For whatever reason, it has been delayed to April.

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Post that edit of the last page before the hiatus.

>1 month break with no actual return date
>it releases 1 hour later in the West because of DST


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he can't keep getting away with it. Tomo is turning into HxH.

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What the actual fuck Fumita, you're literally the worst.

Our TL's going to be partially unavailable in April, too. RIP everything.

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I'm surprised people still read this.

the author is still drafting the shape and areolae size of tomos breasts and the length of her pubic hair ready for the big reveal when jun bangs her.

so what I'm sure more than one person can read moon

If fucking only.

Fumita must be trying to kill interest in the series.

i want to rape Carol and her mom

>rip billy herrington on bottom of page
Was that the translator or Fumita

So is Fumita going to go back to hentai or what?


So this is the cost of progress

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Didn't we just come back from hiatus like 2 weeks ago?

two months

er, one month.

When will this get an anime already?

Went on hiatus December 18, came back February 6. Last chapter before this hiatus was March 4

>almost 2 month long hiatus
>comes back for just short of one month
>goes back on hiatus for a minimum of a month

It hurts

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Fuck you Fumita
Carol is shit

fuck you, Carol is best

>hur dur I was only pretending to be retarded
Even senpai likes Tomo more

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you are stupid

Nice rebuttal

you too, cunt

Maybe they had to extend it because they had more details to go over for the anime before they announced it?

He’s learning from Togashi-sensei

>Y-you too
Haha Carol niggers everybody

Does it sell in Japan? What publisher owns it and how many anime have they had?

i hate this series so much

>the absolute state of tomo-chan

>Carol nigger can't handle bantz
>Whaa this series is shit
Never change Sup Forums

more like shitposting

Boat arc when?

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>Taking multiple hiatuses for a fucking 4-koma comic
What's the big deal? Is it the Japanese cold or whatever the fuck their weak bodies are not immune to?

It is that season

what are you even talking about, i dont give a shit about carol. in fact i hate her, she's the major reason this series every so often takes a massive detour and turns into a few weeks of boring, predictable, and mundane filler
>its a carol learns to ride the train arc

oh well, see you in April.

We had progress with senpai which is more satisfying then Tomo's progress

so what. nobody reads this for progress with senpai after 3 years

It was a pleasant surprise. You should relax and enjoy it because the end will surely be a disappointment anyway

no it wasnt, it was going to happen eventually. the only nice thing about it is that now anything carol related is finally out of the way unless fumita wants to do another stupid filler arc. carol just makes reading this a huge waste of time, she's a selfish character and so are her arcs

If it's disappointing it's because of Carol being such a shitty character and making this 4-koma longer than it had to be.

Author is too busy drawing rape porn

ONE page PER DAY with SIMPLE ART and this motherfucker still DARES take MONTHS-LONG HIATUS ON TOP OF HIATUS and even doing it UNPLANNED.

I hate Fumita so goddamn much. Look at any weekly author drawing 5 pages/day with no problem, better art and fewer hiatuses.

Tomo does not pay his bills. Rape doujinshi do. He got his priorities right.

cont because I'm pissed off

ANY competent mangaka would LOVE to trade places in Fumita, draw all 7 pages of a week in A SINGLE DAY and take the rest of the week off.

I hate Fumita so goddamn much.

Fuck off, he is busy.

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Hiatus arc is truly the Namek of this series

Go FUCK yourself, those are all old. He's not even doing hentai anymore, you newfag.

>He's not even doing hentai anymore, you newfag.

Look at this newfag and laugh.

i didnt know single page sketches were considered hentai

>last update was September of last year
Are you retarded?