Darling in the FranXX

Zerome is getting more and more stupid every new episode.

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What a horrible lookong anime.

hopefully this ordeal has made him realize that his idiocy has consequences.

>he made yet another thread

Is that the best you got?

>Tfw expecting great things
This world building has been super good so far. Can't wait to see whats in store

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Why didn't they just order Futoshi to shoot the core? The entire fucking thing could've been avoided in less than 30 seconds.

things had better start happening NOW. because so far it's been a fuckton of filler and a whole lot of wowit'sfuckingnothing.


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Am I doing my math wrong here or is everyone a fucking manlet.

>A fuckton of filler and nothing
I've been enjoying learning more about the world and characters with each episode. 2bad4u
I expect an end game plot to rise in 3 or so episodes

They are fucking kids you clapistani.

They are Japanese. They are fucking kids. They are manlets.

Zerome will not change anything about anything. He's still the same stupid kid, as in episode 2.

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>I've been enjoying learning more about the world and characters with each episode. 2bad4u

That's fucking wrong tho. There's been jack all for world building or characterization. Your standards for both of those must be terribly low.

what if the presents aren't for Christmas but because they all share the same birthday.
you know, cus test tubes and stuff.

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Here's how I'd roll out the FranXX squad:
>Franxx Strelizia
Front line/ flanking
>Franxx Delphinium
Front line.
>Franxx Argentea
I'd stick him in the middle/ flank
>Franxx Genista
In the fucking back- long range fire support.
>Franxx Chlorophytum
In the middle/ flank with Zorome for mid-range fire support and/ or foot-stabby

How about you?

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He's just eager to prove himself, that's all. Parasites are judged by their code number so he feels he needs to prove his worth.

The absolute state of Zorome

how do we fix darling in the franxx?

More Milkman

We make Hiro kiss 02 and give her a name

MFW armchair intellectuals get BTFO when Darling in the FranXX turns out to be a normal run of the mill SoL with monster of the week mech elements.

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Just end it. Its unsalvageable at this point.


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I have no problem with this.


Danke, doc.

Going with the farming theme, what PLANT is that? I know the moho class looks like a triceratops but it's also a plough. This Gutenberg is not a jellyfish.

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What's gonna happen to Ikuno?

zorome is still the most entertaining character of the show, no matter how stupid
that actually adds to his likeability

Shelby Cobra
Mini Cooper
Alfa Romeo

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She will end up with Milkman too. Threesome end

>zorome is still the most entertaining character of the show
Yeah, maybe if you're underage- oh wait

Yeah, he's funny until he's getting people hurt for his stupidity.

the aliens have stupid shapes

It's the weather.

So will NTRfags kill themselves and end their shitposting if it doesn't happen?

I liked how Miku and Zorome are communicating in tandem now, like Hiro and 02.

I think it's a safe bet that Ichigo and Goro will be doing the same next episode.

Flop,flop,flopping in the Hooouse ~

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We can only hope.

Is Goro the Anthony Burch of parasites?

Any ideas why Mitsuru asked Papa for a pen?

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>Communicating in tandem
>Like Hiro and 02
>Literally jobs to a flying brain and gets Goro life in danger.
>Implying Ichigo and Goro werent' in tandem before
Shiggy diggy, user.

Its a rain cloud!

Or it's a brain, or jellyfish, or something.

Add nipples, just like they did in the manga.

Zerome has the same mentality like a 4-year-old child

You're right. Holy shit, when did you realize this?

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Sure, they're still retarded, but at least it's implied they are starting to communicate on a depth similar to that of Hiro's.

More Hiro and 02
More Hiro's past

>So will NTRfags kill themselves and end their shitposting if it doesn't happen?
God, I hope so. Pretty fucking tired of
>muh lez oh lesbian lez love lez oh ikuno so lez so lesbian muh yuri /u/ fetish, max lesbian girls can't love girls DOUSHIO~
>muh NTR milkman cuck the kokoro the cuck cuckqueen cuckmaster so much cuck my cuck suck my cuck netorare cuck cuckadoodledoo

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>people hating on Zorome
>can't even fucking spell his name right

Oh boy it's gonna be one of those threads

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Thunderclouds that didn't do much other than make spooky lightning. If it wasn't mechanical it had to be thematic.

For writing anonymous poems for Ikuno.

I like the show well enough but the klax designs are pretty shit

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How does Ichigo fit so much attitude in such a tiny body?

If he has to die. Do you think his final moments will peaceful? Or will he be crying about life, Kokoro, and how it wasn't his time? Or will he attempt to fight until death takes him or Hero himself?

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anyone got a pic of zorome sneaking out in fear between ichigo and miku?

Stereotypical Redshirt Death #37856

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>doesn't like rainclouds.

with a plunger and Ikuno's fist

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Small and feisty is my favorite combination.

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Delete this. That redshirt had a name and life. On a serious note red shirts dying in a series really depresses me.

Mark my words, he will get fit and make Kokoro rue the day she abandons him for Mitsuru.

>geometrically agrees

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What a horrible night to post on Sup Forums

Thinks he's 2deep or he's been hiding an artistic side.

in episode 24 maybe

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Kill Mitsuru off to get rid of the ntr bait.
Have Kokoro get injured while piloting and end up in a coma or something so Futoshi can feel like shit and have motivation to improve and actually get a character.
Make Ichigo just fuck Goro already
02Hiro cuddling and more interactions
actually have an overarching plot, in Eva by now he had an idea of the angels, adam was introduced so there was something in the back of your mind to wonder about.

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This last klaxo was some weird shit. How is a giant, floating balloon in the shape of a human brain and filled with some sort of explosive liquid which is harmless to Ichigo supposed to be some creature which lives underground? The resemblance to a brain by itself is strange as fuck, why would it look so similar to a human organ?

Sounds good but what about Ikuno?

need pregnancy test edit

>Australians wakeup
>FranXX threads become shitpost festivals
God Moot was right

>and Ikuno's fist

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>Comes back buff as fuck
>He got a 10/10 as his partner
>Miku, Ichigo, and Ikuno are all surprised at the transformation
I only wish. Fatty to chad because of a thot would be real.

all of the Klaxosaurs we have seen so far can shapeshift so I imagine it had a different form before it came up from underground.

Those are all obvious questions. "What happened to the humans" is another obvious question. These aren't mysteries. They would be mysteries if we had tantalizing hints -- we don't. Here is the list of tantalizing hints:
>02's skepticism of Papa religion
>Dr. Franxx non-conformity
>Ikuno reported alive but apparently killed

It is these hints that make a mystery and in episodes 01-09 clues about wtf is the problem are sorely lacking.

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Was 02 the one who asked the question about thunderclouds after Kokoro mentioned them?

Does 02 know what thunderclouds are?

I say this because we literally know more about every other character in the series, except for Big McLargeHuge, who just eats and eats and eats.

First sign of a Redshirt: no backstory or character development.

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we don't talk about her
have naomi show up from the dead and pair them up I guess

>kill off Mitsuru
inb4 Kokoro and Futoshi bite it first

>Make Ichigo just fuck Goro already
Have you seen a German Shepherd try to mount a Pomeranian?

>Farming theme
This is why I visit these threads, unironically. Based autism

Wow, nice worldbuilding here, literal infodumps.

Give it time man...

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No, but I'm imagining it, now.

>Ikuno reported alive but apparently killed

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Wow, nice shitposting here, literal bait.

That's why Ichigo rides on top until she gets used to it.

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You meant Naomi, surely.

>It's bait because it's true
Is this how the average Franxxlet handles criticism?

I doubt Kokoro will die so quick.
I hope they have Ice queen Ikuno soften up mc edgelord so they don't do more NTR.

make milkman the MC

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Less mechashit
More relationship drama

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>Goro and Ichigo save Miku's life
>wtf fuck you Ichigo

What was her problem?

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See: We don't know much about Ikuno either. I think its best for us all to wait and see for the this week's PV. If it isn't a Futoshi episode then he most likely a red shirt meant to be killed /cucked.

I didn't get what her problem was there either.

Ichigo has long deserved a calling the fuck out. Literally nothing Miku said was wrong.

>humans have been driven to near-extinction by horrific, giant techno-beasts, the Klaxosaurs
>forced to survive by taking refuge in massive fortress cities called Plantations
>only fuel source is magma extracted from the core of the fucking earth
>the surface is already completely barren for the most part
>killing the planet more and more everyday
>Children are bred to pilot giant robots, subjected to relentless propaganda from birth
>are only given a name when some creative autist comes along and does it, normally only assigned a fucking number
>only parental figure in their life is some vaguely Messianic figure with no-face who they have to pray to before meals and have never met
>only receive praise from him when they put their lives on the line
>no birthdays or christmas, receive A present once a year, and its only ONE gift per kid
>FranXX are literally the only effective weapons against the Klaxosaur menace
>children are sacrificial lambs that only exist to uphold the lifestyle of some unseen upper caste, the 'adults'
>those who can't do this 'disappear'
>children have extremely high mortality rate, die in inhumanly cruel and terrifying ways
>adults don't even bother to empty their rooms when they die, just block them off and bring the next batch in
>almost no children become adults
>kids are trapped in a giant cage essentially, have no way to escape this living hell

tfw Futoshi is the only character in the series who has fully grasped the gravity of this existential horror, and is the only one reacting in an emotionally healthy way: by using over-eating as a coping mechanism.

also fuck you to all Milkmanfags for trying to throw shade at the deepest member of the show, and probably the most well-developed character in all of mecha history.

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