's Uzuki Shimamura and she made me watch her show, though it's rather bad in my opinion, I was skipping through the episodes. Anyway, she grew on me, she's a plain, simple, imperfect, flawed girl, but that's what makes her great. I love her now.

Lightest its been in a long time.

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Post figures your preordered but fully intend to let go when they release.

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None, I'm not an indecisive fuck.

I need this to come out for preorder already.

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why the hell can't they release a decent figure of 18 with canon sized breasts, not the bowling balls they give her in every figure.


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Hate this edgy fuck and his annoying-ass moveset so damn much.

I have no preorders.
I'm gonna quit my job this year, so i'm saving all the money i can

I really want this Musashi, too bad I'll have to use a proxy to get it
You guys think there's any chance that rightstuff or another store is going to sell it internationally?

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Could I please have a link or name for the bottom left one and the Alice next to it?

How old are you guys, when collecting figures is too old?
An example

Too many, slowly winding down though. Getting more into tapestries and character goods. Been a slow start to the year with not much decent dropping for preorder.

Someone has to tell GSC make a nendoroid of this absolute qt

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31 and I'll collect until the day I die.

Bunny suit looks absolutely fucking ridiculous. Why couldn't that be her pilot suit? Why FREEing, why?

Still going to get her eventually.

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>Bunny suit looks absolutely fucking ridiculous.
That's the most redundant statement in the history of scale figures.

Plachta, from Atelier Sophie,
And this is the Alice


Dragonball shit is the worst. All the merch is stuck in the 90s as far as quality goes.

there are a few a18 with proper proportions, could you stop asking the same fucking question over and over?.

My fav figure is made by Broccoli, fuck you.

Sorry for your loss

Why?, my figure has pretty good quality, are you dumb?.

No, but looks like you are.

Add low standards to that.

But user, your favorite figure MUST have the absolute best quality available, didn't you know? Nothing else matters.

I just want a quality Astolfo plush.

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And it to be haunted and call you gay?

I love their nendos and am really excited for their scales. Sadly I probably won't get mine until the end of the month because of other pre-orders.

This is so jarring. Kudos to him though, he's even got a lot of videos.

I was thinking blessed like this one. This one shares his Mellow Yellow and calls you friend.

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Astolfo looks like he smells bad.

crotch swamp

thats a boy

How do plushfags go about maintaining their collection? I remember seeing an user with probably over 100 on shelves here before, I imagine they would get pretty dusty/grimy over time if you aren't careful.

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Because i won't buy them. Huge tits are the best and i wish more statutes got bumped up two cup sizes

>hides the boy face

it's a boy

>Those GuP nendo petits and their tanks
Jelly, I got the first nendo petit set and I will get the other two sets down the road, but how big are the boxes of the tanks?
The petits alone are nice, but displaying them in the tanks are a great touch, (Jelly of the winter camo T34/85). Are you getting the 4 new tanks too?

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It was posted before, Tim. Or do you seriously want a penis so bad?

100 plushies which a made for cuddles an absurd amount, but to each their own. I have most on my bed lined against my wall and the rest on a couple of small wall shelves. The ones on shelves do get dusty of course, so what I do during dusting routines is beat and brush them off in the middle of my room then vacuum. If your room has a window that can open all the way then it'd be better to dust them off out.

I like softness but this is just TOO SOFT.
She barely has any tits.

Gift plushies aren't made for cuddles

To be fair she is not supposed to be curvy, I think only Entoma is flatter than her

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This looks dumb.

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I think it's the face that I don't like in this figure.
It's a really subtle thing, but the artwork she has a bit more of a disgusted/annoyed face instead of just pure blandness like in the current prototype.

ALL plushies are made for cuddles! Even stuff like hipster art ones, they beg to be cuddled. Yes Gift and Altair plushes have stiff legs so that they can sit sturdily but they still want to be cuddled.

Its the same face, an it's as deadpan as it's supposed to be

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Looks like they made the ears biggers

It's just her fringe covering her eyebrows, looks spot on with So--bin's art.

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is it cast off


Yeah no, not happening.

Costs 300+ burgers though.

>only 1,920yen

do you think someone hotglued it?

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Come on, they've done it before. Once, but still.

Once, for a limited + exclusive figure, after ending the series they started a decade before.

Not for a random figure.

Glass Cabinets.

You just listed a number of odd choices that don't make the random figure they chose previously any less random than the one in question. I agree that this new one almost certainly will not be castoff but the chance that she is isn't zero.

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Not odd at all, The series in question was started by Alter and Hobby Japan, no other company was involved originally and the figures were the original material with the first one coming out even before the novels did. So it is way more than just a random project they picked up or that had a original material around to be based on like overlord is.

And the figure was marketed as the last of the series And again, by the two companies that started it with a limited + exclusive release.

The circumstances are completely different. Also I never mentioned Zero, just said that no, it's not happening.

Got a nice, long gap to save up some extra dough until May (assuming there aren't any delays).

It's a fanservice line; what are you gonna do?

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I'll wait for Gift to grant my wish. They'd be stupid not to make an Astolfo plush.

>don't make the random figure they chose previously any less random than the one in question

That's as wrong as it gets though, there's a way deeper relationship between Alter and HJ with the hyakka ryouran franchise. Overlord is just one of many series that have gone through their hands.

Preferences are preferences.

Preferences doesn't change the fact that Broccoli figures are shit.

And Ai want this Ai to come out for preorder, too.

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Why? Their Nep fig in particular was well-received.

Who the fuck names their company Broccoli?

As expected from a shit fan base that has no other decent neptune figure available. Just like touhou retards buying griffon figures.

Who the fuck names a vegetable after a company?

The fact remains that without someone from Alter saying why the choice was made or a pattern to examine we've got nothing but speculation; the deciding factor could have been all of those things or none. We can't determine a pattern with one figure so all we have are a bunch of maybes until Alter pulls another pair of nipples out of their hat.

I need to see this painted before I commit to an Ai.

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