What do you think about dragons?

What do you think about dragons?

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Dragons in movies/tv/video games are cool.
Also, I wouldn't fug a dragon loli.

I want a dragon in loli form to be my companion.

Fuck off, that shit was never funny.

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I wish I was a cute 2D loli dragon.

what is she spreading out her legs like that? is she sick?

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They're fuckable

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Dragons should be slain, by an extremely thick and meaty dragon slaying sword.

Marry a dragon?

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Why are dragons so lewd?

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Send in the dragon slayers.

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And very fertile.

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I want to pinch her little belly

yes, i think that'd be just fine

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No, You are the pervert.

Don't trust this table.

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Kanna made me want to be a parent.

What does it smell like

stinky unwashed dragon cunny

I think that certain dragons are acceptable.

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Why didnt they show more Elma?
She is a pure, kind-hearted beautiful girl

I want to punch her with Lightning.

I'd fuck a dragon.

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I think I should slay them and bathe in their blood.

Yes, absolutely. But only if it's Tohru or fat Mexican slut.

Oh wow.