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Who's excited for when Deku meets his dad?

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If he really is his dad, it'll be like two completly different and opposite strangers meeting.

Also, evening /bnha/, how're you all doing tonight? Did you all have a good day today, nice weekend, and got any big plans for the week? Do feel free to share

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I somehow think that 1. AfO is not Deku's father and 2. they'll never really ever address Deku's dad in general. I think Hori just wanted to have a character with a single mother without having some cliche tragic backstory with his dad dying.

Literally make no sense, Deku's dad is not even a hero just a regular everydayman with bland power

I doubt that Hori would be this impudent to so blatantly copy SW.

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Thanks to everyone who voted in the strawpoll, now All Might is going to die.

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>Bland power
He could breath fire. Its not extravagant sure, but hardly bland either

Which 1-a students would invest into crypto?

>2. they'll never really ever address Deku's dad in general.

Deku's dad works abroad and we know that the No.2 hero wasn't present for the AFO Raid.

either he's an asshole or he gets to work at the hori version of the Avengers because both Endie and All-Might have godawful personalities for team work.

But that’s his husband

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I'd like a filler chapter with AM's daily life outside of meddling with Deku.

I wonder if he has been secretly training to increase the time he can stay as Buff Might.

He's gonna tell Izuku and All Might his true identity before he kills All Might. For extra shits and giggles he'll probably dump all his collective Quirks to Shigaraki and just All for One to Izuku.

That’s exactly what he’s doing, while also staying a part of the investigation into Shiggy’s whereabouts

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Don't you need afo to hold the quirks without being a noumu?

All that talk about Mirio, Eri and peaches from past threads made me want to draw him feeding Eri a peach. Don't ask me why.
I'm now going to draw a request a cute user made about Nejire and Tamaki. You can also drop a request here but beware, there's a high chance I'll draw it if it includes Eri and Mirio

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Yeah, user is dumb.

You're my sunshine

amazing work user!

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That’s really good. How about Mirio and Eri at a playground, riding swings or something

could it be the photograph request?

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If you're not compatible yeah. AFO said he was picking out ones specifically for Shigaraki though.

We all love Gentle, right?

Mirio sending Eri off on a date with Deku.

What kinda job would make sense to hire a man who can breathe fire?
Or is his mixtape that good?

Does anyone have the raws for the Eri-chan chapter? Did Viz fuck up again or did Gentle seriously rob that store for only a mere one hundred buckeroos?

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I’m going to love watching him get killed while La Brava watches

Thank you
Sounds cute, I'll add it to my list.
never ever

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Yes we do which means something horrible will happen to the cute autist who can’t even work a pc.

I gotchu my dear user

Thank you so much senpai. You’re my hero.

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Thank you user, I am really looking forward to it.

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$100 isn't much and that's within his MO
He just needs enough to get by

How do fujos come up with this shit

You're welcome
It's a good request. I'll see if I can deliver tomorrow.

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Post your endgame power rankings

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But I don’t want to


My desire to know more

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I can't wait

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It's real villain hours

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So are we all agreed that Jiro is the spy, or is there any doubt?

I didn’t need to see that

This is strangely upsetting to me

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I'm voiting on Tooru

It’s not her, she’s a good girl

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Too hard, so just a top 5 off the top of my head
And #1 janitor is Mirio
Toga pls

Its obviously either Tsuyu or Mineta.

We never saw either of their rooms during the contest.

Take it back right now

It is gonna be pikatard.
The meme is 2 strong, I can feel it in me bones.

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Endgame bound, and there's literally nothing any of you can do about it.

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1. Who made this pic, and for what purpose?
2. But that's incest.

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>Sup Forums
Prayer will get you better answers

>53 posts in and it's already bad
Save us All Might

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I don’t want to do anything about it, they are cute

Does wishing energy count as praying ?

Why do people doubt monoma is the traitor?

>canonically second smartest student with an OP quirk and the only one with the tactical mindset to figure out uraraka's plan yet he somehow failed his exams and ended up out of the way during the camp raid
>his power and costume are both watered down versions of AfO
>he could have been the signal jammer
>he's incredibly forthright about his aggression yet so over-the-top that everyone dismisses him

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It can’t be him, he’s an idiot.

I mean, her quick is ideal for spying. She jobbed pretty hard during the VA attack on the training camp. Plus she could broadcast sounds high or low pitch enough to be inaudible to human ears but could be tracked by the VA (which would explain how they found them so fast).

There's no blatantly obviously hints, but she's the most logical choice by far.

If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Personally I feel like shits gonna happen and they'll stay just friends, but whatever.

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I swear you retards come with the worst kind of theories ever

Draw La brava and gentle pls

>they'll stay just friends
Nah. They're bound for endgame. If Hiro didn't want Deku with her then he wouldn't have made Ochako have feelings for him since the girl is always with canon feelings in a battle shonen. It's really that simple.

>And #1 janitor is Mirio
He'll get his quirk back just you watch doubters, also Inasa will die before endgame

It's either endgame OR she dies for infinitely-lasting drama. Both are possible.

Does Hori always make things go predictably like in other battle shounen though?

>Implying he isn't only pretending to be retarded.

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He'll end up with mei & you know it.

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>also Inasa will die before endgame
thank christ

I just hope it takes a LONG TIME to come out so we get a whole bunch more of Deku in lewd situations and being groped by other girls in front of Ochako. Let's face it, he wouldn't be getting any of that, from them or her, if Hori just plopped him into a relationship.

Doesn't matter. Romance follows a certain way in battle shonen. Since it isn't a primary focus, mangaka tend to make the endgame girl obvious from the start. Usually by having the girl have feelings for the MC since the MC is always too busy to think about love or the opposite sex in general. Hori is literally following the pattern of the girl (Ochako) having feelings for the oblivious MC (Deku).

My little user can't be this delusional.

>literally pretending to be smart
Also now he hangs out with Bakugou to pretend he's cool.

What if hori does the prison break in one chapter

Look at this fucking guy, there’s no way he’s a traitor

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He'll end up with Eri after the timeskip. You heard it here first.

This isn't the first time I've heard that, who comes up with such evil theories? I don't think my heart could take it if he was actually killed

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The only thing he is pretending at is that he is nice.

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Sorry user, she's been claimed.

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Everyone expects shit to go down at UA, but maybe it’s Shiketsu that will be attacked by villains instead

Why? Inasa doesn't smile in the face of hardship like Mirio or Deku, he smiles because he's never had a difficult time in his life. How do you like someone like that?

>that's so intellectual!
Typical phrase of a brainlet trying to look smart.

>poll being rigged by an Ochakofag AGAIN
Just tick some anticheat boxes next time. The fact that this is necessary for a fucking shipping poll is an embarrassment but whatever.

>no Kacchan despite him being the closest one to winnning the Dekubowl

I mean Hori has two choices with Deku x Ochako. Either have Deku remain oblivious, with some romantic moments here/there and then a timeskip showing them together like the route Naruto took, or have him become more aware of love and eventually get together with her while the series is still running like the route Rurouni Kenshin took. I'm personally hoping for the latter.

I can't believe Mirio is fucking dead.

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shouldnt he be pichu instead of pikachu since he cripples himself

Or she dies and he's always thinking of her, and the final scene has a faded image of her plastered over the fucking sky. At this point it is technically possible for him to start holding the hand of another girl.

You forgot the options of
>Deku ending up alone and focusing on being best hero
>Deku falling for another girl
This shit isn't Naruto.

She's not going to die. Get fucking real.

No because that's just a Smash Brothers thing

He hasn't had the chance to have a cool fight yet, give him time
Mirio had a whole arc of focus to show off how amazing he is

Why do people still like ochako, I can't understand why anyone would ship deku or bakugo with her unless they hate those characters

Neither can Deku.

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He is really into his role.
>Gets asked if he is ready to kill
>he answers with sure do
You need to wake up sheeple, the end is nigh.

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>like the route Rurouni Kenshin took

Did you actually read Rurouni Kenshin?

I mean, there was never any doubt that Kenshin would end up with Kaoru, but at the same time there was pretty minimal 'romance' throughout. Their relationship was nice and stable with minimal drama for the most part, and they acted casual and comfortable in each other's presence, instead of spending 90% of the series blushing and panicking every time the other was in the same room.

That said, them officially 'getting together' only took place at the end of the series.

In any case, it really depends on if Hori wants to emulate western comics more (with looser relationships and characters that can change and break up and fall for other people), or obey the standard Japanese tropes (you're only allowed to fall in love with one person in your entire life and if you blow it you're dying a virgin).

I'm not saying that's it Naruto, or RK. It's just that Hori, so far, has been following the same pattern seen in a lot of battle shonen. Girl, who's an MC, has feelings for the oblivious MC that doesn't think about romance/opposite sex because he's too busy focusing on his goal. I've been right about every pairing in WSJ, and I know I'm right with this series as well. I genuinely don't understand how people are even doubting it when shonen pairings are the easiest to figure out. If Ochako isn't endgame girl then no one is.

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Why do you care? It’s sounds like you’ve made up your mind already.

>I've been right about every pairing in WSJ
What are the other endgames in this series shipping guru?