Shingeki no Kyojin

Is Armin still manlet?

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First for Zeke is loves manlet dick


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Why was Erwin considered a good leader when every plan he had involved killing every soldier he had?

>Annie will never return home
>Annie will never get a meaningful reunion with her father
>Annie will never again be relevant to the plot
>Annie will get an Ymir'd offscreen by smelly tranny Hongo
>Annie will just appear breifly in a flashback looking JUST
>Annie will never again be mentioned in the series

Armin a cute.

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Reiner will save her.

Because the previous commanders also lost most of the soldiers without accomplishing anything.
But Erwin would end up failing at everything as well if Eren didn't show up.
It was a really convenient coincidence for Paradis that they had a competent leader during the time that they got Eren

Reiner will break down when he see's both Armin Colossal titan and Jean female (male) titan

Reposting from previous thread
Assuming Ymir takes over Porco’s body:
Is it considered strap-on sex if it’s a real dick but not your own?
If Porkmir impregnates Hisu, is that self-cucking?
Is it considered gay or straight sex?

If Eren and Hisu have sex and Freida momentarilly takes control over Eren's body, is it incest?

>Ymir takes over Porco’s body
It's not going to happen YHcuck.

Why do Zekefags keep running with the dumb nonsense about Zeke joining the SL instead of simply accepting that he is bad at his job?


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Reminder that they loved each other.

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Armong is shit.

The funniest part is that even if zeke is teamed up with paradis, it isn't because he is some genius schemer. Paradis only let him live because of magic blood. Zeke didn't make some awesome keikaku, he just got lucky that he lives in the shingeki no naruto part of the series.

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What are this dots on Mikasa's upper chest? Lichen areas?

Reminder that you got btfo.


It's from her FtM hormone treatment

Love bites. Not like I expect you to actually understand how they're made.
Eren can go a bit crazy sometimes.

I'm gonna flip my shit the next time I see someone on Reddit commending Isayama for MASTER FORESHADOWING

> There's not much time is there?
> Levi holding A LITERAL WATCH

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Why is Manlet's chin so pointy now?
Did he get plastic surgery?

Foreshadowing is the biggest meme among long running action shonen manga readers. Everyone thinking their favorite has the biggest and best foreshadowing.

RE is canon.

>Flocke was supposed to guard the horses during Shiganshina
>two chapters ago he was praising Eren for killing everyone, including children
>Next chapter he's going to save Jean, the horse, by killling two children and an old man

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>the absolute state of Jean

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Who was in the wrong here?

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Jean. Pieck a cute. Killing cute girls is wrong regardless of circumstances.


pieck by falling close to children and endagering their lives by doing so.

This. Jean deserves the headman's axe.

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Falco. I like him, but if it's between Falco and Jean, I would rather have Jean kill him.

Falco because his dumb bitch will shoot in any direction and get themselves killed in the next chapters.


so... who's the man?

Jean deserves to get his balls ripped off for what he did to Pieck

>leddit and jeanfags this triggered to realize that Gabi's likely attempt to shoot Jean could just leave him injured instead of outright killing him

accept Chadmin into your heart

Gabi doesn't even have her rifle anymore dude

Go cuck (you)rself faggot

Chadmin's colossal cock thinks otherwise

Falco. It shouldn’t have turned out this way

>waifufags getting angry that their third favourite warrior got a little beaten up

Jean. Thankfully Gabi will save both Pieck and Falco.


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>tfw delusional shipperfags getting BTFO as usual
Thank you based Isayama

>pic features PBRZ


Brother/Friend relationship

Falco. Jean can't understand Marleynese.

pieck lewds when

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>jeanfags on panic mode, because their baby can die on combat.

not him, but that artist is a ZPwhale iirc.

The original panel was darker and more "mysterious" with the shitty traduction
It had it's charm

>gonna get eaten or die in a year regardless of what she does
If anything, Jean is doing her a favor by killing her off before she breaks down from either losing Zeke and or getting betrayed by Zeke.

If Jean murders an unarmed child he'll be dead to me.

What would you do to a lewd Pieck?

To hug her and comfort her

Turn her around. And penetrate

her nape.

That's not very lewd.

Pieck is too nice to kill.

I would give her to be eaten by a volunteer of the survey corps.

If Pieck does next chapter you lot will shit on Jean and screech for his scalp for a few days, then move right on to whatever new qt appears.

Too nice to kill.

Fuck ;_;

annie pls

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Isayama said so.

Pierce her body with my thunderspear.

don't worry I'm going to shit on Jean and never let it go.


I want to take a long afternoon nap with a sleepy Pieck and wake up to see her sleeping face next mine.
>tfw I will never experience this feel
Just thunderspear my shit up.

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Too nice to kill.

At least we will move on while leddit will cry blood for years when Jean gets REKT by someone on their self defense right.

I want to wake up with a sleepy pieck and wake her up by nibbling on her legs and bum. I think Pieck would have very soft skin and it would feel really nice on my lips. It would be nice if she was giving me her lazy smile.

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You mean twitter nobody said so?


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>Kuchel x Manlet


It's Pieck

Go ahead and disprove it. The other ones who also went to the event didn't.

>zeke is only gona save himself from this thanks to the blood that his parents gave him
>the ones he turned into a titan emotionless when still a child

Kill yourself.

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I will believe it when it's from a reliable source.

Cute and canon.

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The new netflix show A.I.C.O Incarnation has a girl that looks like Gabi.

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I hope she looks like this and doesn't wear her hair down.

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Or will just shit on whatever source out of butthurt.

You know who goddammit

Nice try but I would rather trust reliable sources. There's lot of people who make things up out of butthurt.

>that nose

You won't because this rustle your jimmies really hard, having your headcanons shut down.

It's better for me if he's short though but I don't trust butthurt anons here.

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That's you.

Leave her to die while making deals with midgets?

Eren and Mikasa look very mature in this pic.

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