Will he ever smile again Sup Forums?

Will he ever smile again Sup Forums?

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For brief periods, in between his angst

>Tanakafags ruined another isekai thread
>shieldbro thread is dead on the water
a shame.

This immediately went to shit after chapter 4


Chapter or volume 4?

Yeah, i agree. He's going to lose his shit in vol 11 though.

Nigger I know what I typed.

Oh sorry. I get now that you meant the manga. Though a lot of people complain that the story goes bad after the queen comes to fix stuff, which is LN Vol 4 material. But they don't talk about the LN/manga, they talk about the WN.

>reading WNs
Yeah no, I hate myself but not that much.

Have you been reading the LN versions instead?

I don't think the lads from the WN era still around really, most who complain about the queen are mangafags.

There are, believe me. Y'know, vocal minority. I'm not sure how can the manga guys say that if naofumi currently has his hands full with otherworld invaders sent specifically to kill the heroes. Are we even reading the same thing?

In which chapter (of the WN) does the fight between Firo and the other Empress happen? Things happened and I stopped reading there a while ago.

By empress you mean fitoria?

I think so, yeah. It was more of a playful fight intended to judge how strong Firo was. At the end, Firo was also gifted something by the empress.

66 i think. You should switch to the LN instead though, since that's changed a lot. Unless you're reading the WN to get yourself informed.

Is that so? I will switch to it, then. I'd forgotten some things and a reread would be nice.
Thank you for answering, and thank you for the advice.

Quick rundown on this dude and his plight?

>gets isekai'd along with 3 other people, everyone has a kickass weapon, but he has a shield
>false rape accusation by the princess
>everyone, including the king believes her
>treated like shit by the locals and the other isekai'd heroes
>the heroes receive free money and armor by the king, they get treated like they're a part of the royal family
>but he doesn't, and his bad reputation in the region makes earning money troublesome, so he buys a slave and a bird mount, and roams the lands, doing various services to the locals, including transporting wood, taking care of bandits that harass local businesses, and cleaning up after the 3 heroes: they had killed a dragon and they'd let it rot and infect the village around
>there's some sort of cult in that whole country that worships the 3 heroes, and thinks that the Shield Hero is a devil of some sort
Without spiling much, that's what I remember. I'd read it a couple of years ago and stopped some time later.

Start from volume 3, vol's 1 and 2 don't differ that much from the hero's summoning to the zombie dragon fight.

dude gets summoned to fight for the world against "the waves of destruction" which are floodings of monsters via rips in space-time. No more than 3 days after he's summoned he's betrayed and framed for a crime he didn't commit(rape), and so he's ostracized from society at large. Having nobody to count on, he eventually buys a female child as a battle slave as a means to defeat monsters, gain experience and survive the waves. And like said, he does a lot of shit and cleaning after the the other hero's messes. Eventually he's able to clear his name with the help of the queen of the country he was summoned to and finally manages to gain equal standing with everyone.

Actually no yeah, DO start from volume 1.

Sounds fun. Anime when?

I will. Thank you again.

Hopefully by this year. If you're interested, you should try reading the manga up to chapter 8. That adapts vol 1 of the light novels. See if you like it.

There WILL be an anime, and it will be animated by Kinema Citrus; it was announced last summer, but I haven't heard anything more than that.
I found the trailer a bit strange myself (track choice, direction, spoken English), but by the looks of it, it will be a good adaptation with nice visuals at the very least.

The unexpected english voiceover i understand, but why you find the track choice and direction weird?

I thought that it ought to be more mellow at first, but I understand that there needs to be some hype-y music and some hype-y scenes for a teaser. It's just going to be a bit strange at first for people who don't know shit about TnY and are watching this purely because of the teaser. After watching that, 6 episodes of roaming around ala Mushishi are just going to feel odd.
Disregard my previous post, though; I understand now.

>I thought that it ought to be more mellow at first
>mellow at first
Yes, you now are enlightened.

In hindsight, it was stupid. But still, I expected some track with tension at the beginning, not some loud-ear ear-grating track right off the bat. I guess it made me appreciate the lull, calm track in the middle that somehow reminded me of stoner rock all the more, so it was nice.

you're so nice. I wonder what will the episode count be. Hopefully more than 20 episodes.

Yeah, it's just impossible to make a proper adaption in under 12 episodes without it being too rushed. If they were planning on making it 12 episodes, I think they would've said something by now. The fact that they're so quiet may confirm it being a 2cour anime.
It may be just wishful thinking on my part, but I'm not seeing this being adapted in just a single cour.

Same here. Hope they don't fuck it up.

See you in a few

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