Name a hero or villain he could beat.

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dbz power levels are retarded, they all jump up to planet-buster out of nowhere.

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>dude yamcha is a loser lol
Yamchad is /ourguy/ and always has been

Literally 95% of all the characters.


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could he beat saitama?

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Even Yamcha can defeat this bald fake hero.

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A lot. He is probably on par with Nappa by the end of Z or Vegeta if you wank him. Shouldn't really use the footage of him shitting on tons of fighters in other world in the Kid Buu arc imo.

the entire boku no hero cast/naruto cast/one piece cast

Madara Uchiha

Jolyne Kujo could beat his ass

Shinji Ikari.

Deku.. with one finger

He can probably defeat Pilaf

I could see Yamcha handling most Sailor Moon villains, and possibly One Piece up until Marineford.

Cell Saga Yamcha obliterates One Piece. He's likely Saiyan Saga Vegeta level at bare minimum, which is at least life wiper tier

Feat wise?
He fucks the baldy fast and hard, Saitama - if we go by his feats - is only Ginyu tier, casually one-shotting a Saiyan arc Vegeta equivalent that was Boros. Yamcha was mistaken for Goku by Gero, so he must around 1st-2nd form Freeza tier, since Geezer predicted Goku's strength by calculating his growth from when he fought Raditz, to where he fought Vegeta - and he got over 20x stronger in that year. nd Gero was assumin four years of such growth curve.

If we take Saitama's informed atribute at face value tho?
Baldy stomps everything outside high level reality warpers that can just "think" his strength away.

nobody cares about B level heroes

can yancha defeat King?

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The God of Abraham.

Best answer.