Ghost in The Shell

What are your thoughts on this franchise, Sup Forums?

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It's my big favorite but I've made my peace with the fact that it's a dead franchise. We were lucky to get as many episodes as we did.

What if I told you that the only good part of it is the 1995 movie?

S.A.C. is great.

I'd tell you that you're right.

It's mediocre

I would agree, the show is fucking terrible

I'd say you need to watch more anime.
Movie is 10/10, SAC is 9/10

Inbetween the live action film, the video game, and Arise I just feel like a battered woman, always coming back for more.

I think so too, but it doesn't mean SAC isn't great as well

The movie is 9/10. SAC is 6/10. SAC SSS is 5/10

Psycho Pass and Texhnolyze are better than S.A.C.

Just give me S.A.C season 3 and I can die a happy man.

Really like the '95 movie. Read the manga (physical copy), really strange. Don't understand how the story and tone changed so much between that and the film. The Manga honestly seemed pretty bad to me.


Should I watch Arise?


Boring as shit.

Top tier sleep aid.

Watch more anime.

Is it that time of the week already?

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>make cyberpunk show with kickass robot police
>its 95% talking heads
oh, ok. haven't the foggiest idea why my expectations weren't met.

Latest iteration was not good. Previous movies/TV series enjoyable.