Why did Japan stop making samurai anime?

Why did Japan stop making samurai anime?

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There's a sequel of Basilisks coming out this year

it's boring

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Nujabes died.

Same reason Americans stopped making shows about Cowboys, that shit got old

This. There are so many old samurai movies that japs probably got burnt out.

They still make westerns. Just not as often.

Token Ranbu and Gintama are airing right now dumbfuck.

Yet Isekai still exists

It's still getting made, we just aren't getting on every single season like we used to.
Drifters was decently received. Gintama exists. Touken Ranbu got two fucking seasons. Nobody watched Onihei (technically not a samurai, I know)
I guess to answer your question - they're not a hot commodity, but they haven't been completely forgotten.

> Drifters
samurais were just one side of the story
> gintama
technically jokes and references
>touken ranbu
how can you call that fuyo shit a samurai anime!
> onihei
now thats a good example. yet the anime was a bit meh.

Why would something about samurai not count just because it's for fujos? There was a fujo anime short last season too. And Sengoku something, that probably had samurai.

The sengoku period is a pretty boring theme for them I would imagine.I would actually be interested in watching an anime about the period between 0-1000A.C

Just wait a few years till that trend dies too
Same thing applies to capeshit

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genpei war anime when

batman ninja lol

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Less sad than Mosha dying.

Anyway Samurai champloo wasnt good. It had poor storytelling that only teenagers would like.

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Negro it's been airing and it's garbage

They holding off for a while and then it 2-5 years someone is gonna surprise us with a vagabond anime adaption

onihei came out a few months ago.

Try a year

>finishing within 5 years
Lmao enjoy your basketball

why did america stop making westerns

same reason

Wait, what?

lmao can't enjoy that either
what the fuck

I have no idea what your post means.

But why did they stop making Westerns? I still think they're cool.
Same thing with samurai , I don't really get how somebody could get tired of something as simple as cool dudes with katanas defending their honor and subjugating peasant women

>finishing ever
i can't enjoy my basketball either, friendo

Ah I get it. I couldn't get into Real for whatever reason despite Vagabond being one of my favourite titles.

>Samurai Champloo
>Samruai Bebop
>Samurai Flamenco
>Samurai Girls
plenty of samurai shit de gozaru senpai

The real question is why they never did a season 2 of the best samurai anime ever made.

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Because I personally didn't want the manga to be stained further.

The anime is better than the manga.


The anime has some of the best aesthetics I've ever seen. The art, music, and sound effects are fucking fantastic. The manga is a lot more conventional, desu.

I didn't feel like that at all. The soundtrack was quite good but beyond that I didn't really feel it was that great overall. Whereas I still remember being impressed when I read it.

They didn't, watch more anime.

They didn't. Why did dumb Cartoon Network watching normalfags leave Facebook to come here?

I pray fuck you.