Can we take a moment to appreciate the tsun-tsun?

Can we take a moment to appreciate the tsun-tsun?

Also, who's best tsundere?

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Anta baka?

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Mao a cute.

Male Tsundere > Female Tsundere

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Pay your respects to one of the first and the most imitated.

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>Also, who's best tsundere?
You know the answer

>tsundere tomboys

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I like this one

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This, men are cute tsundere.

It's why I love shojo manga so much.

Posting tsundere of the season.

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fact: Tsunderes are disgusting

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I'm not being tsun for you, baka.

Shut UP.

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When people are new to anime they are often attracted to tsundere while being in denial about it.
After you become more familiar with anime you'll start to see them everywhere and will begin to hate on them.
Finally, only after watching lots of anime you'll understand tsundere and will able to admit your love for them.
Verily, any anime fan is in truth just a tsundere for tsundere.

tsundere are at their best when they are paired with other archetypes. e.g. lesbian tsundere

Tsundere are best when they are male (paired with a female.)

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Like second best boy from Furuba.

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Mutual tsundere is my favorite couple archetype. Is there anyone here who hasn't seen pic related yet?

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And the first example most people probably think of.

Good one. But whenever Kaze no Stigma is mentioned I immediately feel sad and wistful. It's a shame it had to end where it did.

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>It's a shame it had to end where it did.
I'll kill death for this.

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>one of the
Where are your reading glasses, gramps?

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Has tsundere gone too far?

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Nothing is more enjoyable than some hmanga humor, I mean seriously the comedy shit you find in hentai manga is magnitudes better than humor in serialized non-H manga.


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Muh sides

Also does she count?

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My favorite one.

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B... baka

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To think people would ask for sauce for something as famous as that.
You disgust me. Get out of Sup Forums. Leave.

A decade plus and Shana is still mai waifu.

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That's funny, I don't recall anyone asking me for permission to date my daughteru.

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This image always gets me

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Needs an updating, but I don't really read that much doujinshi.

I love male tsundere's I want to bully them so badly

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This is your daughteru on a date we went.

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sauce on this? reverse image search comes up with nothing.

Party hard

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Stop shitposting on Sup Forums and get back to work on Xanadu, Yuuji.

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You better bring her home on time.

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>Girl and I are kissless virgins in our mid 20s
>We have both confessed to each other
>Flirt with her often, but she never reciprocates. Complete Tsun
>This goes on for about 4-5 months
>Finally showed some minor dere when she hugged me a few days ago as I was leaving her place

Don't care that i'm blogging. I'm so happy, I want to tell the world

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go to hell, stupuid fagot

I'll see you there, buddy

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kiss her next time you're sitting together with her

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W-What? No.

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>girl irl

>on Sup Forums

Die in a fire, nobody cares about your life

Google gives the source.

I'm not getting jack shit. There something I'm missing here?

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It's because you're using the thumbnail to search instead of full image. user, you're dumb.

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The best

It's a shame she is gonna get NTR'd by sempai' s childhood friend next chapter.

Sempai doesn't have the balls. He's picking up what Nagatore is putting down.

What the fuck is wrong with your spacing?

He basically told her to fuck of when she tricked him about her having a boyfriend and that was in the original picture sets.

Just wait and see anyway.


Yeah, but that was like five chapters back, there's been a few badump moments on both sides since then

Characters in CGs and manga are too different, doesnt count.

>Also, who's best tsundere?
Pic related.

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More of a psychotic bitch with serious mental issues than a tsundere, reallty.

Hottest of opinions straight from reddit.

>Tries to put labels on poster to devalue the content.
okay go adore your favorite aska some more

Even tho i liked her in burned-out state, but it doesnt change the fact that she is an essense of a psychotic bitch rather than tsundere.

Nino is the best tsundere

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Not best, just most memorable. Most of her actions were to spite mommy and to prove she was the best. When that failed she went batshit.

>who's best tsundere?

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>who’s best tsundere?
Easy. Best shota. He even had a song about being a tsundere.

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Anyone have the one Guy Feiri one with a bunch of hentai quotes behind him?

mah nigga has taste.

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