Post mangaka stealing designs

Post mangaka stealing designs

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togashi is a fucking fraud

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>authors tend to go to certain themes

Subtle Touhou reference

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he never fought user

Leorio becomes super strong later on?

I’m surprised anyone found those and connected the dots in the first place

Does Togashi even draw at all? I remember he said in volume 1 his wife helps him.

when togatoga steal you a design its a flattery.

Nah, she was designed by the R.O.D. mangaka when she was Akamatsu's assistant, there's even one character int R.O.D. TV that is basically her. IIRC the Touhou resemblance is pure coincidence, the game where Patchuoli debuted came out only 2 months before Negima was released, when most of the manga designs were already decided

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Someone post Shanks from One Piece and that Fairy Tail guy

both designs are from Togashi

leorio and pika don't really get written out of the story, hell the current arc has kurapika as protagonist and leorio asa side character while gon and killua are gone.
Also when did leorio become strong?

>comic relief jobber becomes super strong
Has Leorio actually done anything impressive? Punching Ging doesn't really prove anything.

No, Togashi didn't say that in volume 1 because he was not married until about volume 8 or so

Whoa. Is that legal? The whole tracing thing?

this not-jesus design was a huge meme way before they both were born. The author is Albrecht Durer, it mutated quite a bit since then.

why is it I love yu yu hakusho yet everything about hunter x hunter pisses me off?
This isn't about recycling but I just can't put my finger on it.

YYH is not that good. You must be a grandpa and thats your first manga or something.

YYH was Togashi trying to tell an engaging story from the bottom of his heart.

HxH is Togashi trying to "deconstruct" and displease as many people as possible, for the sake of being different.

>for the sake of being different
More like for the sake of not being absolutely bored with his job, as far as I can tell.
Yu Yu Hakusho ended because he hated continuing a series he had no more passion creating, so he did bad on purpose.

>reuses themes and uses references

Does this legitimately change anyone's opinion on Togashi? Whether those things are true or not, they just seem so irrelevant. I think HxH is okay and after seeing this I still think it's okay.

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>generic powerlevel fighting shonen
>engaging story

well, he is indeed a hack. A hack with luck in making crap that sells well.

>More like for the sake of not being absolutely bored with his job, as far as I can tell.
I'm not sure this would any better if it were the case. HxH still reeks of insincerity and displeasure.

Did user forget any buzzword?

I don't know man, I love both, you're just weird.

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Anzai ripping off Togashi because Sunday was so desperate for a YYH clone

Looks like the triple contrarian squad is here

literally nostalgia.
they are the same

>using references
I'm guessing the user who made this doesn't draw.

Wasnt Fairy Tail REALLY ripping off some One Piece designs?

don't know if this counts.

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she was his assistant that's how they met.

She was had already made Sailor Moon when they met each other.

you cant really steal something generic like that as a design

One Piece in a nutshell.

togashi is writing better yyh world building/characters and not giving a fuck since GI

How so? You may not like the direction it's going in, and I have mixed feelings about the current arc, but it absolutely seems like he's putting a ton of effort into it.

You can plagiarize from yourself?

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he literally traced the shit on the right, dumb pooh poster

YYH was Togashi making the most out of a core group of characters in a limited setting.

HxH is Togashi giving himself much more potential paths the story can easily take thanks to a flexible setting.

Yu Yu Hakusho was Togashi realizing his manga was shitty so he hastily started ripping off of the much more popular Dragon Ball. Hunter x Hunter was Togashi ripping off Dragon Ball again, but doing it well thought out.

This. He's using his characters to focus in on the story he wants to pay most attention to, and isn't afraid of swapping MC's in and out depending on what story he's trying to tell at the time. All the while, it feels natural and the characters aren't suffering from it, but only feel more natural.

>End of Hunter Exam is a tournament arc
All of the fights were skimmed over in a flashback, and the entire arc lasted a couple chapters.
>Heavens Arena is a tournament arc
More like a training arc. Gon and Killua didn't give a shit about beating the Floor Masters or going to Battle Olympia. Punching Hisoka once and learning Nen was the only objectives here, and once both were accomplished the arc ended.

this gets more retarded the more you read them
>student and teacher hate each other
>in series by the same author

I can't count the number of things fairy tail has copied from one piece, and no one gives a shit about that shitty series, we all know it's nothing original

no user she wasn't, he actual assistant said in an interview that he was working with him for a long time and suddenly one day he saw a woman bringing bento for togashi, he was surprised how togashi got the time to get a girlfriend

you know, all that time not actually drawing his own series you cucked faggots


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