I am very thankful to have such a beautiful wife. Akarin that will wait for me with smiles when i get back from work!

I am very thankful to have such a beautiful wife. Akarin that will wait for me with smiles when i get back from work!

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You can't marry her, she belongs to oneesan.

Why do you have a wall for a waifu?

best girl thread?

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His Wallfu?

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>not exploiting Akari's good-hearted nature and forcing her to work, cook and clean while you be a NEET at home

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I wish I could have such a wife..

Then post your wife, user.

I'm gonna marry Toshinou Kyouko and put a baby in her tummy!

Make sure you subscribe to YUA or your wife will end up mute very soon.

I'm really happy to hear that, user. Can you show me some pictures of your wife please?

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Can I see your wife's feet? I'm a doctor

I want to lick your wife’s legs!

Only anons with a pure heart are able to see her. If you can't see her, then consider suicide.

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Brat a shit

How soft do you think her tummy is?

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Why is her stomach so long?

I don't have a pure heart at all but I can see her

extra space for my babies

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Probably soft enough to be a pillow. Her tummy is so flat that it wouldn't give you a crick in your neck if you did that

lets bratpost

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Good idea, as long as the Akarinposting continues as well

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like this?

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I don't get this image

Why do Japanese sit on top of their desks, this doesn't make any sense?
Why are they both on a desk? Is this a learning technique?

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They didn't have access to a bed at that moment, so they had to improvise

why do they need a bed? Are they tired?

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Because they're about to have hot yuri sex


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What I want to know is why Yui isn't groping Ayano's butt in that picture (also here's some official Yui nipple)

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why did you delete the first post and where is her nipple?

Nipples are usually on the legs.

I forgot to close the parenthesis on the first post and her nipple is on her boob, which is located on her chest

Oh I see now, i thought you meant it was exposed nipple earlier desu

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wtf i didnt say desu i said desu

That's a nice picture.

what are you trying to accomplish here by impostering me?

Thanks sis

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go back to your containment board, yuritards

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Go back to your containment thread, yaoitard

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What are you saying right now user

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What i'm saying was this man

was impostering me

>le akari is invisible meme
You think you are funny? That meme is insanely forced and old. It never actually made sense, since she's one of the characters with the most screentime. I actually rewatched the series and took the same. She's the number one character, far ahead of anyone else. So think again if you want to call her "invisible". I know that success breeds jealousy, so that's probably why you want to make the most popular character in the series not exist anymore, because your shitty favorite "waifu" lost against her, but she won't go away. She will be forever the best character in the series, and your shitty character will live in the shadows, like you like in the shadow of your basement. There's nothing more idiotic than some fucking retard trying to pretend that who's clearly the most likable character in the entire series suddenly has no relevance and can be ignored or ommited or force an epic "she has no presence" meme. The only thing invisible are your girlfriend and your job, you utter failure at life. If you ever saw a girl like her, you would build her a shrine and worship her like the goddess she is. Not only you are disrespectful towards all the legit fans of the series, you are also disrespectful towards the creators and animators when you pretend that she's invisible. You can pretend all you want, but she's basically the main character whether you like it or not. She has the most air time when you take into account the quality put into it. There's just no argument to sustain the invisible meme and you are a fucking retard shit tier opinion for forcing it. It's been fucking years already, let it die you pathetic moron.

I support this pasta.

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I don't believe you

i want to rape Himawari and punish her boobs

I agree.

Akari is so cute. Holy shit.

Almost too cute.

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>shape of breasts refracted through the water

I disagree

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She is 12 years old. Stay away from my daughteru.

I prefer to wait for my handsome wife to get home from work with a smile. I love getting a "tadaima" kiss.

She’s my daughterwife.

Yui has the best ass

Your first day on channel 4?

chill out mohammad

Himawari is the one who does that.

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What is this user talking about?

I like her tights.