Which one Sup Forums? I personally prefer The adventurer

Which one Sup Forums? I personally prefer The adventurer

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Give me the ship. I want to travel the stars, find a new home for mankind (this planet has a couple centuries left at most) and maybe make contact with alien civilizations.

the adventure

Adventurer for me too.

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Seibah route obviously

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Adventurer easily

I'll have to go with The Adventure

If I choose Spaceship, I can probably also end up with my dream fleet of super mechs, the best genre, so Spaceship

The adventure.

Adventure. One question tough, if I go to a place like the Continent from the Rance universe, will I be able to choose my own skills and an infinity level cap or will I get the same fat nerd skills i have now? Because then it would suck balls.

Just choose adventurer and find a way to borrow a ship from another universe! You won't own it.

Being an immortal, rich, little girl sounds great. I have no desire to have adventures so there are no real cons.

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>Space Ship can only jump between Star Wars and 40k
>Not Trek

What is the fucking point?

Hard modo
>choose adventure route
>go to fantasy adventure
>realize that even people that could become saber holy-spirits will never love you either

anyway I'll take the ship and search the galaxy(s) for a holodeck anyway

Star Trek is your galaxy in the future

>you will never experience any adventures
Here's the real deal breaker. "Adventure" is pretty poorly defined, you could call a trip to the store an adventure. This feels like a trap.
Spaceship because I don't trust Necron tech/want to end up in 40k, and I don't care for Saber.
That leaves the adventure as the only viable option.

This is easy I choose the Adve-
>You can never own a badass spaceship
Fuck, guess I'll go with the Spaces-
>The spaceship does not have a holodeck
You fucking monster.

Adventurer can do all other 3 things.

What counts as "Adventure" in the Little Girl option? Like, if Earth ends and humans decide to use space ship to travel to new world, would joining that be an adventure? Would simply traveling to another country be an adventure?

implication is that your life is just a mundane SoL

so at least nothing outside that genre

The adventure.

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I consider myself a spacefag, but I gotta go with adventurer.

(though maybe it's because that ship looks so unappealing)

Little Girl.

I reject them all, so I can archive all of them combined in real life.

Adventure; Everything else I really couldn't care less about. Too good, anyway, so I can't really get into it.
Well, if we are going to make wishes we might as well wish big, I guess.

Adventure could be really op, but its looks like a trap, you will end up death really fast if you go to the wrong universe
Spaceship is broken as fuck but the universe of 40k and starwars arent that great, but you could become the suprem dictator of this world

So space ship

Space-ship. Who needs a harem when I can just raid backwater planets and gather as many slaves as I like, and then pump them full of drugs and implants to make them love me? And I can have as many adventures as I want using all the shit I can find along the way.

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Spaceship if it means ai can become waifu and even an android waifu. Also the space ship has to be OP. Otherwise coin toss between harem and little girl options.

>stah wahs

so far behind in tech to the other two whats the fucking point even

>little girl option

You are a degenerate, aren't you?

The adventurer is the only non-brainlet choice.

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For resources and for the diversity of sentient life-forms that exist there. You can easily travel there to collect qt aliens with ease and sell them or keep them for yourself.

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Neet immortality is my dream. I pick that. I pick that a hundred times.

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The Little Girl

twileks a shit

Necron and Borg technology aren't known for being ergonomical.

Little girl is yhr fastest way to die so that one

Now that I think about it the Spaceship option is kind of shitty. 40K ships (imperial ones at least) need the Warp to travel at FTL speeds and even that's dangerous and requires additional support. Star Wars ships require hyperspace lanes which don't exist outside of the SW universe. Borg ships, as far as I remember, travel by means other than warp-speed which rely on established Borg tech.

In short, unless you get lucky enough to get Warp Engines you're kind of fucked.

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Fine, then stick with humans you boring vanillafag. You can still come in, bomb some shithole planet, and beam up the survivors to the slave pens with ease.

>pick harem
>use command seals to make sabers work
infinite money

I want to be fucked by oniisan

Eternal adventurer, thanks. Time to become a tank mechanic in GuP.

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Borg ships have regular warp engines just like all ST ships as well as trans-warp engines. It would be perfectly functional in any universe.

> making a King work
You have no shame do you?

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Adventure is the easiest option to abuse. You can never own a spaceship, but you can own a badass space whale. Same thing with the girl if you're clever enough.

Greatest strength though is that you can marry your waifu if she isn't a Saber.

If the little girl was worded better then maybe, but as it stands I have to go adventure.

Ok, that's fair enough, but what if you get unlucky and get a ship that only has 40K type engines? You're kind of fucked.

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Harem because given enough time, all women will be a Saber.

What kind of work?

There is no worse hell.

I have to go Adventure Jew. Travel between worlds trading shit that's abundant in one world for goods that are scarce in another.

Hyperdrives are perfectly capable of working under standard circumstances as long as you can somehow map the route. The lanes are just there so you don't run into something nasty like the inside of a star or a black hole.

Necron tech doesn't use the warp either.

Remember when there was just Saber, Lion and Alter? Count how many there are these days ...

Can someone explain to me what's so good about Adventurer?

>You may have eternal youth but you're not immortal, so if you enter a dangerous universe/time period you are fucked
>You may have eternal youth but you look the way you are now, so there is zero guarantee of bedding the girl you want
>You can learn magic but who's to say you won't stumble into a universe with dangers that are too much for your magic to handle, no matter how long and diligently you grind

Adventure's an easy pick. The one concern I'd have is if time would progress at the same rate in the real world when I dimension hop to a fictional universe. If I spent 1 year there, does 1 year pass in the real world? Wouldn't want that.

Adventurer so I can meet my waifu, then go on adventures with her.

You're assuming your waifu would want to hang out with you
I hope you're good looking lad

I believe that she could fall in love with me.

>can reset the universe
>can time travel
>you choose your starting point
It's literally easymode as long as you have the slightest idea of what you're doing.

The adventure is overpowered. If I want a harem I can just go to some haremverse. If I want to be a little girl I can go to some universe where gender bending is possible. I can't own a badass spaceship which is too bad, but I can do all sorts of other stuff.

How does this solve the problem of your appearance
I assume most anons here aren't supermodels

Go to a universe where you can change your appearance.

>If I want to be a little girl I can go to some universe where gender bending is possible
It says right there you can never become a girl

Okay, be a big girl, or a little "girl".

You can't become any girl
The best you can be is a trap

You can time travel anyway

Adventure. I don't want a harem and I don't want a saber. I'll find love on my quest! ;_;

You don't seem to understand how bullshit some magical systems are and what you can do with limitless time on your hands. Also you can always just jump to some shitty Isekai world where the stupid game mechanics ruling it let you enhance your appearance.

Only in fictional universes.

Why would you care about the real world?

>EVERY known fiction universe
>you have god like powers from these universes
>and learn magic
>find universe with bullshit magic hax
>learn it
>exploit multiverse
>also your immortal
>something something
>become God
Is it really that hard to understand user?
If you know what you are doing you can crack this universe open to cheat.

Little Girl. Change my life's setting to a comfy fantasy slice of life type story. As long as the setting doesn't include any kind of adventure or crazy happenings, it should be safe.

>become immortal little girl
>use infinite money to carefully position myself socially, economically, and politically
>guide Humanity from the shadows towards a future in the stars
>become an immortal guardian of Humanity, carrying knowledge and wisdom throughout the generations
>once we have managed to leave our solar system and Humanity's future is secure, retire and live as long as I like in a life of comfort and happiness on my awesome spaceship

One problem.
>You will never experience any adventures
Frankly you are better off using the Adventure option to get the powers you need for the real world and you can always become a dickgirl or something to get around that little restriction

You could even skip the whole issue with having to learn stuff. Just jump to Dragon Ball, steal a wish from the Dragon balls to be able to learn hyper fast and/or some power to start with, and you'll be good to start on your path to godhood.

Also, you can get yourself a harem of Sabers and scissor with them all you like
Frankly Little Girl is the second best option of those 4

There's not really anything adventurous about doing things like playing the stock market or owning a business, unless you want to get picky about the definition of "adventure".

It's not an adventure if you just pay everyone else to do all the work.

I'm torn between Saber and little girl, but I guess that little girl. I always wated to be the little girl.

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I would be when people inevitably start making moves against you and you suddenly are in a political intrigue little girl anime

I wonder what moot is up to these days

Who would make moves against you? Just start a business that basically competes with NASA, like SpaceX, and use your money to help smooth things over with the government. The only people I can see being against that would be rival corporations and that's still to your benefit anyways because what you want to be done (i.e. Humanity having a future in space) would still be accomplished.

Working for google

It isn't if you take them out fast enough that it wouldn't fill up a 1 cour anime.

who is moot

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The adventure. Who needs a badass spaceship when you can become an omni-god with accumulated magic skills
I'd like to note that The Harem is pointless as the Adventurer could not only amass more women, but with magic or technology, replicate all of it's bonuses. In fate, most semen demons like Raikou, Passionlip, Florence, Mata Hari, Xuanzang, Tamamo, Quetzalcoatl and Scathach belong to other classes so losing out on them to gain Sabers seems weird. However many Sabers like Jeanne, Artoria and Nero have other classes they can be summoned in so I can get Saber's anyway.

Rather fuck the little girl
I don't care about Saber
Can't get a badass spaceship, but that doesn't lock me out on getting a regular spaceship

Getting bullied at google for being the creator of a website for depressed virgins


>Literally me

Adventure of course.

The Adventure is by far the best
>Can enter any fictional realm
>Including fictional realms of my own creation
>Time to create a fictional realm that is just a small room that consists of every overpowered artifact I can imagine and also a book that makes me an immensely powerful mage instantly

The Adventure is the only real option. The other three are just wastes of time. If you think about it, The Adventure allows you the travel to the fictional settings of the other three, and with time travel and reset, you'd be omnipresent, and being able to reset allows you to be omniscient. You can even screw others over of their choices (you're untouchable with lolreset).

You may not any Saber love you, but Medusa Rider is where its at anyway. You may never be a little girl, but you can dress up the little girl in frilly dresses still. And who needs a spaceship anyway? You can travel anywhere and at any time, making spaceships pointless.

Most importantly, The Adventure allows you to have a purpose.

Easy choice.

The adventurer because you basically control reality. The others are genre restricted while an adventurer could use magic eventually to do basically anything in any time/place/universe/fictional concept/... and could easily bend the rules. You have infinite tries at anything and unlimited universes and timelines to adventure in.

You don't need to own a spaceship to use one or even be the captain of one. You could own an entire empire and just use any ship you don't technically personally own the ship. The time travel, universe travel, reset universe, use magic pretty much means there are no rules for you.

Adventure is objectively better than the others, shame about never owning a badass spaceship though.

You could go on a space adventure. It really is the only correct option as you can functionally do everything aside from change your gender or have a sabre harem.

I use the spaceship to find the tech to become the little girl.